The Princess AffairYAY!! I have found another good read. I must admit that I have a soft spot for a slight British accent and red hair…hahaha It’s no wonder I’m such a fan of Lucy from my favourite movie “Imagine Me & You”!! Anyway, before I get too sidetracked, I’d like to introduce you to “The Princess Affair” by Nell Stark. When I read the synopsis my eyebrows did a slight raise…

Princess Sasha…an English princess…2nd in line to the throne..,known to be a party girl crosses path with American Kerry Donovan…a Rhodes scholar studying at Oxford. What will happen?

Btw, before you go Google “Rhodes scholar”, for those clueless and uneducated like me, it’s an international postgraduate scholarship offered to foreign students by University of Oxford. Yep, our Kerry has a pretty big brain!! ^_^ She’s worked hard all her life to get to where she is now but will she lose it because of Sassy Sasha?

Not only is this story completely nothing like what I’ve seen before but don’t you love the cover design!?! It’s such a cute and polished cover!! You have to admit, the usual covers we see are pretty ugh. Some scenic picture is considered a bit classier otherwise it’s a pair of long legs or even some naked body slapped onto the book cover.

Anyway, this book did not disappoint. I must say that the first two/three chapters were a bit of a drag though. I felt like the author was trying very hard to describe the glamorous surroundings of the places that the princess visited so it was kind of slow and made me *roll my eyes* BUT persevere!!! Once the setting is set, it picks up quickly. ALMOST too quickly. :D

I think the couple is very cute. Princess Sasha is undoubtedly elegant, gorgeous and breathtaking. To make her even more dangerous, she has an uncanny ability to read the situation and control it with her eloquent and persuasive self. Kerry on the otherhand, is not only bright and good looking but a bit of a soccer whiz too! I really enjoyed this book. She also seems such a sweetie!!! It was like going for a walk through a gay fairy tale. hahahaha

Has anyone else read this book?