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First of all, Fansubwiki is the best place to start if you want a full picture of what’s to come!! Here I’m just going to highlight a few that caught my eye…hehe

1. BOSS ~ 16 April

bossOMG! This is a must see!! Why it’s no. 1 on my list:

The cast! We have Yuki Amami (been a fan since watching Top Caster), Yutaka Takenouchi (*jaw drop*), Erika Toda (a pretty face to watch) and last of all…Tetsuji Tamayama!!! STELLAR CAST!! Surely you have to agree!?!

The story is not completely original but hey I can deal with that! Yuki leads a team of detectives to solve crimes. She’s smart and capable but she has one problem – a difficulty in understanding men!! Fat chance finding a husband!? LOL

But LAST but not least, the MUSIC!! Our music man behind Triangle is BACK!! Hiroyuki Sawano will be taking charge of BOSS’ soundtrack! Now with that list, surely it’s at least worth watching ONE episode!?!

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In times like these, I find myself lucky that I can read Chinese! That way, I can watch episodes 2 to 4 of Innocent Love! Don’t worry – I’m still a supporter of Querbeet’s work – just that I don’t have the patience to wait! =P

Let the story begin…btw, please refrain from reading more if you don’t want to spoiled!!

After hearing that Kanon has now fallen in love, the brother breaks into a rage and is separated from his cell mates. Given the outburst in violence, he is unlikely to be released early, as was anticipated.  Junya (i.e. Kitagawa) also notices the piano music box the following morning. He doesn’t know who’s it from so assumes it from another child admirer. 

In the meantime, Kanon has found herself a job at another cleaning agency – she is still using her ‘new’ name. She’s also a bit of a stalker (haha) and walks to Junya’s place and sees him listening to the music box – she’s clearly over the moon!








We are also introduced to the darker side of Mizuki (the girl who likes Junya). She makes a confession, admitting that she sinned today by wanting a person to die and the thought won’t go away…

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I have been putting off this drama for a while now. I guess it was the so-so reviews and ratings. Plus, I’ve been preferring to watch materials with lighter themes. A story on a girl with a tragic past just seemed too much!

Innocent Love starts off with nostalgic and melodramatic choir music with a flashback to when young Kanon is saved by her brother from the fire. The house collapses and we know that her parents have left her behind.

We then move to the present where Kanon (Maki now) is working at a cafe in a forest. We are welcomed by the rich and peaceful greens of the forest. Here, both the setting and music reminds me of another Japanese drama called Yasashii Jiikan (‘Affectionate Time’) that stars Masami Nagasawa. I never finished the drama but it looked very pleasant to watch but a tad slow. The OST is quite amazing.

il-ep1aSorry! Back to Innocent Love…Kanon is a bright and cheerful girl but we are soon reminded of her tragic past. She lives alone and has only the memories of her parents to accompany her. As we all know, her brother is in a juvenile prison accused of killing his own parents. She tries to maintain a smile in life but she cannot hide the streak of loneliness and solitude deep within.

To make things worse, her past keeps coming back to haunt her. There are already FOUR examples in the first episode:

  • Stupid cafe owner…dismisses her after knowing her past!
  • 2nd employer – immediately starts discriminating her and accuses her of stealing. She had the guts to say, “there’s a proverb: he who lies, steal” – what crap is THAT??
  • Two-faced lying BIATCH that she works with – accuses Kanon of stealing!?!
  • D1ckhead reporter (honestly no better word to describe him…) that pops out of the blue to do a story on her brother’s crime…Dude…leave her A L O N E ! !

Seriously, talk about being original!?! This sort of stuff also makes me angry. Angry first that there are such discriminative and insensitive people around and secondly, because Kanon just accepts it and does not stand up for herself.

il-jun1Now let’s go back to something slightly happier – we also catch a bit of Maki’s love interest! Kitagawa i.e. Jun-chan! I quite like his smile (though it sometimes look a bit forced) but his voice is a little weird. I had read someone complain that his voice doesn’t sound very natural so I was consciously noting it – it does sound weird. He seems to be too crisp and exact with his pronunciation?! Oh dear. I hope this feeling doesn’t last long!! Please no!

Anyway, Jun is a bit of a musician/composer and you will often find him playing at the church or restaurant. Something dreadful seems to have happened to him but we’re kept in the dark (well they tell you RIGHT at the end of ep 1 but I won’t spoil it! hahaha).

Oh and to finish it off, Kanon falls in love with Jun. ^_^ That pretty much covers the episode.

There’s definitely some similarities in style between this and Last Friends but I can see why people may be put off by this story line. It’s a little on the heavy side and Kitagawa is a bit inexperienced for the role. But honestly, Maki is SOOOOO pretty! Must see just for her! Definitely watching the next few episodes tomorrow!

Btw, the opening sequence for Innocent Love is AMAZING! Trust the Last Friends team to come up with another breath taking opening! It’s honestly a very pretty piece and with the support of Utada Hikaru’s Eternal Love just makes it perfect! This version is also better than the original! I hope we can buy it on a single or on the OST! I’m crossing my fingers that the drama will live up to expectations (at least mine)! I’ve stripped just the opening sequence for you to see. Querbeet’s hard subs are great! VERY pretty! Please support them over at D-Addicts!

The video isn’t perfect – there some jolts and stuff in it – don’t know WHY it’s doing that! I tried TWICE already!? Oh well. You get the feel. It’s good and go download it! LOL

Sorry – one final thing that I forgot to mention…I swear there’s something fishy between Jun and his friend, Subaru…hmm…are you thinking what I’m thinking? I could be wrong…

Guys – brace yourselves! I’ve heard that the ratings of Innocent Love have not been that great but I didn’t realise it was reaching such levels??! Seeing the trend?? Oh dear…I hope ratings pick up…

~ Episode 1 at 16.9%

~ Episode 2 at 13.3%

~ Episode 3 at 13.3%

~ Episode 4 at 11.7%

As reported from and translated by the great people at

Fuji TV’s newest dorama on Mondays 9pm (the most prestigious time slot for TV dramas in Japan) “Innocent Love” with popular actress Horikita Maki and popular musician Kitagawa Yuujin in the leading roles is fighting a very tough battle at the moment. The show already started with mediocre ratings of 16.9% and continued to loose more and more viewers, their latest episode only with a rating of 11.7%…

For the rest of the translation please visit Pori-chan’s post.



The DAY HAS COME!! Querbeet has done the hard work and given us ENGLISH SUBS!! Quick, go here to download the torrent file!

Remember to leave a message of thanks!!! ^_^

P.S. Look at the pretty pic that Querbeet has created!! has posted a HEAP of stuff on episode 1 of Innocent Love! There’s character descriptions and apparently spoilers too! I’ve been very good and have not read them (which is pretty amazing cos I tend to just read them anyway)! I liked the character profiles as it made it very clear what role each played. Looking forward to it. It’s VERY Last Friends…


Thanks to, they is a new video clip on their latest press conference! Gosh! Doesn’t Maki look great!?! Waaaah!!

Yujin is said to be practicing very hard for this role and has been taking piano lessons.

The drama will be out on 20 October and Querbeet has announced that they will be subbing it! I’m not very familiar with this group but looks like they’re very diversified in their projects! Plus they do both English and German subs? Wow!

It’s still a while away… =(


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