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Sometimes I honestly do not understand how some work manages to get produced and released?! This 20 minute OVA was such a waste of time!!! The story was…wait! Hang on! There was no story!!! Well I’ll let you decide. The gang finds themselves on a paradise looking island and decides to settle down but aside from an abandoned little beach house – there is nothing. No food, just some water and guess what!?! Plenty of SKIMPY bikinis!!! How handy!! Since there is a beach, they of course engage in some games – not beach volley ball though – more like – breast bumping!? I don’t know!! hahaha All I saw was boobs everywhere… -_- OH! Then there was some hallucination going on…you can imagine the rest…

I hope they come out with a proper season 2!!!

ANOTHER year has passed! Yasashii sekai… is now a ripe old age of THREE!!! Awwww! I would have never imagined to get this far!! I feel like this year has gone by very quickly. I feel a bit apologetic as I have been busier this year resulting in fewer posts. I hope you guys still find it entertaining and enjoy spending a few moments of your time here. *cross fingers*

Now what are the key highlights in the last 12 months? Let’s just quickly run through a few memorable stories from the last 12 months…

Let’s start with the mangas!!

Girl Friends

Oh I miss Mari and Akko!!! This manga series was sweet, lovey and dovey and obviously had some drama thrown in. On the whole we got we wanted and they even got down to some serious business. HOHOHOHOHO!! I would have loved to see them grow up into women in the workforce!!! I must say, the art here is amazing and there have been some scenes that are absolutely breathtaking…*thinks of the karaoke scene*


This manga series seriously brings up a mixed bag of feelings. It’s good at times and sucks in some chapters too. On the whole, it’s still an amazing piece of work with almost real like characters. Oh and best of all, it’s an adult woman with ANOTHER adult woman! Bring these on!!!

Sasameki Koto

FINALLY Ushio realises her feelings for Sumi!! BUT OMG this manga is going at one-tenth of the pace of a snail’s! I’ve almost forgotten where we’re up to! *pause* Actually…I have forgotten -_-” *SIGH* Pick up the speed please!!

Now onto the animes!!!


Loved the gang although I did feel season 2 lacked the power to keep my attention and the music wasn’t as good. Nevertheless, I still think Mio and the gang (admittedly I have a soft spot for Mio) are heaps cool! Love the hoodie, Mio!! *wink*

So Ra no Wo To

I felt like this was the K-ON! gang but in another time and world!! hahaha Can you guys spot the parody pic up above?? hehehe Story wise I felt like it lacked a bit of excitement but it was pleasant to watch. Art was wow too!!

Sono Hanabira

Oooh la la… *wasn’t me look* Umm…go to Google images and do a search to find out what the big hoo haa is about. I should give the visual novel a go…anyone know whether I can get a Mac friendly version?

Highschool of the Dead

Scantily dressed and well endowed girls carrying guns and kicking arse…Oh! There are guys and some zombies around too! hahaha I didn’t expect this one to be so entertaining and despite the ecchi-ness I recall that there was some real depth in seeing the gang survive the zombies breakout. I’m looking forward to the OVA!

Angel Beats

Great art!! And of course Tenshi and her ma po tofu!! HAHAHA OOOOOH maybe I’ll make some this weekend!!! YUM!!

Psychic Detective Yakumo

I really enjoyed watching this paranormal detective show. The stories were moving and the soundtrack is just AMAZING!!! Must give this a go!! I bought the OST. ^_^

I’m not usually a huge fan of watching TV shows but this year was an exception!!

Rizzoli & Isles

A kick arse detective TV show with a super cool headstrong detective and a smarty pants elegant looking medical examiner!! LOVE this! And they’re coming back for a season 2! OH YEAH!!

The Real L Word

This was entertaining to some degree (I preferred some stories over others) but some were a BIT too much…I don’t regret watching it though!! hahaha My favourite couples: Stamie & Tracy and Nikki & Jill and Mikey & Raquel!!

Lip Service

This is just drama but is like the Real L Word but with a heavy layer of dark themes shrouding it…drugs…lots of alcohol and a hidden past. It’s a quality drama with nice to watch characters but I didn’t like the heaviness of this drama. Not really my thing.

However, the best of all in this category for me must be…

***Alicia and Kalinda from The Good Wife***

Trust me!! This is good!! It’s a legal drama show. Here’s a clip of their scenes in the first episode.

Hope you guys have enjoyed your time at Yasashii sekai…!!!! Thank you everyone for your support!!!

