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This one hell of a quirky enjoyable drama!! Comedy, detective, suspense and a team of colourful characters makes this jdrama well worth watching!!! hahahahaha

Here’s the teaser trailer (I can’t help but say that the girl in white is PWOAH!!! hahahaha):

So in the opening they look pretty damn cool, serious with a detective’s twinkle in the eyes but what about reality?!?

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The raws for Atashinchi no Danshi are up at Veoh – the below video will show you the first 5 minutes or you can also choose to download the full thing. From the quick preview, looks like it should be interesting!! Maki looks so pretty!! (when she’s cleaned up, of course!!!) I think I’m going to be watching this one!! Episode 1 captured only a 14.1% rating…not bad but will hopefully get better!!

Vodpod videos no longer available.

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First of all, Fansubwiki is the best place to start if you want a full picture of what’s to come!! Here I’m just going to highlight a few that caught my eye…hehe

1. BOSS ~ 16 April

bossOMG! This is a must see!! Why it’s no. 1 on my list:

The cast! We have Yuki Amami (been a fan since watching Top Caster), Yutaka Takenouchi (*jaw drop*), Erika Toda (a pretty face to watch) and last of all…Tetsuji Tamayama!!! STELLAR CAST!! Surely you have to agree!?!

The story is not completely original but hey I can deal with that! Yuki leads a team of detectives to solve crimes. She’s smart and capable but she has one problem – a difficulty in understanding men!! Fat chance finding a husband!? LOL

But LAST but not least, the MUSIC!! Our music man behind Triangle is BACK!! Hiroyuki Sawano will be taking charge of BOSS’ soundtrack! Now with that list, surely it’s at least worth watching ONE episode!?!

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Now that we’re more than halfway through the drama season, I went to have a look how ratings have gone. Unsurprisingly, Code Blue is leading the way which started off at a high of 21.2% and has so far averaged 15.5%. Although I liked Proposal Daisakusen, it was more the nostalgic feel of the drama that really attracted me. It reminded me of my own uni and high school years – also don’t forget the amazing background music!! Anyway, all I’m saying is that it definitely wasn’t Tomohisa that I fell in love for!! I’m sure Code Blue will be a quality drama to watch, just not on the top of my very long list of items to check out!! ahaha

On the otherhand, two other dramas caught my eye. Aside from Code Blue, these two are the only ones with double digit ratings and attention drawing actors. 


Opening (opening theme sounds bloody catchy – kind of reminds me of Kou Shibasaki…I wonder…)

Like Code Blue, this is another medical drama but it stars Yutaka Takenouchi!! Geez, looking at the pictures just reminds me of how good looking he is!! hahaha I haven’t seen him in anything since Koori no Sekai (I don’t think)…Wow…I like his clean shaven look! He even looks younger?? Why is that guys can look better as they mature? That hardly applies to ladies, at least only in a limited way. He kind of reminds me of Takeshi Kaneshiro! ^_^ Plus, there’s also Miho Kanno – not only a pretty face but her acting has been recognised in her recent drama Hataraki Man. I can just tell it’s one of those heart warming let’s-go-save-the-world kind of dramas. Yutaka’s character meets a dedicated nurse (Miho) and together they decide to re-establish a hospital…ok, so the story’s not exactly ground breaking but I’m sure it’s worth watching! I’m busy right now but I’ve got this one queued up!! haha One thing that’s a bit of a pity, I don’t recognise the people producing the OST. Hopefully it won’t be a disappointment!! Well here’s the ending sequence! A good looking doctor & a motorbike?? haha I could do with one of those!!! LOL

Yasuko to Kenji

Opening (bizarre…??)

This comedy drama is a bit of an odd ball…you can probably tell by the picture! haha Well give me a sec to explain! It has Ryoko Hirosue which most of us haven’t seen in a while AND the storyline is kind of interesting! Very typical left field Japanese which I’m sure will create some interesting twists and turns. Basically the story involves two pairs of brothers and sisters. Both on their own – I believe their parents have passed away. On the left is a brother who has stopped becoming a gang leader and now works as a manga artist supporting his sister. He’s all gentle until he throws of his glasses (which he normally wears) when there’s a threat to his sister. The two in school uniforms fall for each other – kind of not surprising. The twist is that the sister, who is now a florist, also used to be the leader of a girls’ gang and used to be a couple with Mr. Manga. LOL Looks like this one will be interesting! This one started off with 12.3% and has remained relatively stable with an average of 12.0%.

Oh and I also found a brief clip with no subs – but it’s giving a good feel of this one! haha Yep I’m watching it!! LOL 

Warning: To be appreciated by looneys….hahaha


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