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I don’t know what went through my mind!? With all the options I had out there (including this), why did I end up watching Working!!?! You have a strange mind Nakayo!! I think it was because it’s the only anime with a hint of yuri in it so I was hoping that maybe it would have stepped up a little by now.

This anime is only “OK” to me. *sigh* I’m afraid it’s not more than that. It’s a bit amusing at some bits but I’m just honestly not too engaged by it. What’s happening!? None of the anime seem to be interesting me!! Except for K-ON!! of course!!!

Having said that, Souta-kun dressed as a little girl is quite cute!!! :P I do have to feel sorry for him – having three crazy sisters around!!!

I mean a PHYSICAL punch kick kind of girl!! hahaha Inami-san has the urge of physically abusing men whenever she’s near one!! I’m afraid Takanashi and Inami are at loggerheads!!! hahahaha This is kind of a funny pair. It gets even more interesting later…she no longer hits him because she’s scared of men but to hide her embarrassment!!! hahaha One of the rare bits where I really cracked up was when blackmail Souma said he noticed Inami changing her hairclip daily now after Takanashi complimented that it was cute once!!! hahahah Did HE get one hell of a bashing!! That was in episode 4.

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So k1y0 has advised that this anime has yuri in it!! Given that, of course I had to check it out!! Though I must say that based on initial impression, before even watching the anime, the story, character designs, seiyuu did not capture my interest at all. Objectively speaking. It’s only saving grace is the yuri and the fact that Shizuka Ito and Youko Hikasa are in it!!! But they’re only seiyuu to side characters. : (

Anyway. so how do I feel after episode 1? BLAH! It’s very so so to me! If I was bored out of my wits then this might make it to my list but sadly it’s not all that interesting. Some guy gets recruited by a quite a petite high school girl (she’s the main character) to work at a family restaurant. He agrees cos he thinks she’s cute!! *ROLLS EYES* So far all the people there are kind of WEE-URD!! This guy actually fits RIGHT in cos he says he’s a “minicon” – basically someone who has a fetish for “chisai” (little) and cute things.

I’ll keep watching just because there’s Shizuka Ito and Youko Hikasa. They didn’t appear in episode 1…maybe episode 2??! ZERO yuri detected so far!!


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