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It’s been a long time since I watched some serious mecha. The last time I touched on it was Kannazuki no Miko which hardly counts. Before that, the most worthwhile recollection must have been the ones I watched when I was like around four or FIVE!!! hahaha Those were the good times but let me first very briefly talk about Taisen first.

One episode is too early to decide whether I will commit to it. To be honest, I wasn’t overly impressed. Maybe cos I’m not a huge mecha fan? The story line looks similar – there is a war between the Federation and the bad guys (reminds me of Star Wars! hahaha) and so far we have been introduced to two persons on the good team (I think they’re called the “ATX” team). There’s the blonde girl who seems pretty kick ass and the not all that handsome guy in the bottom corner. hahaha I figured he could look cuter!! Anyway, not much happens in this episode aside from seeing some mecha fighting. I might hang on for another episode or two but I have a feeling I won’t be watching this to the end.

BUT the good thing about watching this is that it reminded me of the old school mecha that I watched as a child!!! hahahah i looooved the shows back then! They had the same old formula – a weekly monster which is beaten to pulp once all five mechas join together to form one HUGE ASS fighting machine!! hahaha Actually, if the above, took on that old school formula, I might like it more!! hahaha I will take this opportunity to talk about the ones I watched as a kid. One goes as far back to 1976!!! O_O hahaha Don’t be too alarmed!! I’m not THAT old! I watched it at least 10+ years later!!

Ok so here are the trailers of the ones I watched in order of oldest to the most recent. ^^ Enjoy!! Let me know if you recognise any of them!!!

超電磁ロボ コンバトラーV Tyoudenji Robo combatorar V (1976)

I remember when I watched all this, the episodes were on the tape (yes the TAPE!! OMG do you kiddies know what that is!?!). This was my favourite. I think I used to think it would be so cool if I was one of the team members that powered the robot. hahaha This is actually episode 1!! haha In ENGLISH dubbing! Too funny!! The best bit starts at 17 minutes. hehehe

God Mars (1981)

I still remember that I was so disappointed when the tape ended as I didn’t get to finish the story!! I got up to the episode where the main guy’s mecha ran out of energy and could not fight!!! OH NO!!! The good thing is that I found 50+ episodes of this available online!! HAHAHA I might watch it when I have time!!!!

Voltron: Defender of the Universe (1984)

This is the most recent one. In fact, just a few years ago, I saw them releasing this again in DVD box sets and guess what!?! I BOUGHT THEM!!! hahahaha I even watched a couple of the DVDs. ^^


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