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I have meds for those suffering from Hajuku Joshi withdrawal symptoms!!! Raise your hands if you want any!!! hahaha Lililicious has released a short one-shot that is a side story to Hanjuku Joshi!! It’s called Soft Boiled Fujoshi (don’t ask me what that means!!!) It’s focusing on Chitose’s older sister who is a yuri mangaka. Don’t have too high expectations but it should at least get a smile or laugh out of you!! ^_^

So I was pondering for a good while whether or not to post about this and eventually I thought…

What the HECK!?! They already know I watched Shoujo Sect…and read manga like Gokujou Drops, Hanjuku Joshi… *shakes head* And I’m SURE everyone person who visits my blog will be interested in this…might as well…

OK! So here it is!! It has been officially announced that the highly popular yuri visual novel, Sono Hanabira ni Kuchizuke wo, will be made into an anime!!

I haven’t played this visual novel myself but it is known for its EXTREMELY pretty and quality graphics and…umm…you know…has certain similarities to Shoujo Sect. *looks left right* hahahahaha I first came across it when I found some doujin and I thought the character designs were very very cute. (no need for excuses Nakayo…)

Listless Ink has reviewed all the Hanabira visual novels (there are also download links available) and from what I gather, there is MUCH more of a story line compared to Shoujo Sect!! I’m actually kind of looking forward to this one (*sigh* – another “might as well” moment) but will have to see how far they take the anime!! Actually, does anyone know how explicit it will get in the anime? Will it match the visual novel?? If so then it will be quite O_O x 9999999999!!! I would honestly prefer it if they tamed it down a bit!!! I’m SERIOUS!! If you want to see what the visual novel is like, it’s not hard…just google and you will find… X_X

I know someone who has played the game so I’m asking her to do a short review so that hopefully we have a better idea on what to expect!! That’s all for now!!! *whispers: I’ll keep you posted!*

This one-shot, by the same mangaka that did Hanjuku Joshi, Akiko Morishima, is CUTE!! Freshly scanlated by Lililicious!! This one is safe for all!! ^_^

Aiming for Love

Wings of Yuri have scanlated chapters 10 to 12!! YAY!!! -_- Actually I shouldn’t sound so excited!! Or I should maybe at least suppress my excitement a little?! hahahaha Oh well…The links are here: chapters 10-11 and chapters 12. I haven’t read it myself yet so…


bf-aBefore I start, I must apologize to Tessa! This was your first recommendation and I have only just read volume 1! LOL I’m regretting that I’ve been so slow to catch on! hahaha But, I have been reading a whole bunch of your other recommendations! Like Strawberry Shake Sweet, Hanjuku Joshi, Gokujou Drops etc. More about those another time.

First of all, I liked the art and the visual design of the characters. It was delicate and drawn with some elegance – reminds me of Morinaga’s style. Can’t go wrong there?! haha At least for me. =)

On the left it’s Fumi who is a crybaby and we find out soon into the manga that she had a somewhat ‘deep’ relationship with her cousin who she suddenly finds out is getting married. She’s clearly upset. Her character doesn’t really appeal to me but neither is it annoying. On the otherhand, there’s Ah-chan who is really a simple minded girl happy go lucky kind of person. Easy to get along with and bright and cheery. As a kid, she has always been the one to look out for Fumi but they later lost contact when Fumi moved to another school. As we read the manga, we get to see how important they are to each other…(I only just finished vol 2 so don’t know what’s coming up!!)

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Ok – I lied. Part 2 will NOT be the continuation of Tessa’s yuri manga series! Don’t worry! They have not disappeared. I just couldn’t help but post her recommendation of one-shots first!! You MUST MUST check Nana and Hitomi! I’m going to go on and on about this manga after everyone has a chance of checking it out!

Now it’s all Tessa’s…


Nana and Hitomi


Nana calls Hitomi after a week of studying for an exam, but... (S K: Hitomi is hiding outside the window! LOL)

Balloons just fell from my ceiling celebrating the 60 billionth time I brought this up.  This is actually 4 1-shots, but they continue the relationship of Nana and Hitomi.  This is Morinaga Milk at her best.  Of course you’ll notice the girls look just like Mari and Akko…(S K: main characters in Girl Friends – another AMAZING manga). These come from LIlilicious and Lililicious is awesome!


