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I decided to check this anime out cos the story sounded kind of interesting but it was mainly the art that captured my attention. The animation seemed very high quality and the character design of the girls kind of remind me of Shizuma from Strawberry Panic! It’s the really pointy noise and dainty looking faces. I seriously find Shizuma very hard to beat on the looks side. *SWOONS* hahahaha

My only complaint about this anime from watching it for a few minutes is their oversized BREASTS!!! *ROLL EYES* Seriously. *sigh* On the whole though, I do like the designs. The soundtrack that played in the opening was promising too. Finally for good measure, there are a tonne of seiyuu that will ring a bell!

  • Ami Koshimizu – Nina Wang from Mai Otome, Kanako from Marimite, Holo from Spice & Wolf
  • Aoi Yuuki – Alice from Croisee, Madoka from Puella Magi
  • Marina Inoue – Natsuru from Kampfer, Matsurika from Maria Holic,
  • Miyuki Sawashiro – Maria from Arakawa, Canaan from Canaan!!
  • Ai Shimizu – Tamao from Strawberry Panic!
  • Mai Nakahara – Nagisa from Strawberry Panic!
  • Minako Kotobuki – Mugi from K-ON!
Episode 1 was just seeing the class of students trying to attack their sensei. Looks interesting enough…and the fighting it kind of cool. I think that mysterious girl with the grey hair is Horizon? I’ll keep watching! ^_^

ANOTHER year has passed! Yasashii sekai… is now a ripe old age of THREE!!! Awwww! I would have never imagined to get this far!! I feel like this year has gone by very quickly. I feel a bit apologetic as I have been busier this year resulting in fewer posts. I hope you guys still find it entertaining and enjoy spending a few moments of your time here. *cross fingers*

Now what are the key highlights in the last 12 months? Let’s just quickly run through a few memorable stories from the last 12 months…

Let’s start with the mangas!!

Girl Friends

Oh I miss Mari and Akko!!! This manga series was sweet, lovey and dovey and obviously had some drama thrown in. On the whole we got we wanted and they even got down to some serious business. HOHOHOHOHO!! I would have loved to see them grow up into women in the workforce!!! I must say, the art here is amazing and there have been some scenes that are absolutely breathtaking…*thinks of the karaoke scene*


This manga series seriously brings up a mixed bag of feelings. It’s good at times and sucks in some chapters too. On the whole, it’s still an amazing piece of work with almost real like characters. Oh and best of all, it’s an adult woman with ANOTHER adult woman! Bring these on!!!

Sasameki Koto

FINALLY Ushio realises her feelings for Sumi!! BUT OMG this manga is going at one-tenth of the pace of a snail’s! I’ve almost forgotten where we’re up to! *pause* Actually…I have forgotten -_-” *SIGH* Pick up the speed please!!

Now onto the animes!!!


Loved the gang although I did feel season 2 lacked the power to keep my attention and the music wasn’t as good. Nevertheless, I still think Mio and the gang (admittedly I have a soft spot for Mio) are heaps cool! Love the hoodie, Mio!! *wink*

So Ra no Wo To

I felt like this was the K-ON! gang but in another time and world!! hahaha Can you guys spot the parody pic up above?? hehehe Story wise I felt like it lacked a bit of excitement but it was pleasant to watch. Art was wow too!!

Sono Hanabira

Oooh la la… *wasn’t me look* Umm…go to Google images and do a search to find out what the big hoo haa is about. I should give the visual novel a go…anyone know whether I can get a Mac friendly version?

Highschool of the Dead

Scantily dressed and well endowed girls carrying guns and kicking arse…Oh! There are guys and some zombies around too! hahaha I didn’t expect this one to be so entertaining and despite the ecchi-ness I recall that there was some real depth in seeing the gang survive the zombies breakout. I’m looking forward to the OVA!

Angel Beats

Great art!! And of course Tenshi and her ma po tofu!! HAHAHA OOOOOH maybe I’ll make some this weekend!!! YUM!!

Psychic Detective Yakumo

I really enjoyed watching this paranormal detective show. The stories were moving and the soundtrack is just AMAZING!!! Must give this a go!! I bought the OST. ^_^

I’m not usually a huge fan of watching TV shows but this year was an exception!!

Rizzoli & Isles

A kick arse detective TV show with a super cool headstrong detective and a smarty pants elegant looking medical examiner!! LOVE this! And they’re coming back for a season 2! OH YEAH!!

The Real L Word

This was entertaining to some degree (I preferred some stories over others) but some were a BIT too much…I don’t regret watching it though!! hahaha My favourite couples: Stamie & Tracy and Nikki & Jill and Mikey & Raquel!!

Lip Service

This is just drama but is like the Real L Word but with a heavy layer of dark themes shrouding it…drugs…lots of alcohol and a hidden past. It’s a quality drama with nice to watch characters but I didn’t like the heaviness of this drama. Not really my thing.

However, the best of all in this category for me must be…

***Alicia and Kalinda from The Good Wife***

Trust me!! This is good!! It’s a legal drama show. Here’s a clip of their scenes in the first episode.

Hope you guys have enjoyed your time at Yasashii sekai…!!!! Thank you everyone for your support!!!

