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Another random clip!! LOL This time it’s Hitomi doing her solo singing/dance performance!! I like the whole 360 degree-head-to-the-side move! haha Sorry for the recent boring posts…I still have only limited access to the internet which is proving to be an ABSOLUTE PAIN!!! Bear with me…I should get my laptop back this week…*SIGH*

All the seiyuu of School Rumble in action, performing on stage!! It’s the opening theme song! School Rumble Forever! Quite cute! Entertaining for sure but I must say that I think only Yui Horie and Hitomi can sing…not sure about the others…hahaha Oh well…that’s ok. I’d still happily watch it!! Can you imagine Mamiko Noto performing this song?!?!! *GASP* IMPOSSIBLE!! hahaha

Hmm…to be honest, this song seems very hard to perform!?! All that overlapping rapping etc…Aaaaah!! 

Accidentally stumbled onto this video the other day on youtube…hehe It’s quite cute! Brings back some funny memories of School Rumble! I looooove Eri x Kenji! Hmm…I think I missed one season – maybe I should go back and check it out!! haha Anyway this is just a cute performance of Tenma (Ami) and Yakumo (Mamiko)!! KAWAII!! But then no high expectations on the song/singing, please… haha Is it just me but Ami’s arms look strangely L-O-N-G!! ahahaha CUUUUUTE!!

Warning: Possible spoilers ahead!

The beginning, with the narrator introducing Ame no Kisaki Academy, is very much like Marimite – though we all know that they’re just trying to fool us! The reality is that this will be one strange story!!

mh-ep1dNow this is my first impression based off episode 1 and 4 chapters of the manga (episode 1 basically ends at chapter 1). I wasn’t quite sure what to expect given the weird twist about a cross-dressing guy. 

To start with, I found it annoying how Kanako is SOOOO not subtle with her affection for other girls! For example, the numerous nosebleeds! I think she will turn anaemic very soon at the rate she’s going!! Plus she also seems to like every girl she meets. Ugh…it’s not very flattering for the character particularly when we’re only into episode 1. I’m afraid Kanako is not really to my liking.

mh-ep1cOn the otherhand Maria (though I know she’s really a ‘he’) is relatively more attractive. It might be because she resembles Erika from School Rumble who was one of my favourite characters. I also like Maria’s voice – it has a nasally touch – reminds me of Kaori Shimizu who voiced Noriko in Maria-sama. The seiyuu is Yū Kobayashi. I’m not familiar with her works except for her Shi-chan character in Candy Boy (*thumbs up*).

Anyway, back to Maria, so far, we only get a brief glimpse of his/her real side so can’t really pass judgment but there seems to be a reason behind his cross-dressing. I wonder what it is…hmm…

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I got to the end! It’s been a while since I watched a 26 episode anime! As I mentioned before, School Rumble starts off quite slowly so the fun doesn’t really kick in until halfway!

Story 6

Honestly, there’s nothing new here but that’s ok cos we know that to begin with. School Rumble is another anime where it’s a recycle of old ideas – high school setting, X love Y but cannot confess their feelings, Z loves X but also has the same problem, a bunch of interesting characters, humour, some silliness – you get the idea! hahaha But don’t get me wrong! Though 6 does not sound like a great score, this anime will get you laughing (well at least in the 2nd half)! If you’re looking for silly humour about high school students, then this is another one to watch! Honestly, how can anyone take Tenma seriously?!! HAHAHAHAHA

Oooh!! Almost forgot to mention but I think one of the key highlights to the anime was the sports carnival in episodes 22 and 23! Miko-chin and Ichijo-san was SOOOOOOOOO cool! Plus there was quite a bit of screen time on Eri x Harima!!! =P HAHAHAHAHA


Characters 8

What really got me watching in the 2nd half are the characters aside from Tenma. There are other characters that get to have their share of the screen time – the ones most interesting to watch must be Mikoto, Eri and Yakumo. 

Initially, I was more into Mikoto and Yakumo as the focus was on them first but soon I became an Eri fan!! haha Her character is initially cold and seems hard to get along (her remarks can sometimes be a bit ‘sharp’) but soon we see the softer side of her!

Warning: Spoilers ahead!

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as_school_rumbleThis is a slice of life comedy based on characters in a high school setting.

The key character is Tenma-chan who is in 2nd year high school – often described as a klutz, poor in academics, a bit slow and pretty innocent! Nevertheless, she is a cheerful character to have around and is easy to please. The anime focuses on Tenma’s crush on Karasuma, a guy in her class. You honestly wonder what she sees in him as he seems dead boring and behaves like a stone-faced, monotonous log! hahaha You’ll know what I mean if you’ve watched School Rumble. On top of this, you have Harima, the school’s delinquent who is head over heels with Tenma. Like Tenma, he is constantly trying to confess his love but fails.

Just an example of Tenma’s character…

So all girls do their hair every morning – that’s nothing out of the ordinary but for Tenma, there’s a special purpose…hahaha


Though the anime appears to focus quite a bit on the THK triangle, you also have some colourful characters on the side touching on stories of friendship:

  • Yakumo – Tenma’s sister – graceful, pretty and intelligent. More importantly, she’s voiced by Mamiko! Her character was actually quite bland in the first few episodes – very NOT exciting, let’s just say. But about halfway through, we get a chance to learn more about her so there the fun begins…^_^ She has the ability to read the minds of guys that like her! hahaha I’d rather not have that ability…=P
  • Mikoto – Tenma’s friend – smart, strong (she’s good at some Japanese sport like karate) and size D assets are the keywords. As an added bonus, it’s voiced by Hitomi Nabatame!! YAY!! Because of her figure, she attracts the attention of some guys in class…Luckily she can defend herself…hehe





And that's well deserved!! hahaha

  • Eri Sawachika – Tenma’s friend – she’s basically pretty and graceful and often described as a ‘princess’. Eri seems to be a bit stand offish but is actually a little lonely inside as her parents are often away. Her role only picks up halfway after when Harima accidentally confesses his love for Tenma to her by mistake!


Just watched up to episode 16 (ok so no longer halfway) and it’s an absolute CRACKER!! HAHA I was applying a clay mask as I was watching it and before I knew it my hands were on my face to stop myself from cracking the whole thing with my laughing!!! LOL

Anyway, in all seriousness, I thought the first few episodes were quite bland but its entertaining factor is certainly rising…

For all those crazy anime fans out there, you HAVE to sign up to! I’ve recently joined too (my profile). I was thinking of what anime to watch next and settled on School Rumble. Reasons? Like the usual – there’s Mamiko and Hitomi! hahaha Please let me know if you have any good recommendations! I’m slowly going through Krigo’s list…


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