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To be clear, I have not watched any episode from existing seasons so I’m running into Fate/Zero as blind as a bat!!! The fact that it jumps three time periods in the first 8 minutes does not help!!! X_X

The only thing I got out of episode 1 was that Kirei is sent to Japan to learn magic so that in 3 years time, he will be powerful enough to command a servant for the Holy Grail War. It doesn’t seem to be his personal wish but is willing to follow orders.

Next we see Kariya’s outrage when he finds out that Sakura, a young girl from the Tosaka family, is adopted by his father with the intention that she produces a powerful child with magical powers. Tosaka is a family of magi blood. As she only has one year till the war, the short cut to getting her trained is to have her immersed in these awful bugs. That is so sick!!! I hope this anime moves away from torturing young girls etc cos it’s seriously sickening! Actually now I’m getting confused. Is she meant to be trained or get pregnant!? ARGH!!!!

Anyway, luckily there is Kariya who offers himself to the training and if he succeeds in winning the war, for Sakura to be set free. Sounds like a good gesture but it’s too late! The @#(&$# father is still going to train the girl in case he fails.

I don’t know what to expect but there wasn’t much music ready to be appreciated in this episode. I hope it gets better!!!!

P.S. Btw, one of the reason why I’m willing to watch this is because Ayako Kawasumi is in it!! I have not heard her voice in AGES!!! She was the person behind Chikane’s voice from Kannazuki no Miko!!!! *SWOON* Just for her, I’ll keep watching. ^_^

OMG!! EVERYONE!! The promotional video clip of season 4 has been released! Quick and catch a glimpse of what’s to come in January 2009!! Ooooh! Touko x Yumi x Sachiko!! I LIKE!! They even snuck in a small cliff hanger!! How dare they!! hahahahahaha

Btw, in season 4, there is the introduction of a few new characters that are particularly worth mentioning (if you don’t know already)!!

  • Nana Arima voiced by Hitomi Nabatame! Nana is Yoshino’s potential petite soeur and who better to do the role other than Hitomi herself (who also plays Eriko)!! What a choice! Love Hitomi! No complaints from me!
  • Shouko Naitou voiced by Marina Inoue – she’s Tsutako’s little fan!! CUTE!
  • Yuuko Hosokawa voiced by Ayako Kawasumi! One of my favourite seiyuu!! 

Almost all my favourite seiyuu are here!!! Another reason for me to be so excited!!! HO HO HO!!

Tanjoobi omedetoo!! She has just turned 28!!! Congratulations!!

baku_miko040You don’t know her?! How can that be? She is the long time ‘friend’ of Hitomi Nabatame!!

They have an interesting relationship…trust me. You HAVE to read this if you haven’t already!

The two of them have a radio show together and they will be releasing a CD later this month that will apparently record their ‘marriage ceremony’! Oh dear…what NEXT?!?! LOL

The thing to note is that their CD will have many notable seiyuu – including….*DRUM ROLLS*

Mamiko Noto: How could we leave her out!?

Miko Ito: Sachiko from Marimite!!

Kana Ueda: Yumi from Marimite!

Ayako Kawasumi: Chikane from Kannazuko no Miko

Ami Koshimizu: Nina Wang from Mai-Otome, Tenma from School Rumble and Kanako from Marimite!

Rina Sato: Tsutako from Marimite

Sayaka Ohara: Alicia from Aria (haven’t watched this yet…)

WOW! What a cast! I wish I could understand Japanese…*sigh*

20081118ichigo01OOOOH!! More good news! The official website of 苺ましまろ Ichigo Mashimaro has confirmed that the new season will be out on 23rd JANUARY 2009!!! A DATE HAS BEEN SET!! Now we just need to wait! LOL

In the meantime, those blessed with the ability to understand Japanese can tune in on the web radio which will begin on 21st November! Ooooh! I wish someone will translate some notes for us poor souls! ^_^

Also, one last thing, on the same day as the launch of the web radio, a DVD box set on season 1 will be available in Japan – now what use is that?! Oh well…though I might as well let you guys know!

WOW! Ichigo Mashimaro Encore AND season 4 of Marimite all in the one MONTH!! hahaha I’m going to go crazy!! Aahahahaha

It’ll be an awesome month for all us Hitomo and Mamiko fans (both voices in Marimite and Ichigo)! Oooh! But don’t forget, there’s also Saeko, Ayako and Fumiko to look forward too!! =)

Also known as Strawberry Marshmallow, this is a slice of life anime that revolves around four young girls around the ages of 11 and 12 and Nobue who is a sister of one of them.

