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This is a new yuri manga series! The art is ok and it looks like there’s a bit of chemistry going on in between the two main characters. :D It’ll be interesting to see the gradual unravel of their feelings!! I’m looking forward to reading this one!! Thanks Lililicious!!

I quite like this series. The characters are so cute (the chibi versions) and the adult versions are just downright pretty!!! Thank you Lililicious!!

This is a decent story by Hiyori Otsu but I wouldn’t say it’s her best! I do miss her character designs though!! They’re always so pretty. ^_^ Thank you Lililicious!

This isn’t much of a story…it’s very short…but I do like the closing scene. Just for that scene, I think it’s worth reading! hahaha Thank you Lililicious!!

The third chapter is out!!! *SQUEEEEAL*!!! Thank you Lililicious!! You made my day!! I had a crappy day at work today!!

This is a very cute yuri series!! I like the character designs. The chibi versions kind of remind me of Akko and Mari from Girl Friends!!! ^_^ Thank you Lililicious!! Can’t wait for Chapter 3!!!

Sorry guys! My blog has been pretty inactive lately. Was busy with work, then I started to work out more at the gym and then some other things have been taking up my time!! I’ll try to patch things up this weekend!! Gomen!


Hello! Now let's cut to the chase! If you're here to squeal about yuri or update yourself on some Japanese dramas/movies and gossip - then this is the place to be!!! I personally prefer the squealing over yuri amongst other things!! HEHEHE (^_^)V

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