Yasashii sekai…’s 2 year old birthday post

Yasashii sekai…’s 1 year old birthday post

I watched this ages ago but my life has since been sucked out of me. Last week was probably my most horrible work week ever!!! Easily 15+ hrs work day!!! *CRIES* Anyway, the worst is behind me (hopefully!!) and now I’m catching up on my BLOG!!! The new animes for the coming season is just around the corner and I’m hoping there will be good shows!!

So HOTD unsurprisingly left us with an ending that reminisces me of the Resident Evil ones. YEP…very likely for there to be a season 2. This episode was ok but can’t expect from much from a quasi-finale. We get to see Takagi’s parents kick ASS and OMG look at her mum!! hahaha I never really got why she needed to rip her dress. I mean, isn’t it short enough!!?! hahaha Entertaining enough anyway. The youngsters jump onto the repaired humvee and drive off into the sunset…off to find their families. On the otherhand, Takagi’s parents and their followers fight their way out the gates. I kind of thought it was wrong for them to drive off and leave the adults behind… :( They should all have their own humvees!!!

Anyway, this was an entertaining enough anime. I will watch season 2 if it does come up. ^_^

This episode WHOOSHED by before I even realised!! Too short!!! :( Surprising, it was another chapter where not a lot happened BUT…SHIDO reappears!!! Aaaah!! That nasty evil teacher!!! We receive another reminder of how horrible he just is – one of his students must have talked back at him and as a result he got thrown to the zombies!!! X_X To make it worse, him and his busload of losers managed to get inside the gates of the Takagi household!!! NOOOOOOOOOOO!!!

That good for nothing Shido used one of the student’s oversized breasts to talk the security guard into letting him in. Luckily he’s evil side is seen through by Takagi’s father and him and his students are thrown outside of the gates!!!! YEAH!!! For a second I thought he’d be able to stay and work his evil ways again. Phew. If only he would just die and disappear…*sigh*

Little happens in this episode. Komuro and Saeko manages to make it to Takagi’s fortress like mansion. They manage to slip back into a comfortable “normal” environment where they don’t have to worry about the zombies. However, it also means they are now the “kids” amongst the adults. Should they blend into the adults or should they stand on their own two feet?

What do you think they’ll choose? For sure they will be on their own again!!! Otherwise what’s the fun!?!!!

This episode is very much just Komuro and Saeko. The two needs to make their way back to Takagi’s place and it’s no easy feat!! Komuro is tested by both a Saeko with a see-through uniform (*nose bleeds*) and BRA-LESS!!!! LOL The author of HOTD is seriously creative – the way he has managed to throw in all these ecchi moments!

Putting aside the ecchiness and the coolness of Saeko, the important thing is we get to see the real her. While fighting off the zombies, she connects back with a desire of hers that she thought was lost long ago. She is thrilled by the action of hurting someone physically. She actually looked quite scary during this revelation but Komuro accepts her entirely – so it seems. I look forward to watching the next episode when the gang reunites.

This episode is PRETTY ECCHI!!! YET AGAIN!!! Saeko Saeko…she’s seriously popping out of that apron!! So continuing from episode 8, the gang drives the humvee across the river!!! NICE!!! That humvee sure is getting handy!! Once they’re crossed the waters, the girls get changed back in their clothes. I forgotten why they couldn’t wear it in the first place – I think they were being cleaned but if you ask me, it was just asking for a dramatic effect when we see them back in their busty uniforms armed with guns and weapons. hahaha

It’s all quiet on the other side and they decide to make way to Takagi’s place as her house is the nearest. All is going well until they start running into many zombies regardless of which turn they make. They finally reach one street and almost crash into a metal barricade. All goes wrong here. Rei flies out the front windscreen from the sudden braking of the humvee (kind of wish the sensei could drive better!!!) AND the humvee breaks down. NICE! Now they’re surrounded by hundreds of zombies!!! AAAAAAAH!!!

Now this is where the ecchi is taken to another level. As Sapphire Onee-chan said, “it’s ecchi with a PURPOSE!!” LOL Rei’s breasts are used to hold up the rifle and maybe cushions the recoil!?! O_O And Saeko’s can DODGY bullets!! O_O x 9999999

The best bit to this episode was just as everything seemed to be the end for them, some “firefighters” appear and helps the group over the metal barricade!!! *tears of happiness again* And guess who is one of the rescuers!!?! TAGAKI’S MUM!!! A RED HEAD!!! hahaahaha I can’t wait to hear their side of the story and how they put up the barricade etc. Can’t wait for episode 9!!!


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