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Thank you hashime for preparing a summary of this spring’s shows. I don’t know how I can do this without your concise yet informative summary! I agree – this season looks a lot better than the last. There’s a few I will give it a go and generally the key factors are my main concerns (if you don’t know already) – art, story and seiyuu. The last two kind of go hand in hand. Here we go and broadly in order of preference:

Hanasuka Iroha

Matsumae Ohana is 16 years old and about to start work at an old Japanese hot spring hotel. How I miss those places! I could seriously do with some relaxing right now. I just watched the trailer and I LOVE IT!!! The art is AMAZING! It took my breath away once it came on!  The story line is already kind of sweet and fuzzy but we also seem to have a good mix of colourful nicely designed characters! Is it just me but that girl with black hair def seems to be a tsundere!!! *SQUEAL* Oooh! I even spotted a blush!!! ^_^ To top it off, the music rocks and we have Aki Toyosaki and MAMIKO NOTO!!!! *LOUDER SQUEAL*


Hidan no Aria

This one reminds me of Railgun! There’s a school for training “armed detectives”, there’s ecchi and action! The character designs look ok too! I like the sniper with the headphones!!! Kakkoi!!!! There’s also Rie Kugimiya!! I have just one concern…apparently the director here was also responsible for the ghastly Freezing



Some sci-fi anime about a time machine and a girl gone missing in Akihabara. The art looks pretty good but no particular seiyuu that I am a fan of. I’ll give this one a go – at least for one episode and see how I go.


C – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

I’m not sure what this is about but the art looks worthy of checking out. Something about the financial district!? I’m lost…The trailer kind of scared me a bit though…


I might want to also give Ao no Exorcist a go as it reminds me of Keanu Reeve’s Constantine which is one of my favourite movies. It’s scary but I love it! Probably cos it’s got Keanu!! haha Anyway, I’m only doing a slight mention as the anime looks scary!! I might find it too disturbing to watch at night. I’ll see.

Have I missed anything guys!? I’m betting that I’ll end up following just the first two. What will you guys be watching??

I’ve been meaning to summarise what is catching my eye in the coming season but spare time has been hard to find lately!! Luckily both Yuri no Boke and hashihime has both summarised what’s coming this season. I’ll simply highlight those that I will be checking out. I might not be entirely accurate on the plot summaries…just a warning…The following is broadly in the order of the most appealing first…

Hourou Musuko

Episode 1 on 13 January

Story: Shuicihi Nitori appears to be a shy and quiet preteen boy, when he transfers to a new school he quickly makes friends with the tomboyish Yoshino Takatsuki who sits next to him. It soon becomes apparent that both Shucihi and Yoshino are more than simply a sensitive boy and masculine girl, they both are transgendered. Together they decide to take the first steps toward becoming the people they want to be (taken from ANN).

Reasons for watching: There are a number of reasons to watch this one!! Firstly, the mangaka is the one from Aoi Hana, Takako Shimura!! There’s no yuri but the anime focuses on some transgender issues!? Sounds interesting!! Plus if you go to the website and check out their trailer, the art is soft and endearing with a very classical music OST. I love the use of strings!!  How can you NOT watch it!?!? Seiyuu wise, it’s also quite attractive with Aki Toyosaki (Yui from K-ON!), Nana Mizuki (Fate from Magical Girl Lyrical), Saeko Chiba (Natsuki from Mai-Hime), Yoshino Nanjou (Maria from Canaan), Yui Horie (need I say more!?) but they seem to all just play supportive roles. The main two characters are played by new voice actors, I think?

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Just a quick reminder before I dive into this post, the key reason why I’m watching this anime is because it has some of my favourite seiyuu!!

  • Mai Nakahara ~ she played Nagisa in Strawberry Panic!! She plays Zakuro here – the main character (long hair with bows)
  • Aki Toyosaki ~ it’s Yui from K-ON! and here she is Bonbori
  • Yui Horie only has a small role here as Hozuki. Yui and Aki actually play the blonde twins so they’re easy to spot. I’m a bit disappointed they didn’t get bigger parts :(

The beginning of the anime had this eerie feel to it which I guess is perfect for a story around youkai but it made me feel a bit hesitant. Yes…I’m a bit of a pansy. -_-” The chanting voices in the background also added an overlay of mythical vibe.

