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It’s kind of obvious who I was focusing on when I watched this episode, right?? Hahahaha I’m afraid no one else really captured my attention. I CANNOT stand the guy Tori! He is SUCH a L-O-S-E-R!!!! AAAAAAAAH!!! The only thing that kept me going here is Miyuki Sawashiro who voices Masazumi (the dark haired girl pictured here). She also did the voice of Canaan and Hagino from Blue Drop!!! To be honest, I foresee that I will eventually be dropping this anime. I might hang out for another episode.

Who’s watching this one?

Before I start, let me just point out that I loved the music in this anime! So, in the Music section, be prepared that it will be one lengthy ramble…hahaha Overall I enjoyed Blue Drop but at times the pace was a tad slow and there were some loopholes in the story. They’re not big enough for me to hate the whole thing and shake my head in frustration but it would be nice if the little questions in our heads were answered.

Warning: Spoilers ahead!!

Story 7

Ok, there’s something I’m dying to shout out but I’ll hold it back…just a little bit more. *deep breath*

This anime has an interesting way of telling the story. It likes playing around with time. The story first kicks off with two adults in a spaceship talking about negotiations – then the sign of United Nations come up. At this stage, you’re probably like me, thinking “what the…?”. Soon after, it takes us to Mari who is thinking back to a conversation she had with her grandmother…and there the real story begins. It’s only until the final moments of episode 13 does it take us back to the spaceship again. This kind of moving forward and back in time is done quite elegantly and doesn’t irritate the audience (at least not me). However, it does provoke you to think…”huh…what happened?”…then it comes around to surprise you with the answer. I thought this style was quite fresh but more importantly, executed well.

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I was going to do the full review in one go but I would have to cut out some cute scenes so I’m doing a quick update up till episode 6. To me, episode 6 is a key mark in the anime as we see a significant change in Hagino’s character. Initially, she is presented as the model student, admired by many students but is generally emotionally blank. However, halfway through, we start seeing the playful side of her. She’s loosening up and even knows how to push Mari’s buttons! LOL Now don’t get your hopes up – definitely can’t compare to Shizuru but there is a very gentle resemblance. 

Before I start rambling – couldn’t help but quote a few lines from the review over at Okazu’s – cracked me up!! LOL

Hagino, as it turns out, is an alien commander of a big ass spaceship. 

Yuri for this series is of the infatuation/obsession sort between Hagino and Mari, an a priori tragic love, and Micchi, who is clearly writing a Mari x Hagino slashfic in her spare time. =)

Warning: Spoilers ahead!!

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After watching the relatively unsatisfactory Kashimashi: Girl Meets Girl, I decided to head straight to another yuri anime. I struggled between Blue Drop and Noir but eventually settled on this one. The story sounded reasonably interesting and at first glance, I liked the character design more. *smile* I like characters with dark blue/black hair. hahaha It’s no wonder I’m a fan of Sachiko from Marimite and Natsuki from Mai-Hime and Mai-Otome. ^_^

The story settles on two girls (oh duh…), Mari (red hair) and Hagino (blue/black hair) who attends the same high school. Mari had an accident years back as a kid where she was on an island where “supposedly” a tsunami had occurred. As a result of the incident, she lost of memory and from then on lived with her grandmother. As her grandmother thinks she can no longer look after Mari, she sends her to Kaiho Academy.

At Kaiho Academy, she meets Hagino. On first encounter when they shook hands, something strange happened – flashbacks of “tsunami” incident – Hagino’s eyes turn blue and suddenly she’s strangling Mari. Needless to say, Mari thinks she’s a lunatic but neither can she hold back the strange attraction she has to Hagino. She had seen Hagino earlier on her way to school and was in awe with her beauty.

Anyway, as you can probably guess, Hagino is model student and has many fans (hmm…another Sachiko??)…ahahaha. After the incident, Hagino acts as if the incident never happened.

I’ve only watched up to episode 2 but there were already a few blushing moments from Mari! haha Like Hagino suddenly touches Mari’s face and she goes bright RED! hahaha “you have rice on your cheek…” LOL Don’t get wrong ideas…Hagino is definitely not a playful character (I wish)…serious in fact. 

The story is a bit confusing so I haven’t fully grasped what’s going on but I’m definitely going to continue watching. ^_^ Oh and the art is good…if you can’t tell already! hahaha


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