To begin with, I was not overly keen on this one mainly because of the lolis appearance (the characters look younger than they actually are) – I prefer my characters to be more mature, especially in the yuri context. Nobue is meant to be 20 years old but I swear she looks like she’s 16 at max!! (2nd from the right in below pic)

Oops! One character is missing...oh well...haha

BUT, I decided to give it a go given that both Krigo & Dingsan have said that it is worth checking out. I figured I should give it a chance but I had no expectations in mind. Another good reason for watching it was it has a number of my favourite seiyu-s in it – namely Hitomi Nabatame, Ayako Kawasumi and Mamiko Noto. I’m a bit disappointed with Ayako as her voice here is altered significantly to suit the voice of a 11 year old – no resemblance to Chikane at all… =( On the otherhand, Hitomo’s voice is pretty much like Kanade in Candy Boy and Mamiko reminds me SOOOO much of Matsuri in Sola!! Love that anime – almost had an urge to rewatch it! hehehe I think I will have to find another Mamiko anime!! ahaha =)

hahaha Couldn’t help but stick in a picture of Matsuri!! One of the more captivating characters I’ve seen in anime so far…but then I note that I haven’t watched many!!

Now back onto Ichigo Mashimaro!

I’ve watched two episodes and so far my impression has been fairly flat. No doubt I’ve laughed in a few moments but not to the extent where I’m rolling in laughter. Neither is this an anime where you will be jaw dropping because of the quality of anime (unlike Sola). Nevertheless, there is still a fair way to go and I might be surprised. Basically, it could go either way. Bearing in mind that it released a few OVAs, it probably will return with a strong comeback.

One thing I didn’t like is the emphasis on Nobue’s attachment to cigarettes and beer. Given this anime is targeted to a young audience (I’m assuming this), I don’t really think it is appropriate. It kind of sends the wrong message that these habits are more than acceptable. Call me old thinking but I couldn’t help mentioning it.

Nobue happily running off to her room few cans of....juice?? haha

So, that’s it for now – will update again when the anime has made a clear turn. Hmm…I’m keen on some shoujo-ai material next…maybe 舞-乙HiME (My-Otome) – recommended by rulan from D-Addicts. But then astrogrrl also said Kashimashi: Girl meets Girl is very good! Oh dear…decisions decisions…!! AAAAAaaah!! hahaha

I’ve been so busy at work in the last few days that I just realised that I’ve finished the last anime (Gokujou Seitokai) and have nothing to watch?!? I actually have plenty of DVDs – some even unopened – but I feel like anime more. Hmm….what should I watch? Do any of you have some good suggestions?

An hour later…

Well, after much searching, I was tossing between Ichigo Mashimaro and Yami to Bōshi to Hon no Tababito (Yami, the Hat and the Travelers of the Books). Why I was interested in these? Very simple…because of the voice actresses!

  • Strawberry Marshmallow – there’s Hitomi Nabatame (Shizuma from SP and Kanade from Gokujou Seitokai), Ayako Kawasumi (Chikane from Kannazuki no Miko) AND Mamiko Noto (Shimako from Marimite) – now that’s one hell of a cast!! ^_^ 
  • Yami, the Hat and the Travelers of the Books – Mamiko Noto as the main character.

But, I honestly wasn’t too keen on the look of Strawberry Marshmallow so did a quick browse and…NO! The character is meant to be 20 but she looks 12! Now that really doesn’t work for me… 
Then I somehow landed on Sola! It’s still got my Mamiko Noto AND was voted the best anime for 2007! So….haha I think I’ll try Sola first! Looks pretty good to me! ^_^  
I’ll post an update later!

I’m starting on a new anime today. I chose this one because it is yuri and it sounds similar to Marimite but with more humour (there’s an even bigger reason but I’ll cover that later). hehe I can’t wait for Season 4! In the meantime, I will need to distract myself with other things…Just a quick warning – don’t expect any outstanding storyline…I’m sure that as you read along you will find that it all sounds a bit familiar…

Plot: A new girl, Randou Rino, transfers to the Miyagami Academy where there is a student council body that is more powerful than the teachers. The council is headed by Jinguuji Kanade (long purple hair) who basically owns the school and is successor to the family conglomerate (Sachiko anyone?). The council is made up of three branches: (a) Assault Squad – equivalent to the “police”; (b) Covert Squad – the intelligence team; & (c) Vehicle squad – I think they look after the driving etc. Anyway, each member has their own special abilities, whether this be fighting or intelligence gathering.

 You can check out the opening here.


Another very very good reason to watch this are the voice actors!! OMG!! Guess who stars in this anime!?!? Now how often will you find all the below in ONE anime??

  • Jinguuji Kanade ~ Hitomi Nabatame ~ Shizuma in Strawberry Panic! Her voice is very similar here!! ^_^ Nice!
  • Kinjo Nanaho ~ Junko Noda ~ Miyuuki in Strawberry Panic!
  • Hida Sayuri ~ Ayako Kawasumi ~ Chikane from Kannazuki no Miko – GREAT!!
  • Kutsugi Kotoha ~ Kana Ueda ~ Yumi from Marimite

What I think so far?

I’ve only watched 2 episodes of the 26 so can’t say too much but pretty good so far! Rino is always carrying around a puppet which I thought would really annoy me but not yet! It’s fairly light-hearted and kind of funny! I’m going to continue watching it – will write up another update later! One thing I’m a bit disappointed about is Jinguuji! I wish she was prettier – the face and the hair just lacks the WOW factor for me…on the otherhand, the other characters look pretty good…more to come!


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