Mari-chanI see myself as fairly normal though people often joke about my “childish” interests. If you don’t know already, I can get a bit overly excited about certain dramas, movies and soundtracks! Oh and a recent addition – ANIME! HAHA! I feel like I’m always years behind what other people doing!? Hmm…I watch various genres of anime but I have a soft spot for shoujo-ai / yuri. As if you can’t tell already, right?! HAHA (Pic to the left is Mari from the manga Girl Friends! I LOOOOVE IT!).

I’m also a huge fan of soundtracks – began collecting them since 2004 or so. Not sure what triggered me…I think it was from watching too many Japanese dramas! Some of my favourites are Beautiful Life, Orange Days, Taiyou no Uta…the list can go on forever…^_^

Btw, feel free to argue with me if you don’t share my view on some anime or drama! I’m more than happy to take you on! Alternatively, you can always recommend me some book, anime, drama, movie or anything! Particularly OST and instrumentals! I have an insatiable appetite for either! Feel free to leave me a comment or email me at yasashiisekai @!

Talk to you soon. =)


P.S. Btw, mid 2009, I changed my nickname from Sleepy to Nakayo! Hope this doesn’t confuse you guys too much!! Gomen ne!

P.P.S. Sorry one other thing…I used to have a page ‘Email’ for random comments. However, to keep my blog more manageable, I have now removed this. Just want to thank the following people who left their views and comments back then!!

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