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I decided to check this anime out cos the story sounded kind of interesting but it was mainly the art that captured my attention. The animation seemed very high quality and the character design of the girls kind of remind me of Shizuma from Strawberry Panic! It’s the really pointy noise and dainty looking faces. I seriously find Shizuma very hard to beat on the looks side. *SWOONS* hahahaha

My only complaint about this anime from watching it for a few minutes is their oversized BREASTS!!! *ROLL EYES* Seriously. *sigh* On the whole though, I do like the designs. The soundtrack that played in the opening was promising too. Finally for good measure, there are a tonne of seiyuu that will ring a bell!

  • Ami Koshimizu – Nina Wang from Mai Otome, Kanako from Marimite, Holo from Spice & Wolf
  • Aoi Yuuki – Alice from Croisee, Madoka from Puella Magi
  • Marina Inoue – Natsuru from Kampfer, Matsurika from Maria Holic,
  • Miyuki Sawashiro – Maria from Arakawa, Canaan from Canaan!!
  • Ai Shimizu – Tamao from Strawberry Panic!
  • Mai Nakahara – Nagisa from Strawberry Panic!
  • Minako Kotobuki – Mugi from K-ON!
Episode 1 was just seeing the class of students trying to attack their sensei. Looks interesting enough…and the fighting it kind of cool. I think that mysterious girl with the grey hair is Horizon? I’ll keep watching! ^_^

I always had a soft spot for this particular scene. It’s the scene in Marimite season 3 OVA 1 where Yumi is at Sachiko’s summer house and is asked to go wake up her dear onee-sama. It’s a very short segment but I always felt that it was an intense yuri scene. I felt like that beyond the words spoken, there is a very strong hint of love and desire that Yumi was unconsciously suppressing. The way that the anime paused on the lips, on Sachiko’s face and hands…hahaha Am I over thinking it? Well here is my not so perfect translation. I hope you guys like it!! Let me know what you think!

Btw, you can find the video clip here. You can start playing at 8:10.


“Leave it with me!” (Yumi said this to the housekeeper)

Yumi confidently placed her hand on her chest and proceeded to run up the stairs.

I will get to see onee-sama.

While standing outside the door, Yumi tried to contain the fluttering excitement in her chest. After taking a deep a breath, she knocked on the door.


Just a few hours ago, they were spending time together, yet already, Yumi was looking forward to seeing her onee-sama. This may all be a bit weird but Yumi has never felt bored when spending time with her onee-sama. If it was possible, she would love to be by her onee-sama’s side at all times. That’s why she was very happy that she will be able to see her onee-sama just that little bit earlier as a result of this task.


As there was no answer, Yumi knocked again but it remained quiet inside.


The door was not locked so Yumi gently pushed open the door and whispered between the small opening but there was still no answer. 

Although Yumi agreed to this task without much thought, this was indeed an important task.

Yumi decided to enter the room and although she did say “shitsure shimasu”, it was so soft that it was unlikely that Sachiko onee-sama heard.

Covered in a thin sheet, the sleeping beauty in the forest was in a deep sleep and with her long black hair resting on her face and arm, her already clear complexion looked even more translucent.

The image that was before Yumi’s eyes was just too pretty – it was like an art piece. Yumi was going to reach over to wake up onee-sama but stopped midway.


To put it this way probably somewhat disagrees with the original situation but it suddenly felt like the situation had turned into ‘the imouto attacks the onee-sama that’s sound asleep’. 

With hands on her chest, Yumi was thinking, luckily Tsutako was not around otherwise she would definitely be snapping away on her camera. She would then skillfully persuade Yumi. Finally, the pictures would be displayed on an enormous board at the school festival, all for others to enjoy. 

~Soft groan~

Sachiko oneesama turned over. This will not do. I cannot just stand here forever staring at oneesama just because she is too pretty. That will qualify me to join those that are considered mentally abnormal.

“Oneesama, oneesama.”

Yumi did not know where it was appropriate for her to touch so she decided to try shake oneesama’s shoulder to wake her up.

~Tired groan~

“It’s already morning now. Please wake up.”

Sachiko oneesama did not seem to awake and she pulled the covers over her head.

“The fresh bread that Mr. Sawamura has brought back will turn cold. There are also the egg omelettes that Mrs. Sawamura has made.”

“I’m not going to have breakfast. Let me sleep for a little while more.”

“No. I want to have breakfast with oneesama.”

