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All I see in this season’s anime is MOE MOE and MORE MOE!!! Can we seriously get some older girls on screen next time round!?! Here’s my list…I miss my yuri!!! :(


A pretty much unknown seiyuu cast but since it’s said to contain yuri, it will be top on my list!!! It’s MOE though…*Sigh* What happened to the good old Marimite days!?!! *CRIES*

Ikoku Meiro no Croisee

MOE MOE MOE!!! ARGH!!! Despite the moe, it’s on my list as the animation looks amazing!! It tops Gosick’s animation with a lot of it set in Paris. Plus there is Yuuki Aoi!

No. 6

The story takes place an Ideal City “NO.6” in 2013. Shion was judged as having “highest-ranked intelligence” when he was two years old and was allowed to live in a luxurious area “Cronos”. On his twelfth birthday, he met a beautiful boy “Nezumi”, who had escaped from a reformatory. Shion protected him but the Public Security Bureau deprived Shion of all the privileges and expelled him from Cronos to “Lost Town”. Four years after the banishment, a mysterious accident leads Shion to the secret of the city NO.6.

This has caught my eye because of the story and the art.


Nana Mizuki!!! I miss her!!! Also throw in vampires and some decent animation and I’m definitely willing to give this a shot.

Mayo Chiki

This is simple romantic comedy with a slight twist! A girl at school has a butler who turns out to be a girl! I like the butler. She looks cute and feisty too!!! hehehe Usually I’m not into gender bending but this one looks like it has potential as a good mainstream comedy.

Rin is sent to the True Cross Academy where by day, it appears to be some fancy school but it is also in the shadows where the teachings of being an exorcist is held. Rin though Yukio had no idea about their father’s role as an exorcist and how he is Satan’s son but it turns out the opposite. Rin had spiritually wounded Yukio as a kid and as a result, since the age of 7 he had known the truth. He became an official exorcist two years ago and is now Rin’s sensei!! Ha!

I am glad that the two reconcile in this episode. I try to be sympathetic towards Rin but his outbursts are getting on my nerves!! I wish someone would just tame him! I feel like I’m watching something along the lines of Harry Potter. hehehe You know? True Cross Academy is like Hogwarts??? HAHAHA!!

Warning: Spoilers ahead!!

Following on from episode 2, Rin finds out more about his past. Yukio was also expected to inherit Satan’s powers but it was rejected due to his weak body. Rin is tortured Father Fujimoto manages to take Rin back to the church but despite the Exorcists efforts to hold back the demons they break through. Just as we thought the fighting was over, Fujimoto is taken over by Satan and all hell breaks loose (literally!). The Gate of Gehenna is opened and Satan is dragging in Rin. Luckily Fujimoto awakens and kills himself to break away from Satan. To prevent Fujimoto’s dead body from slipping into the depths of hell, Rin pulls out the sword and closes the gate. It’s too late. Fujimoto is dead but in his last words, he still called Rin his son. *sob*

Rin calls a telephone number that Fujimoto had asked him to call – that it was his friend who would help him. The friend turns out to be Mephisto from the True Cross Knight Order. Apparently he has been given the order to kill Rin as he was considered too dangerous to be left on Earth. Rin demands that he is made an Exorcist. An idea that Mephisto finds entertaining so he decides to change his mind!

Hmm…Mephisto looks devil-ish to me. We’ll see whether he’s really a good or bad person. I’m still very entertained by this anime! Go check it out!!!

When I first watched the trailer I thought this was going to be pretty hard core and a tad too dark for me. It very much reminded me of Keanu Reeve’s Constantine which is one of my favourite movies!!! It’s definitely not for the feint hearted but it’s REALLy good!! It helps that I’m a die hard Keanu Reeves fan!! ^_^

Anyway back onto Ao no Exorcist, episode 1 is actually much more light hearted than how it is portrayed in the trailer. Rin is 15 yr old and his father is a priest (a pretty cool one). He doesn’t seem to have much luck in his studies or even at work which compares somewhat harshly to his twin brother who is like his complete opposite. One day he finds out that he is not human…I’m really liking this show! There are some “chibi” moments which brings out the light heartedness to balance out the story. The animation is top notch too!!! Definitely following this!!

A brief recap on the last two episodes:

Mr. Evil with 2 red eyes (can’t remember his name) was a spirit and had been preying on the weak encouraging them to act on their evil desires buried deep within. We discovered finally why he has been hovering around Yakumo all this time. He wanted Yakumo to share the hatred and despair he felt so that he could take control of his physical body and become reincarnated. Luckily, Yakumo was not drawn to the dark side and Mr Evil’s plan did not succeed.

The final episode of this anime ended on a satisfying note with most of our questions answered. There was sadness no doubt with the death of Isshin hanging over us but everyone else was able to move forward in their lives with greater strength than they had at the beginning of the story. I felt that this anime was well made and the emotional OST added the perfect touch. I was so emotionally drawn in the latter half that I went out to buy the OST. The music was amazing in expressing Yakumo’s pain and struggle and Isshin’s words of wisdom. Below are some of my favourite tracks. I would highly recommend this OST but having said that, the CD has a total of 41 tracks and I’ll probably only listen to at most 10.

I have thoroughly enjoyed this anime. Your thoughts? Also, does anyone know whether the manga is ongoing? Any chance of a season 2??

Calm Flower

Band of Fate

In Despair

Ending theme song ~ Missing you

We have finally reached the end of the show. :(

As expected, the Black Widow spirit was defeated eventually but only because Zakuro managed to wake up from her “hypnotized” state. The others were not powerful enough to take her down. DaiDai did not make it though and was killed by the Black Widow.

It was a happy ending but somewhat dissatisfying I thought. We do know that Zakuro and Agemaki KISSED but their relationship was still not 100% set in stone. Oh and Byakuroku and Omodaka did not die in the end and became a better person. I feel like there might be a season 2?? I wouldn’t mind!!

The gang successfully makes their way into the Village of Oracles with the help of Lord Um and A (something like that! I’m referring to the two stone Lions) but very conveniently, Agemaki is separated from the group! The lions mentioned something troubling them after they send them off but that it wasn’t evil!? Not sure what to make out of that! I wonder whether it will make sense in the end. It will annoy me a little if it just turns out to be some random comment. RAWR!!!

Riken & co makes it in time to stop Omodaka from “planting his seed”. Uh huh…yep you know what that means! PHEW!!! By the end of the episode…the gang has yet to save Zakuro…


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