Warning: Spoilers ahead!!

This is one hell of a “you-must-watch” finale!!! The first half was fairly lighthearted. Yuri wakes up in the infirmary with everyone around her. After realizing that she has since found peace, the remaining few of them have their own graduation ceremony. These scenes, especially when they sing their departing song, ALWAYS moves me!!! >_< I think in my own final assembly in my last year of highschool, myself and all the girls around me were just crying. Watching them sing the song reminded me of Marimite when the onee-chans (Sei, Youko and Eriko) were graduating…it’s a sad scene. They all say good byes and leave one by one…with Otonashi and Kanade left. : (

BUT THEY TUG OUR HEART STRINGS EVEN MORE in the SECOND HALF!!! I thought the two would take a walk and then disappear off too. I was curious whether it will just end like that because it sounds VERY anti-climax! They definitely did not disappoint me! Otonashi asks Kanade to stay with him in this world to help and guide those who wander into this world in the future. He confesses that he loves her and wants to stay together forever. Kanade is strangely quiet and there is a reason for it. We find out why she is in this world and how she can find peace. She reveals that her life was only made possible thanks to Otonashi’s heart (reminder: he was a donor of all his organs) and she wanted to thank him so much that when she died she wandered into this world. After asking Otonashi to confess his love for her again, she wholeheartedly thanks him for making her life possible and disappears from Otonashi’s tightly held arms. He breaks down and cries. Otonashi did not want to let her thank him but the whole point of this world is to find peace and move on.  With an endless stream of tears pouring out of his eyes, he accepts her gratitude. This scene was SO SO SOOOOO sad!

The anime left us with a hint of hope at the end showing “Kanade” and “Otonashi” in another life together, crossing paths…this precise closing scene is basically a replica of Kannazuki no Miko.

In my opinion, this is a must watch series. It’s not perfect but it is creative and quite unique in its storyline and I felt that for just the ending, it is worth watching. LOVE THIS SHOW!!!