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It’s time for a celebration!! So I’m sure you would have realised by now that I must be pretty busy to be away from Yasashii sekai… all this time…it’s been FIVE days since my last post!! And the last post was just a MANGA post!! Oh well better than nothing!!!

Anyway, so I finally got on and did my usual yuri round (hehe) and lo and behold!!! My eyes went O_O when I landed on yuri land Lililicious!! They have released a follow on chapter for Butterfly69 (I had raved about this one shot before) called Butterfly Effect and a short EXTRA, Butterfly69: Instant Summer!!! It’s pretty sweeeeeet!!! ^_^ Go Maria and Ageha!!!! Oh and if I haven’t mentioned it before, I looooove the art!! It’s more mature and… *wonders* :P

Butterfly69This one shot is written/drawn by Natsuneko, who also did the Quilt Queen one-shot. I had relatively high hopes on this one given I really enjoyed Quilt Queen. Read it, if you haven’t already!!!

Anyway, back to Butterfly69, it’s about two girls in a music academy. Both shares a special bond that is later tested…

When I read it, I came across the below scene and I couldn’t help but think:

Oooooh! She’s from the Discipline Committee…oooh…Guidance Room…hmm…sounds like things might get a bit “hot”…

But I ONLY THOUGHT this! I didn’t expect things to actually get a bit “steamy”! hahahahahaha

*goes to next page*


*turns another page*


*another one*

O_O x 999999999 + rushes to get a fan

hahahahahaha I think you get the idea!! It’s worth reading though! I still enjoyed the story! hahaha There’s an extra to the story in this volume but yet to be scanlated. I’m definitely going to keep my eyes open for this one!



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