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Hi all!! Surprise!! I am back in ACTION! Well let’s see how long this lasts. I will try though. Work volume has dropped off a bit lately and I’ve had time to watch some movies on my “list”. *GRIN* Since I’m a bit gah gah over “Bloomington” at the moment, I figured it was a chance to start writing again.


This movie first caught my attention when it was released in 2010 but I’m personally not a huge fan of student / teacher stories PLUS I must admit that I didn’t find Sarah Stouffer particularly “WOW” so hence it never went anywhere. Finally, I watched it the other weekend. Oh and thank god the “student” here is actually of adult age.

A quick rundown for those who have not watched this. Jackie moves to other side of the United States to attend college. She was a child actress of a sci-fi TV show so she gets a bit teased at while at school. Within minutes of arriving there (yes this movie progresses VERY quickly), she catches sight of Professor Catherine Stark who teaches abnormal psychology…and I’m guessing you know where this all ends up. ^_^ Please refrain from reading ahead if you have not watched this.

Ok things I liked about this movie:

  • First up, Allison McAtee is H-O-T! She really throws off those sexy vibes in her power suits. Can’t blame Jackie for being attracted to her. I mean, who wouldn’t be!? Those dimples are so cute too. I am certain that I would have had 100% attendance if she was my teacher. HAHAHA
  • Sarah Stouffer grew on me. Yes she did look a bit young but I liked how their characters underwent some kind of reversion. Catherine began as someone confident, sexy and almost a bit manipulative (I mean she is a psych professor…) whilst Jackie was a little taken away and scared of the situation. Once the relationship got up and running, Catherine started to mellow and seemed almost vulnerable. She was eventually afraid of being hurt and decided to end the relationship with her own hands. On the otherhand, Jackie grew more confident and although she knows she is one of the many students that Stark has been with, she powers through to try and build a genuine relationship. She tried to understand the impact of her parents’ death and makes an effort to understand the paper that Stark is working on…and persist!
  • Some of my favourite scenes of Sarah included: the “library” scene when she says “did you just make that up?”; and the pre-flight check. The way she said “did you just make that up” at 1:12 just does something for me. *small swoon* Maybe it’s because she’s so WOWed by Stark’s brains?! Call me a nerd but that kind of chemistry works for me. :P As for the pre-flight check scene, the whole part looked so touching and sweet. A beautiful scene.
  • Finally it was the music. I have gone off and bought the CD of Ani Difranco! I love “Overlap” (guitar version) and 32 Flavors. I’m not usually into that kind of music (what do you even call it!?) but I felt like the choice of music was perfect for the movie. It provided the finishing touch.

Ok now enough getting all excited, I must admit this movie certainly has its flaws. The relationship between the two characters happened WAY too quickly. If we gave them another 10 minutes of film time and another 10 minutes on the transition in Stark’s character, the whole experience would have been much more fulfilling. I also found the need for them to sleep with another guy to be a bit distasteful. Ugh. I mean, can’t they just sleep with another woman!? *wishful thinking* It would have served the same purpose.


Anyway, any fans out there? I did ask a few friends on Twitter but not many people shared the same view as me!!! Boo!! :( Oh and I’m happy to hear criticism too. ^_^

P.S. More importantly, I have ordered the DVD. It’s on its way. YAY!!

The finale was finally released a good week ago. This is definitely no ordinary magical girls anime!! It is dark, kind of depressed and I find it at times devastating. Devastating in that once you accept to being a magical girl, the granting of the wish is like a curse in itself where there is no way out. Forever they fight and the moment they give up, they turn into a witch. The wish disguised as a curse is made apparent in the design of the witches. I remember vividly that with Sayaka’s wish was for that boy to be able to play his violin again and in her witch form, there were countless shadows of musicians/violinists playing. I felt that all the witches were all fearful and terrifying.

Onto the ending, I was at first very confused but I got a bit better understanding from reading Wiki!! haha Gotta love that online source!!! It’s not ideal but is probably the best it can be?? Do you reckon so too?

