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ss-cuteI am writing about it! Yes! Oh dear…I am tainting my yuri blog! haha Well I figured it was worth writing based on ONE thing – well maybe two. =P I must admit that I found this shot quite amusing. It is one of the rare funny moments in the anime…then off they throw us back into ‘Shoujo Sect’ reality! Hahaha If you’ve watched the anime then you should know what comes next…the ‘evil twins’!

Nway, I’m not a fan of this anime and had been drawn in by the rave I read in forums – it was also my first hentai anime so throw in some curiosity! I even checked the manga out to compare it to the anime. Tossing between the two, I think the manga is better – I can deal with it more but the main reason is because I think the drawings near the end were quite breathtaking…something that the anime couldn’t deliver. Or maybe I was just expecting a trashy ending…so was pleasantly surprised.

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Thanks to Person A, they have notified me that 3rd period of Shoujo Sect has been subbed!! The torrent is available here.

Edit: Actually Person A has also tracked down a subbed version of 2nd Period! Thanks to Dynasty Scans we have SUBS! YAY! You can download it here!

@Person A: I’m seeing the subs fine for 3rd Period…but I haven’t watched thru the entire video…



Status: Still running

Genre: yuri, shoujo-ai, high school

Published:  2007 by Morinaga Milk

Impression so far: Nice art and character designs, very cute and a truckload of ‘blush’ moments – I like!! ^_^

Okazu’s words: “blushy-cheeked sweetness, service and Yuri”, “Mari who is quite gay. Akko *might* be, but Mari? Definitely.” (see review)

Where available: MakiMaki Scanlations


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shoujo-sect-aSo I’ve heard many complaints about the inappropriateness of the music used in Shoujo Sect. At first I didn’t notice it but soon enough this thought came across:

“Why the heck are they playing classical music in the background?!”

It’s a bit weird to say the least!!! LOL

BUT, there was one track that caught my attention – even from 1st Period…it’s the ending theme song! It has quite a sweet uplifting and slightly romantic character to it. I particularly thought it was well suited when I heard it at the end of 3rd Period.  haha Who would have thought that I might like a background track from a yuri hentai anime!! HAHA

It’s currently on repeat on my ipod! Enjoy! You can also download it here.

p.s. Btw, who recognises where the above scene is from?! ^_^ It’s pretty obvious!

One final question, does anyone know of other anime/manga like Shoujo Sect? I’m generally not in hentai but I could handle this one! LOL *runs off and hides* hahaha

shoujo-sectFINALLY! The TORRENT is available! I’ve been waiting for so long since the release date on 25th November?! I’m not the biggest fan of Shoujo Sect but I want to see Momoko and Shinobu reconcile. ^_^

I still don’t know why it hasn’t popped up at Tokyo Toshokan. Anyway, thanks to Lolispotting, we now have the torrent for the 3rd Period! You can download it here. Just make sure you change the ending of the file from .doc to .torrent. WordPress does not allow the uploading of torrent files.

Edit: I’ve noticed this post attracting a lot of viewers. Just to let you guys know that I’ve also uploaded the ending theme song on another post. I really like it! Enjoy!! =D

For those interested, the torrent for the raw of episode 2 is available here.


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