S K: From Cherries for Your Lips - this scene got a gasp from me!


Cherries for Your Lips

Another Morinaga Milk story.  This one is about a girl who harbors secret feelings for her best friend (imagine that) and strictly follows a rule of only touching her 3 times a day, so the friend never realizes her feelings.  This one is really sad to me. 

Really though, just read anything by Morinaga Milk (except maybe Sweet Lips).

Chatting in our Pajamas

A short but sad oneshot of unrequited love.  This is another weakness of mine that only shows itself in oneshots.  Rejection is always better in oneshots.


From Your L I P S


Seems like love to me! (Oh and the Yumi and Sachiko similarities can't be my own imagination)


I found this one shot hysterical.  According to Yumi… er Mari, she and Sachiko… I mean Michika are in love with each other. Of course she has never actually spoken to her.  Mari’s friends are all worried she’s a stalker. 

Warning:  This isn’t hentai, but page 14 comes very close, so you might want to skip that page.


Btw, Tessa had made some recommendations on a few Hentai manga – if you’re interested, just let me know and I’ll email you the links. I had a look and they’re a bit hot for my BLOG!!

Today we have our FIRST guest post! Tessa, a regular visitor has written a post recommending a list of yuri manga!! I sincerely appreciate the work she has gone into in preparing this list!! Thank u!

However, as she prepared so much material, we have broken them down into 3 parts. The first two parts will focus on yuri manga series and the final will be on one-shots and hentai (we’re very subtle here…)! We hope you will enjoy this!



I love the cover art of this series!

Sweet Blue Flowers

Akira and Fumi were friends as little kids until Fumi moved away. Fumi returned when they are both starting highschool and they become friends again. Though they go to different schools, their lives are intertwined, especially when it turns out Fumi’s new girlfriend used to go to Akira’s school, the prestigious girl’s catholic school, Lillian’s… No wait, Fujigatani academy, and still carries a lot of baggage from those days.

It’s currently 3 volumes with a 4th on the way.  It’s an interesting story and I think the main characters are likable.  It does suffer from a mild case of “Everybody’s Gay Syndrome” but it’s not so bad.


Phht... Jerks.

Love My Life


I wonder what gave it away...

College girl Ichiko is in love and has decided to come out to her father and let him meet her girlfriend.  After a very decidedly unique reaction, she has to come to terms with the changes in her life as well as her girlfriends.

As with all Josei manga, this is a bit more mature than most shojou yuri, or even seinen yuri.  Definitely something everybody should read.


A love story between two friends in high school with troubled pasts.  The story for the most part is rather dark and melancholy, but definitely worth a read.  Same with love my life, it’s josei, and is not a light story.

Hanjuku Joshi

Though very girly looking and with ‘girly’ interests, Yae dislikes her body and wishes she had been born boy, Chitose is the youngest of a family dominated by girls and tends to act mostly boyish.  The two of them start to like each other, but don’t know if it’s real, or if they’re just playing at love.

This is a cute series that gets kinda smutty at times, nothing completely hentai-esque, but expect very naughty scenes .  I find the relationship between the two girls cute, but there’s also a pretty interesting side story going on with a teacher and one of her students.


hanjukujoshi2 This is when they caught a couple doing… uh things…

Girl x Girl x Boy

Sooo what happens when Fuuka likes Riri, Riri likes Itta, and Itta likes Fuuka? Well… uhh apparently they decided to all date each other in a weird 3 way date um thing. Can this really last?

I liked the characters in this series, even though their actions are kinda odd. I especially liked the boy Itta though. He rules.

Fuuka doesn't really wanna go on a 3 way date... but Riri convinces her.

Fuuka doesn't really wanna go on a 3 way date... but Riri convinces her.

More to come… ^_^ I’m personally very tempted to post the one-shots first!! Actually I’m DYING to write about Nana and Hitomi!!! HAHAHA


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