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I was like that ALL THE WAY for ME!!!

Now I understand why Yuribou made this comment recently (I read it before watching this):

”So…you watch this stuff…and they don’t have sex? Is there something you want to talk to me about son?”

At the time when I read it, I was like, “HUH?” Now I kind of understand. This anime is just plain WEE-YURD (as in weird but just in an American accent! hahaha my recently little play on words)!!! CRAZY!? There’s heaps of fanservice…panties showing…oversized *cough cough*…yep THOSE *points to top left hand picture* etc etc.

But not only is it very fanservice-y but it gets scary too!! The first villain in episode 1 was EEEK!!! X_X Reminded me of the sadistic character, Apo, from Mnemosyne!!! I can’t stand sadism. Freaks me out!! Then the whole idea about Soma replenishing your power/energy levels. *ROLLS EYES* to the 99th degree!!!! I cannot believe someone came up with this idea and it managed to get produced as manga AND anime!?!! It seems such a waste on Aki Toyosaki (Yui in K-ON! The blue haired girl with the massive breasts) and Youko Hikasa’s voices (Mio in K-ON! The short red haired girl in the middle)!!

I did check out episode 2 too and safe to say, that is as much as I can handle. I’ll pass on this one. BUT, Ninnypanties, if you wish to rant on about this anime, I will let you write a summary review at the end of it. hahahahaha I’m sure SOME of you guys out there enjoy this.


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