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LOL guys! This is great timing! In our last batch of Tessa’s recommendations (there’s still a final part 4 to go…), many of the manga mentioned is published by SEVEN SEAS! Right now, RightStuf is currently doing a sale on many of their Seven Seas stock.

These particular items caught my attention!!

When I saw this sale, I was both in pain and in excitement!!! Aaah!! MY WALLET!!! >_<

HAHA You guys getting anything?

I had mentioned in my earlier review that there is a pretty damn good piece in Kashimashi’s OST…and I found it! It’s track 27 of the OST – 悲哀も乙女には… Hiai mai otome ni wa. It basically means a sad girl (sorry don’t mind my poor translation!!).

It’s a wonderful piano piece. The key time that I noticed it was in episode 6 when Hazumu remembers her childhood promise to be Tomari’s groom. That was quite touching. ^_^ I love the middle part where it changes pace and there is a brief uplift in the mood for a moment! Call me crazy but I really like this short sweet piece. I hope you like it too! 

Another piece worth mentioning is 優しさの温度, meaning roughly a gentle and peaceful temperature. This is track 2 and I think it came up quite often in the first half of the anime when there was conflict between Yasuna and Tomari. A very gentle and quiet piece… 

Btw, does the audio player work for you guys?! How do you like it? I just upgraded my WordPress account so hopefully I can beef up the content a bit. ^_^ 

I don’t know what to say…I guess I’m basically not very satisfied by this anime.

Key reasons:
– I can’t stand Yasuna – ugh!
– I didn’t like the ending
– Finally, I didn’t hate Hazumu but neither did I find her character appealing…

Because of the above, it really prevented me from falling head on into all the lovey dovey stuff. I’m disappointed.

*takes a deep breath*

Let me elaborate… *Warning: Spoilers ahead*

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Aaaah! Soon after publishing the last post, my feelings to this anime have changed completely! That’s because I started watching episode 4 where the focus is now on Yasuna. Argh. I can’t stand her?! Why? I’m not sure either. I guess it is probably because she sends out these selfish/self-centredness vibes? I feel that it’s all about herself. Like she’s imposing her affection onto Hazumu without considering her feelings. She does not seem a bit concerned at all on how she could be straining the friendship between Hazumu and Tomari. From another perspective, her courage and perseverance in confessing her love is somewhat admirable but I’m seriously going “argh/scoff-ing” all the way.

With this mindset, it’s caused what would be cute scenes to become another “scoff/argh” scene…let me give an example…

HA! Here I was ROLLING MY EYES and thinking “you’ve got to be kidding me…matching dresses…argh gag EEK”.

I’m rooting for Tomari to win back her friend and give Yasuna one big kick! haha

Luckily, after tearing my hair out for two episodes (4 & 5), we’re finally seeing Hazumu realizing Tomari’s pain…Come on! Swing the focus back on Tomari-chan!!

So I’m 3 episodes in…I’m not slapping my thighs every 5 minutes but I am finding it relatively amusing. At the moment I like Tomari’s character! She’s sooooo cute!! A quick flashback to when they were kids…(CHIBI!!)…Aaaw!! ^_^








The next part is not so surprisingly but creates a few crazy scenes! —> She goes on to teach Hazumu what it is like to be a girl!! LOL What a joke!? I mean, she’s tomboy herself!! Geez…I feel like I need to take some lessons too! HAHAHA In the meantime, Hazumu is fitting into his new lifestyle quite happily…







Finally, as if we couldn’t see THIS coming!?! LOL








So far, all is good but not great. I have to stay that it’s hard to beat Natsuki x Shizuru!! ahahaha I’m still listening to the Mai-Otome/Hime OSTs so suffering the after effects still…haha Oh, another point to add…nothing exciting on the music side too…kind of not surprising though, I guess…

After watching Mnemosyne, I really need to relax my mind with something light and fluffy! I was hoping to pick up something yuri and where I can literally switch off my brain. Hmm…I tend to do that too often these days…oh well ^_^

Initially I tried Magical Girl Lyrical Nanaho but after being spoiled by two consecutive animes where the art was pretty damn good (Simoun and Mnemosyne), I really couldn’t bear to watch it! It was done only in 2004 but the art just looks so old! I watched episode 1 and it really reminded me of Sailormoon. I guess I was also put off by how young the character looked. End result: I decided to move on.





