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The theme song of the new Galileo movie has been released! It’s called 最愛, read in Japanese as Saiai and means roughly my dearest love. I heard it is written by Masaharu but I could be wrong. The CD will be available for sale on 1 October (3 days before the movie). Might just pop it into my basket! haha I do have a 500yen coupon that needs to be used!!! =P

The song is pretty nice and from the few words I can catch plus the name of the song, it sounds fairly romantic. Hopefully it means we might see some serious Utsumi x Yukawa relationship development!

But, the music video is kind of disappointing! There’s no hint/preview of the movie at all. Oh well…at least this will help the Galileo drought that we’re suffering!! LOL

Music video is here and I’ve also ripped the music off the video. Enjoy~


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