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I finally got around to watching the last two episodes of Hard to Say I Love You!!

Warning: Spoilers ahead!!

So at the end of episode, I was adamant that Rinda was gone for good, but guess what!?! He survives!!! FOR ONE more episode and then he karks it. I don’t mean to sound unsympathetic but if you make him survive then don’t kill him off shortly afterwards!?! Aaaaaah!!! Scriptwriter-san is irritating me here!! She cheats of us our tears in episode 9 when he dies and repeats it again. *sigh* And I fell for it.

Particularly in the scenes where each of the characters are reading the message that Rinda left them…that was when my tears refused to stay still in my eyes and decided to overflow…those were sad moments clearly, but it was sad to me because it made me think what it would be like to lose someone close to me. Anyway, let’s move away from such a heavy topic.

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This is a CRAZY drama!!! ::CRIIIIIES:: We finally find out who’s blood it is that is seeping through under the door. Call me slow but I didn’t see it coming and the result was unexpected – at least for me.

Starting at the beginning of the episode, we can feel that Nakaji’s feelings for Haru is growing stronger day by day. The longing look in his eyes…the playing with the sparklers…and the sparklers touching to add dramatic effect…was all quite of moving. You kind of want to just say, “DAMN IT!! JUST BLURT IT OUT!!!!” or “JUST KISS HER!!!”. Haru on the otherhand seems to be off in her own little world – neither Doctor or Nakaji’s. To be honest, I don’t find her character very appealing. Hmmm…

Moving on…the climax to the story so far must be the death of Rinda. Did he really have to die? I didn’t want him to die!!! When he was about to lean on Nakaji I was literally screaming “Don’t do it!!! You’ll regret it!!!” I could just imagine Nakaji’s face if he woke up in the middle of that – and he did. The scene with Rinda calling Nakaji tightened the space around my chest. I was half relieved that Nakaji did not just run off and could say without hesitation that he doesn’t think Rinda is repulsive. Even at that moment, I kind of thought he said it without genuinely meaning it…all the way even up to when he is finding it hard to focus taking the photos. The part that was most painful to watch was seeing Rinda take the knife out. I could barely watch the next 10 minutes of the show.

If only there was someone that could break into his enclosed heart – tell him that he is still respected and accepted as Rinda, the onii-chan that looks out for the gang – even if the one he loves is a man. Coming out is no doubt a challenge for everyone but there is no need to think of the idea is repulsive. That has never crossed my mind. As long as you’re not hurting others and the feelings are genuine then I don’t see what is the problem. Coming out is one issue and accepting yourself for who you are is another. There’s no need to drive yourself into a dead end. There’s always another path to take – you just need to find it.

When one door closes another door opens; but we so often look so long and so regretfully upon the closed door, that we do not see the ones which open for us ~ Alexander Graham Bell

If you’re going through hell, keep going ~ Winston Churchill

What the heck is wrong with this drama?!? It’s becoming a love pentagon!!! O_O

  1. Nakaji
  2. Rinda
  3. Peach
  4. Haru
  5. Doctor

This is getting way too complicated and the scriptwriter has intertwined misunderstandings here and there. Frustrating!!

So off the back of episode 6, just when we had questions of whether Haru will cheat on Doctor and my instincts were right!! She is trying to put her heart into her relationship with Doctor (the fact she has to try is kind of wrong) and I was quite touched at what she said to Doctor – how he has been the one that has appreciated her the most thus far. I’m also glad Doctor was honest about his lie!!! So wrong!!! I would have been angrier had I been Haru. Doctor was also annoying me a bit at the beginning – I can’t stand However, ultimately I don’t feel like this relationship is ideal at all as it isn’t based on mutual genuine feelings for each other. Having said that, i’m not saying that it won’t “work” – people get together for various reasons in reality but given this is a TV drama, you would hope that they’d give us somethng more satisfying!!! Anyway, Nakaji and Haru were kind of messed up already to start with but then add Peach to the mix and it’s really starting to give me a headache!!! Thank god Nakaji and Peach didn’t sleep together at the end of episode 7!!! I was like “Nooooooo!!!”!! Btw I give a little bit of credit to Peach for asking Haru whether it was really ok for her to fall in love with Nakaji.

