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come_back_to_meUtada released her new 2nd English album on 23 March, ‘This is the One’. It’s doing well on iTunes and is reported as being the first Japanese musician to have an album in the top 20 list on iTunes! Way to go!!!

Being a fan (not a true one but I’ll explain later), a quick listen was all it took for me to pick up the CD. :) To be honest, I don’t actually like her voice very much. She strains it too much on the high notes and it just gets all airy/scratchy! Eeeek!! LOL but then with songs like First Love and Prisoner of Love, how can I NOT turn a blind eye?!?! I went completely crazy over both dramas and soundtracks. Haha

Nway, back to her new CD…

This CD brings to us strong beats (I LOOOOVE BEATS!!) with a blend of hip hop/R&B/pop all thrown in. I actually quite liked the CD even on the first listen but there are some shortfalls…English lyrics?!? Haha I can’t help but be distracted by the lyrics/names!?!? They’re a bit cheesy/corny etc. I’d enjoy it more if it was in Japanese!!! Haha

Chemistry like apple and cinnamon…dirty desire…girls you know we have it better than the boys…I just want to dance the night away…cos the sex was so good and your talk was so smooth…

That stuff aside, the overall the CD is worth checking out – these tracks in particular…

* Come Back to Me (IMEEM)

* Merry Christmas Mr. Lawrence (youtube)- weird name but I LOOOOOOOVE the beginning of this track. Kicks off with some strings then out comes the beats and bass!! Yeah! First 30 seconds of the track is GREAT! Must check out!

* This One (Crying Like a Child) (youtube)

Let me know what you think! If you can push aside the cheesy lyrics and the slight strain in her voice, I’d say you’ll enjoy this album. =)


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