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LOL!! Seriously – I’m not watching this anime for the story. But I think it turned out like there was some time traveling. Apparently Misa had sent Koyomi back in time 6 years ago to find out some password of a program that she had created then. That’s basically how it all started. Anyway, like I said, my mind didn’t really focused on the story.

I just love watching the characters!!! Look how cool Misa looks!! Looooove Naba-chan!!

Yoku Ep5a

BUT there’s still MORE!! haha My favourite quote for the week!!

Who am I? I’m a good Santa!!!


Yoku Ep5b

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Ok – first up, I’m definitely going to watch episode 2. It’s not jaw dropping stuff but I absolutely went NUTS when Hitomi’s character, Misa, appeared!! hehe The character and her voice was just a perfect match!! If you’re a fan, you have to watch this! I’ll explain in detail later.

First off, to give you a bit of an idea, this is a magical girls story. Yumiko, silver hair, recently discovered that she is a descendant of a great magician, Christobald. Her hair and purple eyes marks her as a magician. She ends up attending a magical school where she becomes the student of a 25 year old powerful magician, Misa! Very conveniently, Misa has a younger sister (blue hair) who is also a magician and is super friendly to Yumiko. This is where I hope some yuri may appear but not sure yet.

Below is the opening trailer of the anime.

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ItoSome random picture from Shizuka Ito’s blog!! Nothing exciting really – I just thought it’s been a while we’ve heard from her!!! haha Kind of miss her fooling around habits!!! hahahahaha

Oh well in this case, there’s apparently a party – something about someone moving? There’s Hitomi Nabatame, 2nd from the right. Not sure who the other two are…

The 2nd OVA, ‘See You Tomorrow’, has finally been subbed!! It’s been uploaded onto Youtube! HD quality too!! All thanks to mikirudotnet!!

ichigo-encore2aJust seconds into the OVA and I’m immediately reminded of our wonderful Miu-chan!! I LOOOOOVE her interaction with the others – particularly Nobue and Chika!! hahaha Miu-chan is SUCH AN IDIOT!!! She’s one hell of an attention seeking brat!! hahahaha

One thing particularly hilarious about this OVA is the Ichigo Mashimaro signature scene!?! Mi-chan flat on her face!!! HAHAHAHA But this time we get a bonus!! It’s Nobue-chan! She’s done a “Mi-chan”! Didn’t know Chi-chan was getting that physical!! haha I guess she’s finally learnt not to be bullied!! I wonder whether we’ll get to see Ana like that too later?! hahaha It feels kind of wrong though!!! She just needs to act all cute in her pink dress. Hehehe

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Another random clip!! LOL This time it’s Hitomi doing her solo singing/dance performance!! I like the whole 360 degree-head-to-the-side move! haha Sorry for the recent boring posts…I still have only limited access to the internet which is proving to be an ABSOLUTE PAIN!!! Bear with me…I should get my laptop back this week…*SIGH*

All the seiyuu of School Rumble in action, performing on stage!! It’s the opening theme song! School Rumble Forever! Quite cute! Entertaining for sure but I must say that I think only Yui Horie and Hitomi can sing…not sure about the others…hahaha Oh well…that’s ok. I’d still happily watch it!! Can you imagine Mamiko Noto performing this song?!?!! *GASP* IMPOSSIBLE!! hahaha

Hmm…to be honest, this song seems very hard to perform!?! All that overlapping rapping etc…Aaaaah!! 

The winner to the quiz is kANa CeSTyaKarA!! Congratulations!! Please email me your address details so that I can post you the CD!! 

Thanks to all the other participants! There weren’t many of you and I guess my questions were a tad hard. Oops. Oh well!! No pain no gain, right!?! haha

For those interested, here are the answers!!

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