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Did anyone else notice this? There was an instrumental piece of Eternally in the drama but it is not available on the soundtrack!!?! Does anyone know where I can hunt this down? I’m kind of over Innocent Love (it’s been a fair while since I finished) but this track is quite nice…I think this was ripped off the beginning of episode 6 (or maybe 7).

How should I start? I think my title has it quite right. This drama has been a little tiring – with all the angst, slightly slow pace, bizarre characters and loads of twists & turns – it has been a long journey…

*Warning: There may be spoilers ahead!!*


Story 6

I approached the drama thinking it was going to be a typical Cinderella story – well wasn’t that how it was marketed? It was meant to be some tragic girl who meets her destined partner.

Reality was that the Cinderella story was only about 20% of the whole deal. The rest was made up of suspense, thriller and mystery. Amongst that, please remember to throw in the coma state fiancee who looks evil and eventually turns into a human snake that moves around at night! LOL Here are pictures to prove it! AHAHA



Ok, need to be a bit more serious. To sum it up, we have Maki who plays a girl that is burdened with the discrimination of a brother that is in gaol with the mark that he has killed their parents. We are told in this drama, that despite the developed society of Japan, people still hold much stigma to those whose life have been tainted by some crime. This angle of the story really drove me insane. However, Kanon does not give up and lives her life to the fullest, finding enjoyment and satisfaction in the littlest of things. 

Just when we think things have turned around for poor Kanon – she meets Junya and falls in love – more tragedy is revealed. To make matters worse, there’s a nosy reporter on the side and a jealous woman. Great!

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We’re finally at the end! The drama recovered in the second half and finished off with a 15.1% viewership rating in its finale episode! 

il-ep10-aKanon calls Yoji and thanks him for looking after her all this time. “Without you, I would not have lived till now. It is all because of you that I had the chance to meet Junya.” Yoji could not help but cry.

We then have Junya encouraging Subaru to marry Kiyoka. He hopes that one day, the four of them could get together and share their happiness. As Junya walks away, Subaru struggles but decides to confess his feelings. “I have liked someone since a long time ago. It’s already been 10 years but the other person does not know about it. The person is not Kiyoka. I have never loved Kiyoka like how you loved her. There is someone else I like.”

il-ep10-bAt this point, Junya asks who is this person that you like. Subaru could not bring himself to say and it just tells him to forget they had this conversation and walks away. Hiroki’s acting here is fairly spot on but I would have liked to see even more of the internal agony that he was suffering. By now, I also think that Yujin’s acting has definitely improved. There was reasonable interaction between the two in that scene. After the conversation, Junya is slightly out of sorts.

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Yoji did not attend Kanon and Junya’s wedding, using work as an excuse. Before the wedding started, Kanon called Yoji and express her gratitude – “it was only because of you that I was able to meet Junya”. Kanon’s words brought tears to Yoji’s eyes.

At the wedding, Junya sees Subaru who is holding onto flight tickets – he will be travelling with Kiyoka. Subaru also tells Junya that Kiyoka can now walk and sing, much to his surprise. Junya asks whether he will marry Kiyoka – Subaru does not answer. Junya also asks “I wonder when can the four us spend some time together?” As Junya walks away, Subaru could not withhold his emotions anymore – “I never loved Kiyoka”. This disturbs and confuses Junya. Subaru leaves after saying “I will be responsible for Kiyoka”. 

Kanon can sense Junya acting strangely but is reassured by his smile. After a while, Junya notices that Kiyoka is standing on the balcony above the courtyard. She takes a look at Junya and steps forward, jumping off the balcony. As Junya sees this, he runs forward in an attempt to catch her. He fails and instead suffers a shock to the head leaving a pool of blood on the ground. Kanon runs forward and shouts his name…

Again, all thanks goes to 司马万千 over at BTPIG for translating the preview! Btw, episode 10 will be the finale for Innocent Love!! COUNTDOWN TIME!

In all seriousness, I can’t stand the Kiyoka story angle…Argh! I just want a happy ending for Kanon x Junya!

il-ep9-aKanon returns to Nagono and goes to visit her brother – “Why have you been lying all this time? You didn’t do it.” Kanon claims to remember everything after seeing Ikeda’s article. “I had killed father.” Yoji insists that her memory is muddled and that she’s wrong. She agrees that her memory is messed up, to the point that she did not even remember what her father had done to her…She thinks it was unforgiveable for her to have pushed all the punishment onto her brother. All this time, she has been saved while her brother has been protecting her. 

il-ep9-bMizuki goes to visit Junya and finds that he is packing stuff and preparing to leave for Nagano. “Why do you have to go all the way to Nagano to find her?” Not too long after that – crazy biatch no. 2 appears (the first was Kiyoka!)!! She goes off to lock Junya in the room and goes off to pour herself a cup of tea (in a very scary way)!?! What the heck? *shakes my head* She goes on to say that Junya is too naive and does not realise that people can be evil at times – that’s why he was betrayed by Kiyoka. “Poor Junya. But I’m very happy because I have a sinful heart.” She passes him the article which reaffirms his intention to go to Nagano. “She has no-one. I have to go to her.” Mizuki even threatens Junya that she could lock him up for 10 days without food and kill him. Junya says there’s no reason for her to do this but she argues otherwise. It is only then that Junya realises that Mizuki had liked him all this time.

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il-aKanon leaves Junya for her hometown, Nagoya. The reason behind her leaving was because of the publication of that incident. The article published was the original draft that Ikeda had been working on. Kanon wanted to see Yoji and tell him that she remembers what happened 6 years ago. She also plans to tell the prisoner officer that it was her that killed her parents. Yoji insisted it’s not true. When Yoji got hold of the article, he trembled with rage.

At the same time, Junya was preparing to make his way to Nagoya to find Kanon. Mizuki finds out and locks Junya in his room. Junya tells her not to do such childish things. She replies very bluntly “have you never thought about that people can at times do terrible acts?” – she also passes him the article on Kanon.

Junya is shocked by the article but insists on seeing Kanon. He also tells Mizuki that Kanon has no friends so he must go and find her. Hearing this, Mizuki finally reveals the suppressed affection she has for him.

Later on, Kanon manages to find Ikeda and tells him that it was her that killed this parents and requests him to publish this…

Subaru says that going forward, he will look after Kiyoka and says that he does love her. At this point, Junya accepts the situation and says “then Kiyoka will be happy” and hangs up. Does Subaru really love Kiyoka? I don’t think so…

On the otherhand, Mr. Reporter is still pushing the doctor into revealing Kanon’s past. He basically silently admits that  Mr. Reporter’s hunch is right – that Kanon was sexually assaulted by her father. The doctor says that even Kanon has forgotten about – he should just leave her alone. If he reported on her past, who knows what kind of distress she would bear? Mr. Reporter disagrees. By pretending that the past did not happen, will that save her?

il-ep8-aApparently, when Mr. Reporter was younger, he caused the death of someone he was trying to report on. At the time, he was trying to interview a girl who was being bullied at school. He could tell she was hiding something but did not persist with his investigation. It turns out the girl had been raped but did not tell anyone. Mr. Reporter only knew about the truth after she died. The parents had picked up on some clues but pretended to know nothing. He had done the same thing – he was guilty too. The truth will come and take revenge on people. The doctor agrees that this may be true but the truth must be handled with great care.

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