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This is a twelve year old Japanese drama and has often been described as “the” romantic Japanese drama – a classic. I often hold back from describing it in the same way cos who wants to watch something from 12 years ago? Also, this is a very light-hearted “feel good” drama which kind of contrasts from my usual preference – I like ones that are a bit more emotionally intense. For example: Terms of a Witch, Orange Days, Taiyou no Uta, Crying Love from the Centre of the World, Proposal Daisakusen, Byakuyakou, Beautiful Life and Bara no nai Hanaya. I could come up with a few more but these would be the key ones (=P).

Anyway, the reason I’m onto Long Vacation is that they are showing it on TV at the moment so I suddenly had an urge to re-watch it. Once I started, I couldn’t believe how enjoyable it was and how much it made me laugh! Oh and the music is like WOW! haha Though the main actress is not really pretty, her character is really crazy and hilarious in a straightforward way! As for the lead guy, who could say no to Takuya Kimura?? hahaha I urge any fan of comedy romantic dramas to watch this one! Its average viewership rating was 29% and reached a peak of 37%!! People back then must have watched TV more! haha

Aside from the up-lifting music, light-hearted storyline, spontaneous funny moments, pretty good looking actors, another reason I like it is where the name “Long Vacation” comes from. For those that are not familiar with the story, I will provide a brief summary first:

Minami is running in broad daylight down the streets of Tokyo in her full traditional wedding gown (head set and all) and arrives at Sena’s place. “Where’s Asakura?” It turns out that she is due to be married in half an hour but the groom, Asakura, has yet to arrive. Sena hands over Asakura’s letter, which starts with “I’m sorry Minami…” Days later, Minami appears on Sena’s doorstep, barges in and becomes his roommate. The real story begins….She’s 30 and is an out of job model and he’s 25 trying to become a professional piano player….

Okay, so the story begins and both ends up at a tough time in life – she has to face reality that she’s getting old and can no longer be a model while he seems to have trouble breaking out of his shell and perform. The central theme in this drama: 

When things all go wrong and nothing seems to get better even when you try, as if you’re missing a chance to make a change, do not feel beaten and down. It is actually a “long vacation” sent from God. Use the time to relax and care for the others around you. Don’t worry. God has his plans in place. When the vacation ends, a chance will appear and a change will take place.

I love this quote. Anyone feeling a little down should watch this drama. Your worries are soon forgotten!! haha


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