Although it was a bit rude of her, Yumi still took away the blanket. Sachiko oneesama’s pajamas was a sleeveless night dress and she laid curled up like in the shape of the word く. The pajamas were a light pink colour.

“Please get up.”



“I know. I will get up now.”

Sachiko oneesama finally gave up resisting, brushed away her hair and sat up. Although her brows were ruffled, she still carefully put on her slippers.



“I will be down in 5 minutes.”


As Yumi watched her oneesama move her hand towards the shoulder strap, she finally realised what her oneesama meant – I need to get changed now. Please leave.

“Then I will wait for you downstairs.”

Yumi rushed out of the room. 

Baka baka baka baka baka! How can I be so stupid!?

How could I have just stood there like that? Yumi laughed at herself and with her face all red, she began walking down the stairs. 

Lililicious have been on a roll in the last week with endless releases of yuri manga goodiness!!! I’ve managed to catchup on a few and I found a few that’s worth checking out!!!! ^_^ They’re broadly in the order of my preference…

Pure Water Adolescence

This is series of one shots about a student that falls in love with the school nurse. At first I wasn’t a fan of this story – probably because of the art – it’s a bit sketchy with sharp lines. I prefer characters that are softer to look at. I recall being a bit lost in the earlier stories too. In any case, over the course of the numerous short stories, I’ve grown to like it. Their relationship has changed…you get to see how they met to admitting their feelings for each other and finally…the teacher wanting Nanao to quickly grow up!!! HAHAHAHA

“I’ve hit my limit!! Please grow up quick, Nanao!!”

This quote is taken from the story ‘Bursting with Impatience’. I think this is my favourite chapter so far! It’s so cute!!.

Marimite Complex (doujin)

I haven’t seen a Marimite doujin in a good while!! This one is not bad!! I think I’m particularly liking it just simply because I have not watched or thought about Marimite in a long while!!

I feel like taking out my light novels again!!! And I SHOULD!!! The art is pretty good here!!!

I particularly liked the Behind Closed Doors story on p26. :P

Secret Recipe Chapter 4

A short story by Milk Morinaga, Wakatsuki Chihiro finally gets to be alone with her President…Oh my…hahaha kidding!! This is just a short funny ongoing story!!! It doesn’t get toooooo heated. :P

Princess of the Stars by Akiko Morishima

This one shot is nothing all too new but you have the cute art typical of Akiko and it’s just about two girls making up after a little jealousy…

There’s still a lot more for me to read!! More to come!!! Enjoy for the timebeing!!


Browsing around and came across a pretty ‘hot’ Sei x Youko fan art!! I mean, Sei is pretty cool to start with but this just takes it to another level!?! HAHAHA I found this picture like SEVEN months ago but managed to hold it out till now!!! hahaha HAVE a GREAT YEAR AHEAD!!!!

*hands out yuri fans for all Yasashii sekai… readers*


Btw, I don’t remember where I found this fan art. If you are the owner and wish to have it removed, please let me know. I apologize if I’ve offended you but hey, this is a picture too HOT to miss!!!!! :P

Yuri no Boke has put up some pretty good wintery yuri pics!!! My favourite must be the Kannazuki no Miko one (HANDS DOWN!!!), K-ON! and Marimite!!! hahaaha GO CHECK it OUT!!!

Picture 4

LOL!!! The “Marimite” beginning CRACKED ME UP!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHA Marimite in Kampfer!! Now I SOOOOO did NOT expect that!!! hahahahahaha!!

And right off the bat, we get a love confession from Sakura-san!! Honestly I’m impressed by this girl! She LOOKS soft and mild but she’s so not!! I like her character!! It’s strong and does what she wants to do!!! Yep!! Just go steal Natsuru!!! The GIRL one!!! :P

Kampfer Ep3a

This episode was pretty funny overall!! Natsuru starts student life as a girl and does she attract attention or what!?!? hehehe He gets caught up in some tight moments!! Someone go help him!! I mean HER!! Some of the key moments below!! And how could I forget Akane!!? Everytime she speaks I think of Yui Horie recording her voice!! hahahahaha

Kampfer Ep3b

Now, it’s time for Railgun 3…hahaha Aaaaaah!! Too much to watch!!!

Marimite bloopers

The “specials” or chibi bloopers for Marimite season 4 is out!! You can find the torrent here for all eight bloopers!! They’re SO cute!!! I particularly like the one where Yoshino is angrily screaming at the beginning saying why Touko has to enter the running for next year’s Rose AND the episode where it’s all by “telepathy”. hehehe You’ll understand when you get to it! hahaha


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