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So I started the episode with expectations of a pretty slice of life anime that would give me a peaceful 20 minutes of relaxation with some laughs in between but what did I get!?! Yes, the art is no doubt quite striking but don’t let the face of Ohana (the main girl) trick you! She may look innocent, sweet and weak with her two flowers in her hair but she is the opposite!!!

She lives alone with her mother who appears somewhat useless as a mother! Ohana seems to be the one running the household and is told one night that her mother must run off with her boyfriend as the debt collectors are after him!! I’m like you’re kidding me!?!! -_-” But rather than joining them in their midnight run, her mother sends her off to her grandmother that runs a hot spring inn. Doesn’t sound too bad, right? WRONG!! The old lady turns out to be a nightmare!! I’m also furious at how she treats Ohana and the other girls at the inn!!! RAWR you!!! If I was a customer and I knew that the inn was being run that way, I would never return!!!! I feel sorry for Ohana but I like her character. She’s strong!!! GO GIRL!!!

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Thank you hashime for preparing a summary of this spring’s shows. I don’t know how I can do this without your concise yet informative summary! I agree – this season looks a lot better than the last. There’s a few I will give it a go and generally the key factors are my main concerns (if you don’t know already) – art, story and seiyuu. The last two kind of go hand in hand. Here we go and broadly in order of preference:

Hanasuka Iroha

Matsumae Ohana is 16 years old and about to start work at an old Japanese hot spring hotel. How I miss those places! I could seriously do with some relaxing right now. I just watched the trailer and I LOVE IT!!! The art is AMAZING! It took my breath away once it came on!  The story line is already kind of sweet and fuzzy but we also seem to have a good mix of colourful nicely designed characters! Is it just me but that girl with black hair def seems to be a tsundere!!! *SQUEAL* Oooh! I even spotted a blush!!! ^_^ To top it off, the music rocks and we have Aki Toyosaki and MAMIKO NOTO!!!! *LOUDER SQUEAL*


Hidan no Aria

This one reminds me of Railgun! There’s a school for training “armed detectives”, there’s ecchi and action! The character designs look ok too! I like the sniper with the headphones!!! Kakkoi!!!! There’s also Rie Kugimiya!! I have just one concern…apparently the director here was also responsible for the ghastly Freezing



Some sci-fi anime about a time machine and a girl gone missing in Akihabara. The art looks pretty good but no particular seiyuu that I am a fan of. I’ll give this one a go – at least for one episode and see how I go.


C – The Money of Soul and Possibility Control

I’m not sure what this is about but the art looks worthy of checking out. Something about the financial district!? I’m lost…The trailer kind of scared me a bit though…


I might want to also give Ao no Exorcist a go as it reminds me of Keanu Reeve’s Constantine which is one of my favourite movies. It’s scary but I love it! Probably cos it’s got Keanu!! haha Anyway, I’m only doing a slight mention as the anime looks scary!! I might find it too disturbing to watch at night. I’ll see.

Have I missed anything guys!? I’m betting that I’ll end up following just the first two. What will you guys be watching??

I’ve been meaning to summarise what is catching my eye in the coming season but spare time has been hard to find lately!! Luckily both Yuri no Boke and hashihime has both summarised what’s coming this season. I’ll simply highlight those that I will be checking out. I might not be entirely accurate on the plot summaries…just a warning…The following is broadly in the order of the most appealing first…

Hourou Musuko

Episode 1 on 13 January

Story: Shuicihi Nitori appears to be a shy and quiet preteen boy, when he transfers to a new school he quickly makes friends with the tomboyish Yoshino Takatsuki who sits next to him. It soon becomes apparent that both Shucihi and Yoshino are more than simply a sensitive boy and masculine girl, they both are transgendered. Together they decide to take the first steps toward becoming the people they want to be (taken from ANN).

