Every few months I am impressed by hashihime’s summary of the upcoming animes for the season!! Thank you hashihime!! You save us all so much time! Really appreciate it!!

Below are what I will be trying to watch in order of my interest!!

(a) Kuragehime

Start date: 14 October

A josei comedy!! FINALLY!! I have been in a yuri anime drought for FAR TOO LONG!!! Can’t wait to watch this! It’s about a couple that stays in an apartment full of fujoshi!! Female otakus!! haha Remember Yasuko in Aoi Hana? One of her sisters were a fujoshi!! ^_^ Oh and one BIG bonus to throw in!! Guess who’s a seiyuu here!?! MAMIKO NOTO!!! She’s not the main voice but I don’t care!! I haven’t heard her voice in ages!! Btw, her character’s name is “Jiji-sama”! hehehehehe

(b) Otome Youkai Zakuro

Start date: 4 October

The story here is not so captivating…it’s about an alternate world in the Meiji period where there are female youkai that live alongside humans. These female youkai team up with the lieutenants to fight against youkai wrongdoers. The attraction to this anime is in the SEIYUU cast!! Hold your breath! There is Mai Nakahara (I’m not a real fan of hers but I liked her as Nagisa in SP!! *SQUEEAL*), Aki Toyosaki (Yui from K-ON!) and Yui Horie!!! Love all three but especially Yui!!! ^_^

(c) Psychic Detective Yakumo

Start date: 3 October

Detective mystery and supernatural!! That sounds like my kind of show!! It’s a Beetrain production and is about a detective who can see the spirits. hahaha But even better is that there is SEI from Marimite!!! That’s right! This shows starts Megumi Toyoguchi!! She’s disappeared for a while at least to me. It’s nice to hear her voice again. I wonder whether her voice here will be anything like Sei’s!?! Awwww If only!!

(d) Hyakka Ryouran Samurai Girls

Start date: 3 October

I’ve said enough about this one here!! I honestly don’t think I will last to the end for this one but I will be watching another episode or 2 to give it another try…

(e) To Aru Kagaku no Railgun OVA

Just an OVA on the 29 October following the anime series from a little while ago!! I’ll definitely be watching this one!! Which reminds me…I didn’t actually finish the series…oops!!

(f) Super Robot Taisen OG: The Inspector

Start date: 1 October

This is a full blast mecha show!! I don’t usually watch these but apparently this one has been drawing a lot of attention from mecha fans and response so far has been pretty good. Oh and as a kid I was actually a fan of mecha anime!! hahaha So I figured I will watch this one just for old times sake!! hahaha I have a feeling I’ll enjoy it but I left it last on the list. In terms of seiyuu I can only recognise Kaori Shimizu!! She was Noriko in Marimite!!! Awwww!! Maybe I should move this back near the top of the list!!! hahaha