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This one hell of a quirky enjoyable drama!! Comedy, detective, suspense and a team of colourful characters makes this jdrama well worth watching!!! hahahahaha

Here’s the teaser trailer (I can’t help but say that the girl in white is PWOAH!!! hahahaha):

So in the opening they look pretty damn cool, serious with a detective’s twinkle in the eyes but what about reality?!?

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Omg!!! This episode was…was…I’m lost for words!!! It was just FANTASTIC!!! Yuri to the max!!! Best of all, it did not just solely focus on Nodo-chan x Saki but was gave us some fair screen time for all our yuri pairs!!!! **BEAM** It felt like a perfect ending to a near perfect anime!! Okay, so it wasn’t mind blowing art or anything overly original, but hey! We all enjoyed it right?!! THAT’S what is important!!

Now let me go thru the key favourite parts…hehehe…onsen and yukatas??! Can you really go wrong?! hahaha I don’t think so!! ^_^

First up, seriously this pair, Miss Purple Hair (I think she’s called Yumi-chin) and Miss Stealth Mode, have REALLY skyrocketed on my yuri scale!! From outright not liking them to now talking about them in almost every post!! hahaha TOO cute!! “I wanted to go in with you, senpai…just the two of us…” AHAHAAHAHAHAHAHAHA ooooh blushing!!! KAwaii!!!

Saki Ep25a

Saki Ep25b

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Warning: Spoilers ahead!!

There must be…there must be…a SEASON TWO!!! I demand it!!! AAaaaaah!! They might as well kill us with that kind of ending!! But then I guess it COULD have been worst!!! *SHUTS EYES!! Don’t want to think what other crazy ideas they could have come up with!!*

This episode was overall a very serious one with a heavy emphasis on the emotions expressed by Maria towards Canaan.

I’m sorry, Canaan. I won’t be able to shine upon you…

I’m sorry. But I don’t want to be protected. I just want to be able to walk alongside you.

No matter where Canaan goes, she won’t walk alongside me.

Canaan Ep13a

Canaan on the otherhand…

She’s not dead. I know that.

When I first Maria, she was the only one shining in that gray and dull city.

No matter where I go, I can feel your kindness.

Canaan Ep13b

Though there is no question of the bond between Canaan and Maria but they do not end up together as the world in which they live in are too different.

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For all yuri fans out there, you HAVE to read this!! Lililicious has scanlated this!!! Luckily it’s been scanlated!! We would be missing out BIG TIME!!!!

This two volume work is very different from what I have read before. Although the two main characters are just high school students, their emotional development and the story goes way beyond the high school stories that we normally see in the yuri world. Here, there are no fancy tea parties, no onee-chans and no cute uniforms (though I find the ones here still quite pretty and elegant ^_^) but they bring to you much more intense themes such as suicide, emotional abuse and questions of self worth. It’s definitely not a light hearted read but it brings to the reader greater satisfaction in seeing the character development and emotional support they give to one another.

The style of the art is a bit harsh with sharp lines but it suits the dark themes. It’s definitely not my usual preference but overall, it is still fairly clean and simple and character designs are likeable.

You HAVE to check it out. One of my favourites at the moment.

okuribitoSurely by now you have probably heard of some amazing Japanese movie that swept up this year’s Best Foreign Film of the Year at the Academy Awards. You haven’t?! NO WORRIES! That’s what I’m here for! LOL

The movie is called Okuribito おくりびと, or more commonly known as Departures in the Western markets. I just watched it this week and decided it was DEFINITELY worth a post! Breathtaking would be an appropriate word. It’s also completely fresh. At first I was a little worried that it might be a bit slow and boring at parts (I find that jmovies are sometimes a hit or miss OR you need to be fully charged prior to watching it) but it wasn’t at all!! The story is a little odd but don’t be scared by it. Give it a go. It’s DEFINITELY worth checking out!!!

Japanese official website + Japanese trailer

The English version of the trailer is available here but I think the Japanese one presents a much more accurate picture of the movie.


Daigo (Motoki Masahiro) is a professional cellist in a small orchestra but just as he thought life was going well, he is told the group is disbanded. Along with his wife, he returns to his hometown in Yamagata and starts looking for a job. He makes way to NK Agent, a travel agency he guesses, as the ad had described itself as dealing with ‘departures’. No experience required. Good pay and short hours? Yep – sounds good.

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How should I describe the ending?!?! I guess it was as expected. Since I already knew beforehand where the red card was, everything else kind of naturally fell into place. Although there were no massive squeal moments, I still thoroughly enjoyed it. Touko looked so sweet here!! Just want to hug her tightly!! (which Yumi does!! hehe ^____^) More importantly, I think season 4 leaves open the possibility of some OVAs! haha Or it might be just me being overly hopeful.

My only complaints with this finale:

  • Did they have to spend so much on the train!?!? What a waste of precious time?!?! Take the damn bullet train!?! hahaha j/k
  • We never get to hear Touko call Yumi, “onee-chan”. =( I would have LOOOOOVED to see that!!!

So back to what actually happened…

First of all, YAY!!! Touko says the long awaited words “May I become your younger sister?” *SQUEAL/GASP* She was so cute here especially when she was waiting for Yumi’s reaction. The blush on her face!!! So subtle yet means so much!! I liked how we saw the difference in Yumi’s reaction to Sachiko asking her to stand up and Touko barging in with those words. With Sachiko, it was like “as expected, my onee-sama knows me best” but with Touko, her body responded to Touko before her mind could.

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How should I start? I think my title has it quite right. This drama has been a little tiring – with all the angst, slightly slow pace, bizarre characters and loads of twists & turns – it has been a long journey…

*Warning: There may be spoilers ahead!!*


Story 6

I approached the drama thinking it was going to be a typical Cinderella story – well wasn’t that how it was marketed? It was meant to be some tragic girl who meets her destined partner.

Reality was that the Cinderella story was only about 20% of the whole deal. The rest was made up of suspense, thriller and mystery. Amongst that, please remember to throw in the coma state fiancee who looks evil and eventually turns into a human snake that moves around at night! LOL Here are pictures to prove it! AHAHA



Ok, need to be a bit more serious. To sum it up, we have Maki who plays a girl that is burdened with the discrimination of a brother that is in gaol with the mark that he has killed their parents. We are told in this drama, that despite the developed society of Japan, people still hold much stigma to those whose life have been tainted by some crime. This angle of the story really drove me insane. However, Kanon does not give up and lives her life to the fullest, finding enjoyment and satisfaction in the littlest of things. 

Just when we think things have turned around for poor Kanon – she meets Junya and falls in love – more tragedy is revealed. To make matters worse, there’s a nosy reporter on the side and a jealous woman. Great!

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