Reasons for watching: There are a number of reasons to watch this one!! Firstly, the mangaka is the one from Aoi Hana, Takako Shimura!! There’s no yuri but the anime focuses on some transgender issues!? Sounds interesting!! Plus if you go to the website and check out their trailer, the art is soft and endearing with a very classical music OST. I love the use of strings!!  How can you NOT watch it!?!? Seiyuu wise, it’s also quite attractive with Aki Toyosaki (Yui from K-ON!), Nana Mizuki (Fate from Magical Girl Lyrical), Saeko Chiba (Natsuki from Mai-Hime), Yoshino Nanjou (Maria from Canaan), Yui Horie (need I say more!?) but they seem to all just play supportive roles. The main two characters are played by new voice actors, I think?

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My first impression… W E I R D ! !

First of all the opening had the characters reenacting famous scenes from movies and characters like Star Wars and James Bond! But you need to remember that these characters are all a bit odd too! Tsukimi is the protagonist (top left hand corner) and is a 18 yr old illustrator. Mamiko is the one in the bottom left hand corner!!!

The first episode introduces us briefly to a bunch of females staying together under some shared complex and it’s women only permitted! These people appear to be unable to gel with society exhibiting a fear of “chic people” and are basically all nerds/otakus to some degree or another. They call themselves “nuns” as they’re all single.

They have one other housemate that has caught my interest. She’s the one that does not show her face and apparently she’a some famous yuri/josei mangaka. At the end if the day there’s meant to be a josei couple that will live in this apartment. That’s nowhere to be in sight but I’ll keep looking. At this stage all we have is a supposedly attractive girl who helps Tsukimi out and ends up crashing at her place overnight and guess what?! She turns out to be a H-E!!

I’ll keep watching…a bit of an oddball but might turn out quite amusing…*fingers crossed*

Are you guys READY?!?! It’s time to check out what yuri animes are on the horizon!! hahaha Now put those yuri goggles on!!! Grab the nearby magazines lying around!! LET’S GO!!! HAHAHAHAHA


So what do we have waiting on our horizon this season!?! I’ve seriously zoomed into this and with the help of my trusty yuri circle, we’ve narrowed it down to a few key ones!! If we’ve missed any, PLEASE PLEASE do let me know!! Baka me for leaving some out!!! hahaha Now here it goes!! (Btw, I relied on hashihime’s amazing summary of this season’s anime!!)

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Basically, a high level summary of the story would be: It’s 1925, a time when some school girls are still wearing a kimono…two high school girls decide to setup an all girls’ baseball team but it’s tough as it is not seen as lady like. To make it worse, Akiko (the girl who’s driving the idea) wants to play against BOYS!

At first I was not impressed at all. Probably because of the time period in which the anime is set, plus the permanent two red “blushes” on the main character’s face is so annoying!! Argh! I don’t think it makes her look any cuter!

However, then mid-way through, Akiko explains why she had this idea. Turns out that she was in a conversation with a boy who made the condescending remark that a girl’s place in society is in the household. There is no need for them to have a brain. (Ok, he didn’t QUITE put it in those terms but something along the lines of that.) That pissed Akiko off so she’s adamant to come up with a baseball team and play against boys because that boy is a baseball player. Silly as it sounds, this did put a positive spin into the story for me.

Taishou Ep1a

These girls know NOTHING about baseball so it will be tough but then I like the ‘spirit’ behind it. So far there is no yuri…not sure whether there’d be any but surely there will be some “blush” scenes?! hahaha Oh and there is something to look foward too! There’s Mamiko Noto (dark green hair girl) and Kana Ueda (pig tails)! It’s been ages since I’ve watched Mamiko so I liked it once her character came on screen!

I don’t think the anime is that great but I will watch episode 2…maybe…

Canaan title

First 30 seconds in…these messages flash in my mind:

  • Wow – it looks kick ass!! hahaha I don’t normally talk in those terms but I don’t know a better way to describe it!! I LIKE, REALLY LIKE the look of the characters. *cough cough* Umm…well you know, the blonde and the silvery grey hair girl. hehehe
  • Art looks top notch and rich! Reminisces me of cinema animation!
  • Character designs – TICK!
  • The girl can fight!?! WOAH!
  • And the MUSIC!!!! LOVE IT!

The anime is set in modern day Shibuya but there are talks of a war and soldiers. There’s a lot going on…

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