Prior to watching this, I wasn’t all that keen because I didn’t really like the look of the character designs…but after one episode…


HAHA! YEP I’m going to watch this one! I haven’t watched episode 2 yet but I heard it’s got YURI stamped all over it!! HAHAHAHA Now let me explain…

Here we have a city, Academy City, that’s known for training young girls to have superhuman powers (basically fighters with extra powers like teleporting and electrocution!?!) and a selected few are part of a group called “Judgment” that upholds justice and beats crime.

First up to make an appearance is Kuroko, who is a member of the Judgment. I’m not really a big fan of her character design and she comes across as somewhat annoying BUT she will be the one that will bring us yuri, so I can’t really complain! haha Her extent of infatuation over her sister is a little disturbing… -_- hahaha

On the otherhand, I much prefer her older sister, Mikoto!!! KAKKOI!!! To make her even cooler, she’s meant to be one of the few students with LEVEL 5 rating!! I like her!! ^_^

Railgun Ep1a

The next two key characters are the “less capable ones” but they seem quite likeable! In particular Ruiko! Her long dark hair reminds me of Mio from K-ON!, that girl from Kampfer and also the girl from Ga Rei Zero. ::ponders:: hahaha I think I have a soft spot for characters with dark long straight hair!! OOoh and there’s Sachiko!!! Oops…I’m getting sidetracked!!! FOCUS!!! Anyway, if we’re lucky, there might be some yuri between this pair too but in any case, it looks like the two are becoming fans of Mikoto!! ^_^ Everything’s so much easier when we just have to deal with female characters!!! AHAHAHAHAHA

Railgun Ep1b

Finally, just to show the extent of yuri in just episode 1 alone, here are some key screen shots!! Yup! There’s yuri alright!!

Railgun Ep1c

According to k1y0, there’s even more yuri waiting for us in episode 2!! hahaha Dashing off now!!! *BEAM*

P.S. The girl with short hair and flowers, Kazari, is actually voiced by Aki Toyosaki who was Yui in K-ON! So far, her character has no WOW but hopefully it’ll step up!! It’ll be such a waste otherwise!!