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So, Sapphire-oneechan and I were discussing whether Haru will cheat on Doctor. My initial reaction was no (maybe it’s because we’re talking about Juri here!!) but then on further thinking, what she is doing is very much treading on cheating. She and Nakaji has agreed to keep quiet that the two had gone to the zoo. BAD MOVE!!! If this had not happened and they were open and honest about this then to me they would still very much be on the “just friends” side of the fence. I agree with Sapphire-oneechan that she’s very much on the verge, if not already, emotionally cheating on Doctor.

So back to my question, my definition for cheat in the context of this post is cheating in a physical sense – even just a kiss. So who thinks she will cheat? And do you agree she’s already having an emotional affair (sounds a tad harsh…)?

Depending on how much interest this draws, I might throw in a prize!! hahaha I might have to randomly draw on the group of people who gets this right. How about the single for the main theme? I loooooove that song!!!

*sigh* Haru made a BAAAAAAAD decision!! She cannot force herself to like someone just because they saved her life! Especially if she’s still harbouring strong feelings for Nakaji!!! Aaaaaah!! But then it’s never that easy in reality. Doctor is very cute!! When she asked how come he was so silly in just grabbing the knife, he says:

That’s because I was only thinking of you

Awwww!! I don’t want this poor guy to be hurt but I must admit that I’m rooting for Haru x Nakaji. I’ll explain myself a bit more later. I also went “awwww” again when he was going to dash out to buy canned tuna for the hot pot but deliberately went back to Haru and said to her (his eyes looking straight at hers):

I’ll be back soon.

His pure feelings for Haru is all warm and fuzzy!!! If only she could return the feelings…

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Ok so Nakaji was such @RSE in episode 3!!! (sorry guys I’m playing catchup here!!!) But it turns out that he was intending to go back and check on Haru. Too bad!!! Doctor was already there with his bunch of tulips!!! (love tulips btw!! So pretty!!) Perfect or bad timing – you decide. Poor Haru – it doesn’t stop her from still holding feelings for Nakaji. Oh and we are now 101% sure that Linda is definitely GAY!!! And we see it more in episode 5!!! X_X OMG!! Can’t believe he did that!!!! AAAAAAAAAH!!!! *erase memory from mind* His feelings for Nakaji is almost too intense for me to handle.

In episode 5, things really stepped up! Before I cut straight to the exciting bit, let me just mention that I thought Doctor’s little sister was so cute to come find her brother!!! hahahaha Throwing a little tantrum too!! ^_^ Haru also looked quite pretty with her hair tired up in the black jacket with white detail. Last bit of the episode was where my heartbeat started to quicken. I was like, “OMG!! Who’s going to find her first!?!?!” For some reason I was expecting Nakaji to make it there first but…I also almost lost my voice when Doctor stepped up and held that knife! I was like “AAAAAAAAAAAAH!!! >_<” *COVERS EYES*

Must say that Doctor really tried his very best to protect Haru. Full marks for that. At first I did think that Haru was a bit stupid to follow the boys up to the rooftop but at the same time I admired her courage (albeit maybe not the smartest execution ever) to protect her students out of the goodness of her heart. A bit stupid but admirable to some degree.

Can’t wait to watch episode 6!! The guys over at D-Addicts are constantly discussing this – if you are interested, go check them out!! I don’t have time otherwise I’d be over there!!!

Everyone!! slashedsilver@LJ is working on identifying and putting together all the music that was used in the current jdrama, “Hard to Say I Love You // Sunao ni Narenakute”. If you identify any of the tracks, please let her know!!! Much appreciated!!!


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