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The blog is now closed and will not accept further access. I’m sorry for having to do this but I wish to keep this blog private. Thank you for understanding.

About over a year ago, I started a private  blog where the intention was to create a personal and safe space that allowed people to share their stories and experiences of friendship or love between girls. Kind of like a reality extension to the whole “yuri” focus of Yasashii sekai… Once in a while we also try to organise movie nights and chat in Skype at the same time but this is typically hard due to everyone’s commitments.

I’ve recently upgraded it so that access is no longer limited to 20 people. Let me know if you are interested in joining our current tight nit group over at “Just her & me

All I need is your wordpress username. If you currently don’t have a wordpress account then just go to WordPress and register for an account. You can register without creating a blog. There is that option. Let me know if you run into problems.

This is the post where I first launched this private blog. Hope people will be interested so that my upgrade does not go to waste!!! :)

About JH&M page

It is finally ready and your access has been given. Note, TWO people’s username did not work – please check and let me know what it should be!!

  • bignanime
  • Annica

Also, I want to remind people, please respect the choice I made to have this as a private blog. Details shared within are personal experiences. I hope I have made the right decision to trust this small group of people from across the globe. Thanks.

Now you can all charge in to the new blog!!

Sorry for making you guys wait!! I finally have an update for the new blog!! I think the launch date is getting close!!!!


To the regulars, as you probably know, I’m in the middle of setting up a new private blog – one where people can share their memories and experiences with friends. Given it will be a private blog, you will need to be a registered visitor. If you are already a WordPress user, then just email or leave a comment with your username. If you DON’T have a WordPress account, then notify me of your email and I will send you an invitation! You can either email me at yasashiisekai @ or just a leave a comment.

Also, if you want to have another nickname/pen-name in this blog, you will need to setup a new WordPress account. Each account only permits ONE nickname. Bloody hell…

Finally, as a private blog, the number of users is restricted to 35. I’ll keep this at it is. If it appears that there is much more interest, I will upgrade the account for unlimited users.

THANKS GUYS FOR ALL THE SUPPORT!! Looking forward to your emails!!

Guys!!! I have news to announce!! I am in the process of preparing a new blog! It will be titled…………hehehe I won’t say yet!!! ^_^ I think it’s a cute name though!! hehehehe

This idea has been in my mind since April but because of other commitments and me just gathering my thoughts, I have not posted about it till now. It’s final form is still a bit hazy but these are my ideas at the moment. I want to see what YOUR thoughts are. Also, there is a way for you all to take part in it too!

The blog is meant to be a way for me to remember happenings between my friend/s and I. Like a series of one-shots. Originally the intention was that everything in this blog be factual but I think I may dabble in a bit of fiction – don’t know yet. Even if there is no fiction, I do not doubt that some incidents will be somewhat sensationalised by the writing. To make it more interesting, I want participation from others too. For example, in the past, some of you have shared their experiences too. Like SmaL, Nerei, Jessy, NatShiz  and E. At the start, people can submit their posts to me and I’ll put them up. If you become a regular poster, you could even become an “author”. How does that sound?

There’s also that bunch of you who say, “OMG! We’re SOOO similar!…I’ve had similar experiences too!!” etc etc So why not share that with us?? From my memory, there’s Garden and ikon. Sorry if I’ve missed any others. 

Anyway, what are ur thoughts? Is this something that you will be interested in reading/writing? Also, to avoid the actual person in the story seeing this, I think this blog will have to be made private. Not exactly sure how that works but I think you need to register first etc. Does that give us a bit more comfort?

Guys!! Let me know what you THINK!!!

Given all the yuri anime that I’ve been going on about lately, I thought it’s about time, I posted about S again.

She normally has an expresso while I’ll get a skim latte.

She was away the other day and instead of a latte I got an expresso. Why? I’m sure you can work it out.

Days later she found out that I had an expresso…

“Aaaaw…missed me that much?”

“……No! I just wanted an expresso!”

If this was in an anime, this would be an ultimate *BLUSH* scene!! It was embarrassing at the time but thinking back, it kind of makes me smile. : )

Sorry to bore you with this kind of crap.

Just a short update about S and me.

I’m about to go on a short trip. People have been asking whether I’m excited and all but I’m not. Though the amount of work I have to clear out may be an issue, I think I know what the real reason is. I won’t be able to see S while I’m away! >_< We won’t be having our coffee runs, lunches, dinners, silly chit chats, and just general hanging out time. Thinking about this honestly makes me a little sad. =( This feeling reminds me of a previous friendship where (let’s call her J) my friend left the country soon after our fight. *sigh* Clearly the feeling is not even a fraction of what I felt last time but there is some resemblance. It feels like the same kind of dullness but on opposite ends of the scale.

Anyway, it’s not like I can say that I’m not going now. I’ll just think of her during the trip, listen to the songs she lent me and drink her usual coffee! I’ll also buy her heaps of souvenirs and gifts!!! =)

*Hours after writing the above*

I couldn’t resist and sent her a SMS!! =P

Let’s call her S. She was a new addition to the department. My initial impression of her? Cold, serious, elegant and fairly quiet. I also recall her sighing every once in a while. Like something was constantly tiring her out. I wouldn’t quite describe her as pretty but she had clean features with a defined face. I’d say she was relatively cool and elegant. Still attractive but in another way.

It’s now a nice couple of months down the track and we are very good friends. Coffee buddies, shopping buddies, dinner buddies etc! There’s also plenty of SMS-ing going on about random things.

Oh! Guess what I saw?… OMG I just bought a pair of heels!!… This dinner is really boring. I wish I could go… 

We always have a lot of fun and constantly end up giggling to no end. Then one day, something happened that made me think twice about our friendship.

I was at dinner with other friends and was replying to her SMS (which was probably my 4th SMS by now since we left work about 2 or 3 hrs ago) when my friend teases me as to who I’m texting and tries to look. Without thinking, I slammed my phone shut immediately. Even my own reaction caught myself by surprise! That obviously caused a few raised brows and I tried to explain that it was just a friend. I basically sounded very suspicious. I’m sure I had a look of awkwardness on my face. The strange thing about my response was that my friend knows this girl! I could have easily said, “It’s S”. Hmm…but why didn’t I say that?

A few points describing us:

  • From the moment I leave work, I feel like sending her a SMS.
  • After sending an SMS, I will eye on the phone regularly in hope of a reply soon.
  • I look forward to work because I will get to see her – to the extent that I still want to go to work if I was sick.
  • If I had the choice, I would want to see her all the time.
  • I’d choose time with her over anyone else.

Is the above normal? I used to think it was until incidents of my last friendship like this were found in the story line of Girl Friends. Maybe it’s not?

So my question to you is:

Is she just a very good friend or is there something more?


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