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Warning: Spoilers ahead!!

I was a bit hesitant about this one when Tessa first mentioned it… hmm… Maybe because there was a guy involved?? Haha well it’s been sitting on my touch for a while and the other day I was bored and finally read it.

I actually quite liked it!!! My first impression was OKAY… But then it really started growing on me halfway. I think it was because it wasn’t simply a wild goose chase between the 3 of them. There was a history between Riri-chan and Fuuka. Plus, for me, the other side to Riri really made a difference to me. She actually genuinely cares and loves Fuuka!!!! There is simply a misunderstanding between the two girls. As Tessa said, the guy, Itta, is also surprisingly likeable! He’s there to give the two a push and a shove in the right direction! He gets my approval!! Haha (^_^)V Though of course he’s not allowed to step in between Riri x Fuuka!!

One of my favourite quotes in the manga…Chapter 6 was definitely the highlight! I enjoyed it! ^_^

The moment I saw her blushing face and her fluttering eyelashes, the feeling of superiority turned into feelings of affection.

You seriously need to read this one if you haven’t already!!! Thanks for the recommendation, Tessa!!!

Today we have our FIRST guest post! Tessa, a regular visitor has written a post recommending a list of yuri manga!! I sincerely appreciate the work she has gone into in preparing this list!! Thank u!

However, as she prepared so much material, we have broken them down into 3 parts. The first two parts will focus on yuri manga series and the final will be on one-shots and hentai (we’re very subtle here…)! We hope you will enjoy this!



I love the cover art of this series!

Sweet Blue Flowers

Akira and Fumi were friends as little kids until Fumi moved away. Fumi returned when they are both starting highschool and they become friends again. Though they go to different schools, their lives are intertwined, especially when it turns out Fumi’s new girlfriend used to go to Akira’s school, the prestigious girl’s catholic school, Lillian’s… No wait, Fujigatani academy, and still carries a lot of baggage from those days.

It’s currently 3 volumes with a 4th on the way.  It’s an interesting story and I think the main characters are likable.  It does suffer from a mild case of “Everybody’s Gay Syndrome” but it’s not so bad.


Phht... Jerks.

Love My Life


I wonder what gave it away...

College girl Ichiko is in love and has decided to come out to her father and let him meet her girlfriend.  After a very decidedly unique reaction, she has to come to terms with the changes in her life as well as her girlfriends.

As with all Josei manga, this is a bit more mature than most shojou yuri, or even seinen yuri.  Definitely something everybody should read.


A love story between two friends in high school with troubled pasts.  The story for the most part is rather dark and melancholy, but definitely worth a read.  Same with love my life, it’s josei, and is not a light story.

Hanjuku Joshi

Though very girly looking and with ‘girly’ interests, Yae dislikes her body and wishes she had been born boy, Chitose is the youngest of a family dominated by girls and tends to act mostly boyish.  The two of them start to like each other, but don’t know if it’s real, or if they’re just playing at love.

This is a cute series that gets kinda smutty at times, nothing completely hentai-esque, but expect very naughty scenes .  I find the relationship between the two girls cute, but there’s also a pretty interesting side story going on with a teacher and one of her students.


hanjukujoshi2 This is when they caught a couple doing… uh things…

Girl x Girl x Boy

Sooo what happens when Fuuka likes Riri, Riri likes Itta, and Itta likes Fuuka? Well… uhh apparently they decided to all date each other in a weird 3 way date um thing. Can this really last?

I liked the characters in this series, even though their actions are kinda odd. I especially liked the boy Itta though. He rules.

Fuuka doesn't really wanna go on a 3 way date... but Riri convinces her.

Fuuka doesn't really wanna go on a 3 way date... but Riri convinces her.

More to come… ^_^ I’m personally very tempted to post the one-shots first!! Actually I’m DYING to write about Nana and Hitomi!!! HAHAHA


Hello! Now let's cut to the chase! If you're here to squeal about yuri or update yourself on some Japanese dramas/movies and gossip - then this is the place to be!!! I personally prefer the squealing over yuri amongst other things!! HEHEHE (^_^)V

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