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The new drama season in Japan has started! YAY! Check this spot out for the latest rundown of what’s being subbed or not! What’s the point of a great drama (like Last Friends) if it isn’t subbed, right?

Now for the ones that catch my eye:

ヴォイス Voice


Genre: Medical + drama

Actors: Eita (yay!!), Satomi Ishihara

Broadcast date: 12 January

Fansub groups: GiriGiri (soft), TimeLesSub (hard)

EITA!! YAY!! One of my favourite Japanese actors! Can’t wait to see more of him! He plays one of the five medical students who are studying forensic pathology. His character is bright and is known for his great perceptive skills and strong intuition. Together, the students work through various mysteries. Another point worth noting is that the screenwriter is Shigeki Kaneko who was also responsible for Proposal Daisakusen.

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il-ostI forgot to mention in my previous post that the background music so far is relatively impressive. Very moving, use of strings but a tad too sad.

The composer here is 菅野祐悟 Yugo Kanno. You may find the name familiar as he has done quite a few piece of works – such as Galileo, Attention Please, Engine, Hotaru no Hikaru, Sapuri, Haken no Hinkaku and Last Christmas. To me, his a bit of mixed bag. Let me explain.

In most of the above dramas, there were probably a handful of tracks that caught my attention but none where I fell head over heels for.

At this stage I think there’s potential to the Innocent Love OST but will need to wait and see. It will be available for sale on 3 December. In the meantime, you can preview the tracks at the official site!

For those trying to get their hands on the theme song, Eternally ~ Drama Mix, you can download it here. Thanks to whoever it was that uploaded it! Do we know where we can get an official copy? At this stage, there are no plans to release a CD.

P.S. Also, just a gentle reminder that Period 3 of Shoujo Sect will be out on 25 November!! Only days to go! I’m looking forward to the ending! ^_^


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