Yasashii sekai…’s 2 year old birthday post

Yasashii sekai…’s 1 year old birthday post

I’m speedily catching up on K-ON!! Well maybe not speedily but I am trying!! Episode 21 was so cute!! Reminds me of when I was in school!! hahaha The hair!! The hair!! Everyone would be fixing it before the school photos. hahaha Yes I went to a girls’ school! OMG when she accidentally cut off that fringe I almost forgot to breathe!!! hahahaha I was like “OH NOOOOOOO!!!!” Must say that Yui looks much better WITH a fringe!!! X_X

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This is one of my favourite episodes so far!! Although I’m behind in progress and typically I’ll cover more than episode in the post, this episode deserves its own!! It’s still the school festival and finally it’s the K-ON! gang’s turn to perform!!! YAY!!!

I was hoping they would perform a new song  – the one that Yui wrote the lyrics of with Ui in mind. The lyrics are really sweet and I’m glad the melody of the song is great too!! I was a bit worried they might throw in a crazy song like the opening theme (just in case I haven’t made it clear  – I don’t like the OP!!!)!! PHEW!!!

The ending of this episode is a prelude to the ending to come. The girls are reminiscing the wonderful performance they achieved and as they talk about future performances, they eventually come to the point when they will be graduating from the school soon. *TEARS in EVERYONE’S EYES* Everyone is teary…oh! No I mean “sweaty” (hahaha) except for Azunyan who is strong and comforts the rest of them. Awwww so cute!! *sigh* I don’t want K-ON! to end!!!!! :(

Yes – after watching those two episodes, my first reaction was:


hahahaha I enjoyed watching those two episodes! I liked seeing Ricchan act girly (SO WEIRD!!! and she said she couldn’t breathe with the shirt tucked in!!! hahahaha) and Mio dressed all rough…*faints* That loose collar and tie…I’m sure that got a lot of us squealing!!! ^_^

I cracked up when Ricchan complained about the script:

This is so cheesy!! Who the heck wrote this!?!!

HAHAHAHA The first person I thought of was Sapphire Onee-chan!!! LOL

Yui was just a good crack up. At first I honestly thought she was going to have to fill in someone else’s role and learn the lines in the last minute but NO! HAHAHA She has the qualities to be both a tree and a BUSH!!!  I also had to include a pic of Azunyan in her yukata!!! Makes me feel like wearing one now!! She looks so cute!!

*sigh* I kind of wish I got a Strawberry Panic scene…the famous episode where Shizuma and Nagisa played Carmen and Don Jose. As cheesy and unoriginal as it was, I LOVED IT!!!! If you haven’t watched Strawberry Panic then you must watch it!!! I think it’s about time we had a full blow yuri anime voiced by our favourite yuri seiyuu like Naba-chan, Mamiko, Shizuka…

I’m a bit behind with K-ON!! at the moment. I’m only up to episode 17. The problem with K-ON!! is that while it’s all sweet to watch, there is no suspense. I have no urge to watch the next episode unlike HOTD where I’m dying to find out what’s happening next or Occult Academy cos I’m DYING for it to become interesting. With K-ON!! I know what will be coming up. Not to worry though! I will catchup!! It’s too good to be missed. I’ve just been busy with work etc and I’m a little hooked on Detective Conan. hahahaha It’s available on Anime Online Database. I watched it when I was young so when I realised it’s available online I got a bit excited! hahaha Don’t expect much if you do decide to check it out!! LOL

Anyway, back to K-ON!!…hmm…what happens in these two episodes!?! I can barely remember!! Oh wait! In episode 15 they lose their club room so go about looking for a place to practice in prep for their school festival (I think this will be a highlight – I’m looking forward to that episode). Those guys get SERIOUSLY distracted and hardly do any practising!!! TSK TSK TSK!!!

In episode 16, Ui is SICK so poor Yui is a tad stressed out trying to look after her little imouto!!! Awwww!! I deliberately included the bottom middle pic!! HAHAHA Mio’s hugging a turtle plushie!!!! AWWWW!! Now I feel like buying one!! hahaha

Ok…I should start a bit of work…oops! it’s late already! hahaha I’ll have to leave it for tomorrow. ^_^

It’s not about the last samurai…it’s about the last M-OH-CHI (as Sapphire Onee-chan says it ^_^)!!!! HAHAHAHA It was a hilarious episode!!! I laughed SO MUCH on the last bit of the episode!

The K-ON! gang is faced with one of their biggest challenges yet!!! The school marathon!! hahaha Yui tries to make teru teru bozu to call on a shower but the sun shines high and bright!! TOO BAD!!! Off they start jogging. They try to jog at a beat and sing but Yui forgets the words!! hahaha I love how Ri-chan said “just say lululu when you forget”! hahahaha To be honest, why would you even jog and sing at the same time!!! I’d probably have an asthma attack!!! hahahaha

So Yui is struggling big time…until she realises some catastrophic news…she took one mochi from the school supplies so it must mean that they will be short on ONE!!! The last person to finish will not get a mochi!!!!! OMG!!!!  That’s enough to draw on that hidden strength!! hahaha this bit hear was just a HUGE crack up!!!! HAHAHAHA And to top it off we have a lovely dramatic but elegant finish from Mio that obviously just brings her BUCKETS of ATTENTION!!!! AHAHAHAHAHHA


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