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Seriously, the story isn’t doing much for me…I just want to watch Saber beat the crap out of that monster Caster!!! Oh and of course the interchange of caring glances with Irisviel! Will her hand ever recover?!

I’ve had a bit of a break from anime. Been busy with work! X_X But I didn’t mind that little siesta. When I came back to watch episode 5 of Chihayafuru, I had a fresh look at the elegance and wow factor of this anime. Chihaya is also shockingly pretty in some scenes! This time round we might have a 3rd member joining their club! I loved how Oe-san’s input brought a whole new dimension to Chihaya’s interpretation of the game. It was visually quite amazing to see the characters on the cards to be replaced with visual imagery. Suddenly I feel like I should have paid more attention in my English classes when we were studying poetry!! LOL

I’m sure this will remain my favourite anime of the season.

We’re brought back to “now”. Chihaya is dead set on becoming the queen in karuta. Now that she’s bumped back into Taichi, she’s keen to reunite the three of them – Chihaya x Taichi x Arata. She wows everyone in her competition and even manages to rekindle the spark within Taichi for his interest in karuta. Just when we think everything is getting cheery, her call to Arata is a bit of a shock. Arata no longer seems to have any passion for karuta and actually tells Chihaya to never call him again!! WHAT THE!?!? I want to know what happened over these years. What made him change? I’m sure Chihaya will be able to bring back the old Arata.

I am really wow-ed by the art in this anime. The character designs, the actual scenes (like the scene where Chihaya grabs Taichi by the waist) and the use of cherry blossoms create a lovely backdrop to the story. It’s such a pleasure to watch this show. I also love seeing the “fierce” Chihaya!!!! GO GIRL!!!

Saber is just too cool! The fighting scenes in this episode (which surprisingly last for the full 20 minutes!) were pretty impressive. I now know what you guys mean.

It’s pretty obvious who I like right!?! I’m DEFINITELY on the Irisviel x Saber team!!!! My one and only complaint is that I want Saber to look more gakkoi!!! She looks so much better in that black suit!!! :(

Anyway, I’m looking forward to the next episode!! I want Saber to win!!!!! GO SABER!!!! (everytime I think of the word “saber”, I can’t help but think of “Sabertooth Tiger” from the Power Rangers!! LOL)

My favourite episode so far!!!! hahaha Where is MY SABER!?! She looks so kakkoi in that black suit!!! Hmm…I wonder whether it’s from reading too much of “I Found My Heart in San Francisco” book series but I am growing quite fond of the blond and green eyes combo!!! *SWOOOOOON*!! I must say that I reckon Saber’s “fighting outfit” doesn’t quite do her justice. In any case, I do enjoy watching the interaction between Saber and her stand in master, Irisviel!!! It’s kind of like watching them to go on a date. hohohoho

This anime can probably be described with a few key words: passionate. heartwarming, friendship, sweet and just plain damn GOOD!!!! The animation is also drawn very delicately and pretty. I loved touches like the snow flakes and petals floating into the room.

It was a little unexpected to see episode 3 as focusing on the younger characters. I had expected that we would move back to “now”. However, it does kind of make sense as this episode explains how they fell apart. I’m really keen on seeing the next episode. I want to see Chihaya as an adult!! She’s SOOOOOO innocently adorable!! But I kind of like her long hair! :P

LOVE THIS SHOW!!! Gosh I just realised that my screenshots are very “eyes-focussed”. hahaha But I guess that is what we see most in this anime. It’s all about the concentration and passion these kids have for the traditional Japanese game karuta. I love watching the younger versions of Chihaya, Arata and Taichi (although Taichi did annoy me but then I remembered he’s just an immature young boy so I’ll give it to him) but I also can’t wait for us to go back and see their adult selves in action. I wonder what happened to the gang? From episode 1, something seemed to have pull them apart…


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