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S.E.N.S. is due to release the third volume of their four-part 20th anniversary greatest hits album series. This volume, Nature, will include their unreleased song “Kazemachi.”

Oooh! Do you think it might be a piece that was used in Last Friends? Can’t wait!! I’ve already got the volumes one and two! These guys are great! I love them cos they do a lot of moving pieces for various movies, dramas and commercials.

Edit: What an idiot! I just realised that I had post the same album cover TWICE!! Oh well…too lazy to fix! haha

Thanks to ^Yuuki from D-Addicts – she’s pointed to us some Last Friend’s NG blooper scenes!!! Also, they’re apparently releasing a few more episodes of scenes that were not used in the final version – meant to be out in October! It seems to be true that many Ruka parts had been cut out near the end! Can’t wait!! Don’t worry – I’ll be on the look out for anymore news. Trust me! ^_^

^Yuuki has also done a translation of an interview with Ruka! Check it out! You just have to love Juri!

Erica has finally written her views on Last Friends. Apologies to all but I couldn’t get hold of the next issue! The bookstore only orders in 2 copies…anyway, her review is fairly short and in any case, sounds like we didn’t miss much. Maybe I should explore some Last Friends fan fiction?? hahaha That’s probably not a bad idea. ^_^

Well here is what ^Yuuki from D-Addicts has written – I haven’t read it but looks like she got some positive comments! I’ll check it out later…*starts daydreaming about Ruka* hahaha

I think this will probably be my last post of anything in relation to Last Friends…. =( So sad! Hopefully we’ll see another one that will create as much angst and excitement amongst the audience though I must say that’s a high bar to reach!! haha

Today Erica from Okazu announced that she will be reviewing the manga of Last Friends that has been released monthly!! Not sure when but she said “shortly”! It will be interesting to get her view. I must say, I was planning to go and buy this month’s Malika but I was late and the usual two copies that they order in were sold already! It will be a whole month if I was to order in so I gave up! Sorry guys. I will try again for next month. Though I must say, it’s not very exciting – it seems to be EXACTLY how the drama went so I’m kind of losing interest.

Anyway, will let you know when Okazu’s review is up!!

Edit: Also, all thanks to Vicky who designed the wonderful pic above! 

It is claimed that there are more results out! The new source also seems to confirm our prior findings.

More results:

  • Best Theme Song: Prisoner of Love by Utada Hikaru (YAY!!)
  • Best Directors: 加藤裕将、西坂瑞城、远藤光贵 (Last Friends!!)
  • Best Script: Taeko Asano (Last Friends)

So, looks like our Last Friends did a huge sweep across all the titles! The only one I’m disagreeing with is best supporting actor! Argh! I think he’s acting did improve near the end but still! I felt he was like a walking cardboard half the time!! Aaaaah!!! ANNOYED!! Honestly, him getting best supporting actor, did his performance even come anywhere near Juri’s!?! I don’t think so!!

Oh well, I guess it’s all a happy ending!! Now all I have to do is confirm the above is ALL TRUE!! LOL


Ooooh! Who likes Maki Horikita?! Well I have good news to share! She has picked up a new lead role! She will be starring in the October drama, Innocent Love イノセント・ラヴ, which will be written by Taeko Asano. Does the name sound familiar?! She was the scriptwriter of Last Friends!! Now I don’t expect her to create a 2nd Last Friends, but I’m definitely watching out for this one!! And with Maki too!! Kawaii! There’s also the director and producer of Last Friends in the band wagon. Let’s cross our fingers that they’re not going to torture us with too much violence….*shudder*

A brief outline of the drama:

Akiyama Kanon had a turbulent childhood ever since the murder of her parents with her brother charged as the murderer. This is a story of a young woman who, despite undergoing many hardships, still faces life with exuberance and determination while finding love along the way (source).

Please! Let’s create another Last Friends experience!! Can’t wait! ^_^

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DISCLAIMER: I found various websites listing the below results. Apparently, the actual rankings of the results will not be out until tomorrow! The official website has yet to announce this so I’m not 100% sure but the results look fairly sensible. I will continue to try and find official evidence supporting the below…In the meantime…


The results are said to be:

Best Drama: Last Friends

Best Actress: Yukie Nakama

Best Supporting Actress: Juri Ueno from Last Friends

Best Actor: Takuya Kimura from Change

Best Supporting Actor: Ryo Nishikido (what the…???? Where’s my EITA??? You gotta be kidding me…now I’m hoping this one in particular is wrong…)


(if the above is true…)

To top it all off, all we need is best sound track and best theme song!!! PRISONER OF LOVE!!! I’m going to frantically search the internet in the meantime…

The weekly magazine containing the results is meant to be out tomorrow but I’m not sure whether I will be able to get my hands on a copy immediately as I’m not based in Japan… will try…

Edit: My sources so far:


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