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ANOTHER year has passed! Yasashii sekai… is now a ripe old age of THREE!!! Awwww! I would have never imagined to get this far!! I feel like this year has gone by very quickly. I feel a bit apologetic as I have been busier this year resulting in fewer posts. I hope you guys still find it entertaining and enjoy spending a few moments of your time here. *cross fingers*

Now what are the key highlights in the last 12 months? Let’s just quickly run through a few memorable stories from the last 12 months…

Let’s start with the mangas!!

Girl Friends

Oh I miss Mari and Akko!!! This manga series was sweet, lovey and dovey and obviously had some drama thrown in. On the whole we got we wanted and they even got down to some serious business. HOHOHOHOHO!! I would have loved to see them grow up into women in the workforce!!! I must say, the art here is amazing and there have been some scenes that are absolutely breathtaking…*thinks of the karaoke scene*


This manga series seriously brings up a mixed bag of feelings. It’s good at times and sucks in some chapters too. On the whole, it’s still an amazing piece of work with almost real like characters. Oh and best of all, it’s an adult woman with ANOTHER adult woman! Bring these on!!!

Sasameki Koto

FINALLY Ushio realises her feelings for Sumi!! BUT OMG this manga is going at one-tenth of the pace of a snail’s! I’ve almost forgotten where we’re up to! *pause* Actually…I have forgotten -_-” *SIGH* Pick up the speed please!!

Now onto the animes!!!


Loved the gang although I did feel season 2 lacked the power to keep my attention and the music wasn’t as good. Nevertheless, I still think Mio and the gang (admittedly I have a soft spot for Mio) are heaps cool! Love the hoodie, Mio!! *wink*

So Ra no Wo To

I felt like this was the K-ON! gang but in another time and world!! hahaha Can you guys spot the parody pic up above?? hehehe Story wise I felt like it lacked a bit of excitement but it was pleasant to watch. Art was wow too!!

Sono Hanabira

Oooh la la… *wasn’t me look* Umm…go to Google images and do a search to find out what the big hoo haa is about. I should give the visual novel a go…anyone know whether I can get a Mac friendly version?

Highschool of the Dead

Scantily dressed and well endowed girls carrying guns and kicking arse…Oh! There are guys and some zombies around too! hahaha I didn’t expect this one to be so entertaining and despite the ecchi-ness I recall that there was some real depth in seeing the gang survive the zombies breakout. I’m looking forward to the OVA!

Angel Beats

Great art!! And of course Tenshi and her ma po tofu!! HAHAHA OOOOOH maybe I’ll make some this weekend!!! YUM!!

Psychic Detective Yakumo

I really enjoyed watching this paranormal detective show. The stories were moving and the soundtrack is just AMAZING!!! Must give this a go!! I bought the OST. ^_^

I’m not usually a huge fan of watching TV shows but this year was an exception!!

Rizzoli & Isles

A kick arse detective TV show with a super cool headstrong detective and a smarty pants elegant looking medical examiner!! LOVE this! And they’re coming back for a season 2! OH YEAH!!

The Real L Word

This was entertaining to some degree (I preferred some stories over others) but some were a BIT too much…I don’t regret watching it though!! hahaha My favourite couples: Stamie & Tracy and Nikki & Jill and Mikey & Raquel!!

Lip Service

This is just drama but is like the Real L Word but with a heavy layer of dark themes shrouding it…drugs…lots of alcohol and a hidden past. It’s a quality drama with nice to watch characters but I didn’t like the heaviness of this drama. Not really my thing.

However, the best of all in this category for me must be…

***Alicia and Kalinda from The Good Wife***

Trust me!! This is good!! It’s a legal drama show. Here’s a clip of their scenes in the first episode.

Hope you guys have enjoyed your time at Yasashii sekai…!!!! Thank you everyone for your support!!!

Yasashii sekai…’s 2 year old birthday post

Yasashii sekai…’s 1 year old birthday post

Warning: Spoilers ahead!!

This is one hell of a “you-must-watch” finale!!! The first half was fairly lighthearted. Yuri wakes up in the infirmary with everyone around her. After realizing that she has since found peace, the remaining few of them have their own graduation ceremony. These scenes, especially when they sing their departing song, ALWAYS moves me!!! >_< I think in my own final assembly in my last year of highschool, myself and all the girls around me were just crying. Watching them sing the song reminded me of Marimite when the onee-chans (Sei, Youko and Eriko) were graduating…it’s a sad scene. They all say good byes and leave one by one…with Otonashi and Kanade left. : (

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There is no doubt that Angel Beats is a pretty unique anime in terms of the plot. We finally get told some idea on what this “world” is about BUT…I listened to that weird guy (the one with the big heart behind him) TWICE and I still don’t fully get it!! O_O I think the unfolding of the mystery was too abrupt and not explained too well. It’s a pity really. There was potential to this anime.

