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I mean a PHYSICAL punch kick kind of girl!! hahaha Inami-san has the urge of physically abusing men whenever she’s near one!! I’m afraid Takanashi and Inami are at loggerheads!!! hahahaha This is kind of a funny pair. It gets even more interesting later…she no longer hits him because she’s scared of men but to hide her embarrassment!!! hahaha One of the rare bits where I really cracked up was when blackmail Souma said he noticed Inami changing her hairclip daily now after Takanashi complimented that it was cute once!!! hahahah Did HE get one hell of a bashing!! That was in episode 4.

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The 2nd OVA, ‘See You Tomorrow’, has finally been subbed!! It’s been uploaded onto Youtube! HD quality too!! All thanks to mikirudotnet!!

ichigo-encore2aJust seconds into the OVA and I’m immediately reminded of our wonderful Miu-chan!! I LOOOOOVE her interaction with the others – particularly Nobue and Chika!! hahaha Miu-chan is SUCH AN IDIOT!!! She’s one hell of an attention seeking brat!! hahahaha

One thing particularly hilarious about this OVA is the Ichigo Mashimaro signature scene!?! Mi-chan flat on her face!!! HAHAHAHA But this time we get a bonus!! It’s Nobue-chan! She’s done a “Mi-chan”! Didn’t know Chi-chan was getting that physical!! haha I guess she’s finally learnt not to be bullied!! I wonder whether we’ll get to see Ana like that too later?! hahaha It feels kind of wrong though!!! She just needs to act all cute in her pink dress. Hehehe

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ichigo-ova1aThe gang is BACK!! For those not familiar with the Ichigo Mashimaro anime series, it really is just made up of random stories on four 12 year old girls and their interaction with the older Nobue onee-chan! Stories typically are about how they spend their lazy afternoons / holidays. BUT, despite the lack of any genuine content, it is actually very entertaining! LOL Fans of this series will nod in agreement. I mean, how can we not like Miu-chan!! haha I wrote about season 1 a few months back.

Once again, Miu-chan steals the show with her crazy antics and ideas! However, before I start rambling on Miu-chan, let me just note that it is true that the girls here have gain a few pounds! LOL They seriously look a tad chubbier than in season 1! How strange…well even Ana-chan points this out to Miu-chan…haha

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dvd1jacketGuys!! OVA 1 has been SUBBED!! I’m still downloading but I doubled checked and yes there are ENGLISH SUBS!! The torrent is available here.

Note: Wordpress does not allow the uploading of torrent or zip files so I’ve had to add a document extension to the file ‘.doc’. When you download the file, you will need to delete the fullstop and doc ending. Your computer should then recognize it as a torrent file. If you have any problems, you can find me on MSN and I”ll sent it to you there. My MSN email is yasashiisekai @ (no spaces of course!!). 

OOoh!! Can’t wait! More of the whole Ichigo gang and of course MIU-CHAN!! HAHAHA

booklet-01Yes, so the anime is not going to air until 23 January but in the meantime, why don’t we indulge in a bit of the music to come? ^___^

The OST was released in late December

Opening: 苺すぷらっしゅ Ichigo Splash! 

This one is sung by the entire cast! Aaaaaww! It’s so cute to hear them sing particularly Mi-chan!! It’s got such a cheerful and bright bounce! I feel like re-watching the previous episodes now! hahaha The moment that Hitomi’s voice comes in, I feel like it’s her rounding up her various mistresses!! AHAHA

Closing theme (just Mi-chan!): ずっと、ずっと Zutto, zutto

Now I’m starting to really miss them!! OOooh! Only a week to go!! Now who else is a fan of Ichigo Mashimaro!? Hands up please!!

charaimg1Thanks to Okazu for pointing this out, the opening is available for viewing on Youtube!!

The character designs haven’t changed much so all looks consistent! HA! We even get a glimpse of the classic Miu’s pose…FLAT on her FACE!! haha

20081118ichigo01OOOOH!! More good news! The official website of 苺ましまろ Ichigo Mashimaro has confirmed that the new season will be out on 23rd JANUARY 2009!!! A DATE HAS BEEN SET!! Now we just need to wait! LOL

In the meantime, those blessed with the ability to understand Japanese can tune in on the web radio which will begin on 21st November! Ooooh! I wish someone will translate some notes for us poor souls! ^_^

Also, one last thing, on the same day as the launch of the web radio, a DVD box set on season 1 will be available in Japan – now what use is that?! Oh well…though I might as well let you guys know!

WOW! Ichigo Mashimaro Encore AND season 4 of Marimite all in the one MONTH!! hahaha I’m going to go crazy!! Aahahahaha

It’ll be an awesome month for all us Hitomo and Mamiko fans (both voices in Marimite and Ichigo)! Oooh! But don’t forget, there’s also Saeko, Ayako and Fumiko to look forward too!! =)


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