The anime is a story set in a time where you have humans living in a world where spirits exist. Half spirits, such as the girls in question here, look like your average girls but they have cat-like ears on their heads and they possess powers that can kill spirits that have gone astray. Together with three selected from the military, they pair up to take on the challenge of maintaining peace in the community.

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Every few months I am impressed by hashihime’s summary of the upcoming animes for the season!! Thank you hashihime!! You save us all so much time! Really appreciate it!!

Below are what I will be trying to watch in order of my interest!!

(a) Kuragehime

Start date: 14 October

A josei comedy!! FINALLY!! I have been in a yuri anime drought for FAR TOO LONG!!! Can’t wait to watch this! It’s about a couple that stays in an apartment full of fujoshi!! Female otakus!! haha Remember Yasuko in Aoi Hana? One of her sisters were a fujoshi!! ^_^ Oh and one BIG bonus to throw in!! Guess who’s a seiyuu here!?! MAMIKO NOTO!!! She’s not the main voice but I don’t care!! I haven’t heard her voice in ages!! Btw, her character’s name is “Jiji-sama”! hehehehehe

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O_O x 999999999999999999999

I was like that ALL THE WAY for ME!!!

Now I understand why Yuribou made this comment recently (I read it before watching this):

”So…you watch this stuff…and they don’t have sex? Is there something you want to talk to me about son?”

At the time when I read it, I was like, “HUH?” Now I kind of understand. This anime is just plain WEE-YURD (as in weird but just in an American accent! hahaha my recently little play on words)!!! CRAZY!? There’s heaps of fanservice…panties showing…oversized *cough cough*…yep THOSE *points to top left hand picture* etc etc.

But not only is it very fanservice-y but it gets scary too!! The first villain in episode 1 was EEEK!!! X_X Reminded me of the sadistic character, Apo, from Mnemosyne!!! I can’t stand sadism. Freaks me out!! Then the whole idea about Soma replenishing your power/energy levels. *ROLLS EYES* to the 99th degree!!!! I cannot believe someone came up with this idea and it managed to get produced as manga AND anime!?!! It seems such a waste on Aki Toyosaki (Yui in K-ON! The blue haired girl with the massive breasts) and Youko Hikasa’s voices (Mio in K-ON! The short red haired girl in the middle)!!

I did check out episode 2 too and safe to say, that is as much as I can handle. I’ll pass on this one. BUT, Ninnypanties, if you wish to rant on about this anime, I will let you write a summary review at the end of it. hahahahaha I’m sure SOME of you guys out there enjoy this.

Prior to watching this, I wasn’t all that keen because I didn’t really like the look of the character designs…but after one episode…


HAHA! YEP I’m going to watch this one! I haven’t watched episode 2 yet but I heard it’s got YURI stamped all over it!! HAHAHAHA Now let me explain…

Here we have a city, Academy City, that’s known for training young girls to have superhuman powers (basically fighters with extra powers like teleporting and electrocution!?!) and a selected few are part of a group called “Judgment” that upholds justice and beats crime.

First up to make an appearance is Kuroko, who is a member of the Judgment. I’m not really a big fan of her character design and she comes across as somewhat annoying BUT she will be the one that will bring us yuri, so I can’t really complain! haha Her extent of infatuation over her sister is a little disturbing… -_- hahaha

On the otherhand, I much prefer her older sister, Mikoto!!! KAKKOI!!! To make her even cooler, she’s meant to be one of the few students with LEVEL 5 rating!! I like her!! ^_^

Railgun Ep1a

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hashihime has done ANOTHER amazing summary of what’s to come this season!! Well first of all – the below are on the top of MY “to-watch” list!!! ^_______^ Oh and just to give you a heads up, if it’s got ANY signs of yuri or has one of my favourite seiyuus, I’m basically there!!! hahaha

Aoi Hana

Aoi Hana Ch20d

Do I need to say MORE?!?! HEHEHEHE But there are THREE surprises!!! At least for me!! Are you ready??

  • One of the supporting seiyuus will be Mamiko Noto!!!! YAY!!!!
  • One of them will be Aki Toyosaki!! Who’s that?! It’s YUI from K-ON!!! She will be voicing Miwa Mogi…hmm…who’s that!? OMG! Just realised!! “Yui” & “Mugi” (Minako Kotobuki) are BOTH in a lot of the new anime!!! ^____^ More later!!
  • The music will also be done handled by Haketa Takefumi who was in charge of Vampire Knight’s OST!!! Now THAT’s something to look forward too!!

Can’t WAIT!!!! It’s here on 1 July!!

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