In any case, I have been amazed by the music here. I’m definitely buying the OST which is said to be out on 25 May. A few clips from Youtube that I think are worth checking out. Overall an interesting and rollercoaster ride of an anime but I wouldn’t say it’s my favourite. It’s too dark but it is a quality anime no doubt.

Main theme

Sayaka’s Theme

Mami’s Theme

A brief recap on the last two episodes:

Mr. Evil with 2 red eyes (can’t remember his name) was a spirit and had been preying on the weak encouraging them to act on their evil desires buried deep within. We discovered finally why he has been hovering around Yakumo all this time. He wanted Yakumo to share the hatred and despair he felt so that he could take control of his physical body and become reincarnated. Luckily, Yakumo was not drawn to the dark side and Mr Evil’s plan did not succeed.

The final episode of this anime ended on a satisfying note with most of our questions answered. There was sadness no doubt with the death of Isshin hanging over us but everyone else was able to move forward in their lives with greater strength than they had at the beginning of the story. I felt that this anime was well made and the emotional OST added the perfect touch. I was so emotionally drawn in the latter half that I went out to buy the OST. The music was amazing in expressing Yakumo’s pain and struggle and Isshin’s words of wisdom. Below are some of my favourite tracks. I would highly recommend this OST but having said that, the CD has a total of 41 tracks and I’ll probably only listen to at most 10.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this anime. Your thoughts? Also, does anyone know whether the manga is ongoing? Any chance of a season 2??

Calm Flower

Band of Fate

In Despair

Ending theme song ~ Missing you

OMG!!! OMG!!! Joe Hisaishi is in TOWN!! At least mine!!! hahaha It was announced that he will be holding an Asian tour starting in November leaving his trail of wonderous music in Taiwan, China, Hong Kong and Japan!!! I can’t wait! I am SOOOOO going to his concert! I have already set a reminder in my iphone to remind me to go buy them!!! I will get myself some nice tickets!!!!! Who’s into this!?! I’m sorry to my fellow Singaporeans…he’s not stopping by… :(

For those who don’t know (which I hope aren’t many), he’s the amazing person behind music that blew you away in Spirited Away, Princess Mononoke, Totoro, Castle in the Sky, Nausicca…all the Ghibli productions and a whole heap of movies too like Departures. His music never fails to blow me away…That’s it!! I will work with his music in the background!!! *BEAM*

Everyone!! slashedsilver@LJ is working on identifying and putting together all the music that was used in the current jdrama, “Hard to Say I Love You // Sunao ni Narenakute”. If you identify any of the tracks, please let her know!!! Much appreciated!!!

The theme songs in this season’s anime have really caught my attention so I thought I’d share it with you. Most of these are rip offs from the videos or previews freely available online. Enjoy!

Aoi Hana ~ 青い花 (OP) & センティフォリア (ED)

Also worth mentioning is that Erica has written a review on Aoi Hana over at AfterEllen! Go read it!! It’s a very sweet summary of the story. Like Katherine, I particularly  liked (was grinning as I was reading it) how Erica summed up the story as…

Sweet Blue Flowers is the story of a young woman who enters high school and comes to terms with her sexual orientation. A story that has been told a million times, but rarely with this sense of grace, beauty and strength.

To be honest, I think it sounds better than the manga itself. I’m hoping that the anime will amplify the flow of emotions between Fumi and Ah-chan. In the manga, I felt that it lacked a climax. Have to admit that the anime is looking VERY good so far. 

Canaan ~ Mind as Judgment (OP)

I think I’ve said enough in my last post of Canaan. All I can say is that I’m dying to watch episode 2!! Raws are out but not yet subbed…

Umineko no Naku Koro ni ~ 片翼の鳥 (OP)

I’ve watched episode 2 already (it’s been subbed). The anime is picking up pace and more than ONE person has already died! I’m a bit sad as one of the characters I liked has karked it. *disappointed* I will keep watching but won’t be blogging every episode. If you’re into mysteries, check this one out!

I converted the OP/ED YouTube clip into an audio file!! :p It’s on repeat on my iPod!! (^_^)V

Hope you like it!! I personally LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE IT!!!! How many times have I used this word on this anime!?!?! I’m going crazy…

Aoi Hana web2


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