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Two new pictures dedicated to Matsuri! Mamiko Noto is becoming one of my favourite seiyus! I’m hunting down all her works! haha Still very amateur-ish. Next time I will use widescreen though…^_^

No words can describe this...

No words can describe this...

Ok, so I didn't have any churches...

Okay – here is the answer! The images posted were also shown in the 5th OVA of Season 3 Maria-sama ga Miteru! hahaha Crazy, eh!? Maybe I should make a prize next time…

A amazing ceiling on the way to the Sistine Chapel…









Michaelangelo’s famous work – The Last Judgment







Vatican City







Spanish Steps







Trevi Fountain







There were actually many other shots but don’t want to bore you…coming up, I plan to start watching Strawberry Marshmallow aka Ichigo Mashimaro. Any other better suggestions, feel free to let me know!!

Ciao! hahaha

Hmm…on a serious note, I was scanning the final look of this post before publishing and I just realised the quality of the art in Marimite! They’ve done pretty well in drawing these famous landmarks! *thumbs up* Can’t wait for season 4!! I’m still waiting for my Season DVD box set…hopefully I’ll get it before this weekend!!

On my recent trip, I made a visit to the Vatican Museum where there was the Sistine Chapel. Guess what I saw??  The infamous work – The Creation of Man. Though it is commonly known as a masterpiece of Michaelangelo’s, my interest in it stems from the Japanese drama – 魔女の条件 Terms for a Witch! hahaha I think real appreciaters of art will grab a stick and knock me on the head if they saw me say this!! hahaha

In any case, my friend and I secretly took a picture of the artwork, despite the risk of getting reprimanded! LOL My friend took a pretty good shot! My hat off to her! When I get home, I’ll try to find a scene from the drama with the artwork….hehe

Just a quick background on Majo no Joken – it’s one of my favourite japanese dramas but it’s not for the faint hearted! It’s an old piece of work broadcasted in 1999 starring Nanako Matsushima and Hideaki Takizawa – *TICK* – at least there are pretty faces to watch!

Moving onto the story – it centres on Michi (Nanako), a 26 year old high school teacher who is a bit lost as to what she should do with her life. She has a weak character, always following what her father wants her to do and conforming to the usual norms and expectations imposed by society. The drama starts with her boyfriend proposing to her. It’s an awkward proposal, him jumping out of bed in the middle of the night – very NOT romantic…and odd. She is a bit stunned and shows little expression of happiness. She leaves his apartment and while waiting on the road side for a taxi, a motorbike comes along and almost crashes into her. The rider, Hikaru (Hideaki), and her both fall to the ground. They eventually both get up and after asking whether each is ok, Michi soon realises that she’s lost the engagement ring. Hikaru finds it on the pavement and hands it to her. At that moment, their eye meets…

I’ll leave the rest for you to find out. Needless to say, this is a drama that will revolve around the development of a love relationship between Michi (who is 26) and Hikaru (who is 17). Ok, so the age difference is quite significant but the overall drama is executed well. The aspect that I like is how Michi’s character changes after falling in love with Hikaru. She becomes a much stronger person. If you haven’t realised already, I like my female protagonists with well developed strong personalities! ahaha

The final extra touch to this drama is the THEME SONG! It is the amazing First Love by Utada Hikaru! It is a perfect fit to this drama – lyrics too. Soundtrack wise, it’s not that WOW – most of the background music are different variations of First Love so there’s a slight lack of creativity. Nevertheless it’s not bad! hahaha At least I’ve got it in my collection! ^_^

This one is worth watching! (as long as you don’t mind the teacher/student idea…) It averaged 21.5% in viewership ratings and peaked at 29.5% in the finale!! MUST SEE!!

Overall 9

I’ll try to add some pictures once I’m at home…check this one out…please!!

I have started to observe the different skies when I’m in different places. I’m even thinking about taking pictures of the skies in each country or city I visit! hahaha That sounds pretty cool. Well here’s my first attempt…they’re not that good but I’m just starting out now so please bear with me!! hahaha

The sky in London

Rome again...

The sky in Rome...

These are not that WOW but I tried…might invest in a photo editing program to magically “touch” up the photos! hahaha Ciao!


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