With only ONE episode to go, how will it all pan out!?! The ONE thing that I am still very curious about is Kanade’s past. She’s there like the others – because she could not have a fulfilling life as a youth. Will we get a chance to hear her story? Will we get an unfinished ending!?! O_O I HOPE NOT!!!

Oh and I think Kanade is very cute!!!!! ^_________^ I like Yurippe too. :)

I was waiting to see another touching story after Yui’s experience but out of nowhere we start seeing these scary shadows that appear out of nowhere and consumes people from the “We’re not dead yet” team (whatever their name is). They seem hard to kill and once you are consumed by them, you appear again the next day but as a dutiful NPC i.e. as they say in the anime, you lose your soul. O_O

After the appearance of these shadows, Yurippe calls upon all the non-NPC guys and tells them to make a choice. Either listen to Otonashi and leave on your own with no regrets or stay back at risk of being consumed by the shadows. The shadows are multiplying too and it seems that they are a transformation from the NPCs. Yurippe suspects someone is hacking this world and goes off on her own to find the culprit…

I am seriously blown away by the creativity of this anime…it’s not super great but it’s one of those rare animes that make you think…I LOVE the OST too. I think I will buy it!!! ^_^

I have been SUPER busy as of late!!! Gomen!! As a result I’ve had to do bulk reviews of episodes in one go. Angel Beats! is one of those anime. Of course, I think my tracking of K-ON!! is quite good so far – though I admit I skipped ONE episode .*sigh*

Anyway, Angel Beats! is an interesting anime. On the face it looks like an action anime with maybe a sprinkle of supernatural but look deeper and the stories in it come and tug at your heart strings!! >_< I’ll elaborate in more detail later but let’s quickly highlight what happened in episode 8 & 9.

Just when we thought everything was happy days in episode 7, they come and shock us with a double Tenshi – one that will not hesitate to kill. Uh oh. To make it worse, there’s TONNES of them!!! The clone ability was developed by the original (now kindhearted) Tenshi and until she activates her ‘Harmonics’ power, the clones will continue to exist. The clones are smart too and hides her in the old Guild area. The “We-Are-Not-Dead-Yet” team (or whatever their name is) is lured into this trap and one by one are killed. This anime seriously is not hesitant in killing off the characters but then I guess they will come back to life. STILL!

Moving on…the battle is eventually over and we’re left with one friendly Tenshi. Through his own past (geez!! Could they make it any sadder!!!!!! I was close to tears!!!!!), Otonashi realises that this “place” they’re in is really a world for them to live out the dreams that they couldn’t achieve when they were alive. I like this idea. I wish there was a really a place like this. It’s like giving these people a second chance in life. *what a sad and sombre storyline!!!!*

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Finally in this episode, with the help of the new boy on the block (can’t remember his name), we get to see another sad past – Otanashi-kun’s. Geeeez this anime sure isn’t very uplifting!!! It’s like pulling at our heart strings every 2nd episode!!! I must say though, I felt that they dismissed his story very quickly – kind of like “tick – done that – let’s move on” but I have to admit I wasn’t really paying attention when watching this. Anyway it just didn’t seem to impact me as much as the other characters’ pasts.

ANYWAY, just when we thought things were getting all chummy between Otanashi and the gang with Tenshi, what happens?!? Tenshi’s two-faced and she attacks Yurippe!!! What the heck is waiting for us in episode 8?!?

So far I’m still sitting on the fence with this anime…

Episode 5 was all about swapping Tenshi’s exam answers with some made up crap. Not all that exciting honestly!! I’m starting to think that maybe all that they do is to steal meal tickets!?!? O_O hahahahaha

In all seriousness, where is this story taking us to? Not only are we not learning a whole lot more of what’s going on but it’s such a sad anime!!! ::cries:: The main redeeming feature is the music which is often touching though sad nevertheless…

~~ after episode 6 ~~

Finally!! A turnaround!! About TIME!! Things are starting to get interesting here. The massacre scene where Otanashi and Tenshi rushes to where the bloodshed was touching…

I wonder how many more episodes to go…


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