While searching for Magical Girl on Veoh, I stumbled across Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl. I had heard about the plot AGES ago but could never bring myself to watch it. The idea of a guy turning into a girl was just…err…not my thing. BUT, given the link to episode 1 was just in front of me and I could tell the art was better, might as well give it a go. Within a few minutes into it, I thought “Geez, Hazumu’s voice (the guy) sounds REALLY familiar!”. After a quick Wiki search, it turns out that it’s my dear Yumi from Marimite!! Kana Ueda!! Ok, so they even got a girl to play the voice of the ‘guy’. That’s good – makes the transition easier. Then I noticed that he’s BASICALLY portrayed with a character of a shy girl. Ok, another safe move. Finally, they never showed his eyes while he was a boy so you don’t really have a “boy” set in mind. More like a blank face. I feel like you can basically ignore the fact that he was a guy to start with.

Already now, I feel like I might like it given the setting…HA! What a quick change in view! LOL Another 15 minutes in and I’m already starting to see some real potential. Thing is, Hazumu’s character also reminds me of Yumi’s character! HAHA! Great! It’s amazing how I link everything back to Marimite! hahaha 

Anyway, so far it looks promising!

Also known as Strawberry Marshmallow, this is a slice of life anime that revolves around four young girls around the ages of 11 and 12 and Nobue who is a sister of one of them.

To begin with, I was not overly keen on this one mainly because of the lolis appearance (the characters look younger than they actually are) – I prefer my characters to be more mature, especially in the yuri context. Nobue is meant to be 20 years old but I swear she looks like she’s 16 at max!! (2nd from the right in below pic)

Oops! One character is missing...oh well...haha

BUT, I decided to give it a go given that both Krigo & Dingsan have said that it is worth checking out. I figured I should give it a chance but I had no expectations in mind. Another good reason for watching it was it has a number of my favourite seiyu-s in it – namely Hitomi Nabatame, Ayako Kawasumi and Mamiko Noto. I’m a bit disappointed with Ayako as her voice here is altered significantly to suit the voice of a 11 year old – no resemblance to Chikane at all… =( On the otherhand, Hitomo’s voice is pretty much like Kanade in Candy Boy and Mamiko reminds me SOOOO much of Matsuri in Sola!! Love that anime – almost had an urge to rewatch it! hehehe I think I will have to find another Mamiko anime!! ahaha =)

hahaha Couldn’t help but stick in a picture of Matsuri!! One of the more captivating characters I’ve seen in anime so far…but then I note that I haven’t watched many!!

Now back onto Ichigo Mashimaro!

I’ve watched two episodes and so far my impression has been fairly flat. No doubt I’ve laughed in a few moments but not to the extent where I’m rolling in laughter. Neither is this an anime where you will be jaw dropping because of the quality of anime (unlike Sola). Nevertheless, there is still a fair way to go and I might be surprised. Basically, it could go either way. Bearing in mind that it released a few OVAs, it probably will return with a strong comeback.

One thing I didn’t like is the emphasis on Nobue’s attachment to cigarettes and beer. Given this anime is targeted to a young audience (I’m assuming this), I don’t really think it is appropriate. It kind of sends the wrong message that these habits are more than acceptable. Call me old thinking but I couldn’t help mentioning it.

Nobue happily running off to her room few cans of....juice?? haha

So, that’s it for now – will update again when the anime has made a clear turn. Hmm…I’m keen on some shoujo-ai material next…maybe 舞-乙HiME (My-Otome) – recommended by rulan from D-Addicts. But then astrogrrl also said Kashimashi: Girl meets Girl is very good! Oh dear…decisions decisions…!! AAAAAaaah!! hahaha


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