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Sorry guys! I was trying to finish this post a few days ago but I couldn’t get it written in time before my trip!! HONTO NI GOMEN NE!!!

I accidentally stumbled onto this book while I was looking for some les fic to read. I am SOOOOO glad I did! If any of you have read my previous reviews, you will notice that in all those other books, our characters have the luxury of having decided that they are a lesbian and are more than ready to engage in a relationship with a woman. Caidence in “And Playing the Role of Herself” struggled a little with her relationship with Robyn but they were pretty minor. None of the books I have reviewed previously tackled the issue of “coming out”. I suppose they didn’t need to as the characters were generally more mature – in their 30s – so probably dealt with it in their younger age and is too old to care anymore.

This is where “Awakenings (I Found My Heart in San Francisco: Book One)” stands out on its own. We have Jamie, a blonde 20 year old student at the University of California who appears to have quite the perfect life. She comes from a family with money and starts the story engaged to a what appears to be quite a perfect fiance. He’s studying law at Stanford, is blessed with boyish good looks and seems like a genuinely nice guy. As you are probably expecting, there is a big BUT in this equation. Jamie has enrolled herself into a very INTERESTING course, “The Psychology of the Lesbian Experience”. UH HUH. Yep…interesting choice indeed. It’s no wonder she has not told anyone about it. It is at this class that she is partnered with another classmate, Ryan O’Flaherty, who is a 23 yr old model like attractive dark haired self identified lesbian. Whilst Jamie comes from a fairly conservative upbringing, on the contrast there is Ryan who is self assured and not afraid to hide anything about herself. From the moment Jamie met Ryan for the first time, she is already taken away by her beauty and her character. They seem quite opposite in character but gradually become close friends. Jamie also comes to awareness as to what this all means to her. What comes after that? You’ll have to read more to know!!! hahahaha To be honest, given this is a series, you can guess that they don’t just remain as friends.

This book (and others to follow) are VERY different from others that I have read. It’s very detailed and for the entire book, you are reading about their day to day activities. Compared to other books it’s quite slow. You might think it sounds boring but I loved it! I loved to read about how their relationship develops. I would want a Ryan around! She is most amazing friend you can have. I also loved how the story is set in San Francisco! I just went a few months ago so some references to streets and places just flashed in my head as a I read about Ryan and Jamie walking along those landmarks. It is such a pretty city! This is well worth a read.

Oh and the beginning few pages is a bit of a shocker but it’s explained later on so try not to think too much about it…

As a side note…why didn’t I have  course like that back at uni!?!! hahahaha


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