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The theme songs in this season’s anime have really caught my attention so I thought I’d share it with you. Most of these are rip offs from the videos or previews freely available online. Enjoy!

Aoi Hana ~ 青い花 (OP) & センティフォリア (ED)

Also worth mentioning is that Erica has written a review on Aoi Hana over at AfterEllen! Go read it!! It’s a very sweet summary of the story. Like Katherine, I particularly  liked (was grinning as I was reading it) how Erica summed up the story as…

Sweet Blue Flowers is the story of a young woman who enters high school and comes to terms with her sexual orientation. A story that has been told a million times, but rarely with this sense of grace, beauty and strength.

To be honest, I think it sounds better than the manga itself. I’m hoping that the anime will amplify the flow of emotions between Fumi and Ah-chan. In the manga, I felt that it lacked a climax. Have to admit that the anime is looking VERY good so far. 

Canaan ~ Mind as Judgment (OP)

I think I’ve said enough in my last post of Canaan. All I can say is that I’m dying to watch episode 2!! Raws are out but not yet subbed…

Umineko no Naku Koro ni ~ 片翼の鳥 (OP)

I’ve watched episode 2 already (it’s been subbed). The anime is picking up pace and more than ONE person has already died! I’m a bit sad as one of the characters I liked has karked it. *disappointed* I will keep watching but won’t be blogging every episode. If you’re into mysteries, check this one out!

This is a mystery anime. It’s a first for me as I usually stick to the good old shoujo-ai/yuri or romantic comedies. *embarrassed* What’s wrong with that!? haha My reason for watching this is there’s Rie Kugimiya, Miko Ito, Ami Koshimizu AND Yui Horie!! How can I not watch?!

Ok so the opening is very strong with rich animation, rock/opera music and an interesting group of characters. Looks appealing so far…the story itself is nothing unique really. A bunch of people (pretty much all part of the one family, Ushiromiya) are stuck on an island and have a mystery to solve and a treasure to find. Oh and throw in a witch!? Before they know it, they die one by one. Not exactly original, but given the seiyuu cast and animation, I can handle that. Also, I trust that there will be a twist…

First off, Jessica reminds me if Eri from School Rumble! *thumbs up*. Oh and she has attitude too!!! Hehehe

Umineko Ep1a

Shanon is very cute and is probably the more interesting character to watch aside from Jessica. Miko Ito’s character is a bit disappointing…sounds like a 40 yr old Sachiko!! haha And so is Yui’s!!! OMG can someone grab some tape and seal that girl’s mouth! That awful whiney noise!?! Argh!!! I love watching Yui’s show generally but this one…ugh… =( Finally, Ami’s character isn’t all that wonderful either. Some lunatic mother it seems…*disappointed*

Umineko Ep1b

I think my eyes will be glued to Shannon and Jessica. :P I’ll keep following this one but I’m guessing I’ll drop half-way…too distracted by Aoi Hana. hehe


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