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So after all the hype in episode 1, the next 3 episodes were still fairly exciting and intense but had definitely dropped off a notch or two compared to the fresh appeal at the start. The story takes interesting turns and all but at the same time, you can’t help but wonder – “you’re kidding me…” or “that’s kind of a long stretch” etc. A letter written by a 10 year old girl 25 years ago becomes a key clue? Hmm…

One weakness of this story is there are too many mysteries, red herrings (I’ve assumed some are…) and/or side surprises – you end up losing focus. For example:

  • Robbery planned by both friends
  • Goda’s ex-classmate that leaves Japan after the reunion has a suspicious look on his face
  • There seems to be some deal going between Shimano and Sachi’s friend.
  • Who the heck is this Shimano guy? Why does he take such an interest in Sachi? Why is he looking into the Sachie investigation files?
  • Why does Sachi’s mother know the man with the birthmark on his face?
  • What does Sachi’s father have to do with Shimano?
  • Kuroki’s dodgy father…
  • Goda’s sister shows interest in Kuroki?! Give me a break! As there wasn’t enough to go on!!

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triangle-hirosueHiroyuki Sawano 澤野弘之 and Yuki Hayashi 林ゆうき are THE men whose composing the music in Triangle!  But from what I can find, it seems that Hiroyuki has a longer track record involved in drama and anime soundtracks. Yuki seemed to have started his career composing music for men’s rhythmic gymnastics (there are some links on his website and the music is D&MN good! I think this is the best one).

Anyway, other notable works by Hiroyuki are (biography):

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Edit: I have added a music file ripped off from the closing scenes! Check it out! It’s overwhelming and powerful!

Before I start rambling, I must say that I am REALLY impressed by Rollins! Not only do the subs look great but they pumped out the hard subs about a week after the episode was broadcasted! That’s honestly as fast as any group can go! If you’re watching their works, please leave a word of thanks over at D-Addicts!

Anyway, back to Triangle…

My initial impression in the first 5 minutes: murder, tension, anticipation, a struggle with time, statute of limitations, 15 years later, 10 years later…”what the HECK is going to happen next?”…oh, France…(yay Hirosue!!)

The above was honestly my initial thoughts as I watched the first FIVE minutes. That’s a lot of stuff running through my head. The style was all somewhat time driven and the background music brought the tension up a notch or two higher. I’m thinking…this is looking promising…very promising…

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The new drama season in Japan has started! YAY! Check this spot out for the latest rundown of what’s being subbed or not! What’s the point of a great drama (like Last Friends) if it isn’t subbed, right?

Now for the ones that catch my eye:

ヴォイス Voice


Genre: Medical + drama

Actors: Eita (yay!!), Satomi Ishihara

Broadcast date: 12 January

Fansub groups: GiriGiri (soft), TimeLesSub (hard)

EITA!! YAY!! One of my favourite Japanese actors! Can’t wait to see more of him! He plays one of the five medical students who are studying forensic pathology. His character is bright and is known for his great perceptive skills and strong intuition. Together, the students work through various mysteries. Another point worth noting is that the screenwriter is Shigeki Kaneko who was also responsible for Proposal Daisakusen.

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There is a mystery suspense thriller drama that will be reaching us in January! The protagonist will be played by Yosuke Eguchi who is a doctor turned detective. Goro Inagaki will play another detective and I guess they’ve thrown Ryoko Hirosue for some extra tension! She will playing an artist in Paris. Hahahahaha It’s been a while since I watched Ryoko (actually that’s not true…I watched Yasuko to Kenji!!?!) so I’m looking forward to this! The drama is said to be filled with unexpected twists. Ooooh….

Below is Tokyograph’s excerpt and some details from Sanspo:

Fuji TV is producing a drama series called “Triangle,” scheduled to air next season. Yosuke Eguchi will be the star of the show, supported by SMAP’s Goro Inagaki and actress Ryoko Hirosue. 

The series is described as a mystery/suspense story, starting with the murder of a 10-year-old girl in 1984. 15 years later, after the case goes unsolved and passes the statute of limitations, a doctor named Ryoji Goda (Eguchi) suddenly quits from his hospital and eventually becomes a detective. In 2008, he meets a traveling artist (Hirosue) in Paris, and shortly after Goda’s return to Japan, he becomes involved in the expired murder case when another detective (Inagaki) receives an anonymous phone call. 

Aside from Paris, where filming is currently taking place, the show’s settings also include Tokyo, Osaka, and Shanghai. 

“Triangle” will premiere on January 6, airing every Tuesday at 10:00pm.


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