HAHA Now THIS picture caught your attention, right?!?! ^_________^

Usually I do not take a liking in fan art as I’m quite picky particularly in terms of the quality of the art but this is a clear winner! Who does not agree?! Again, I don’t know who the creator of the picture is. If it is you and you do not wish to have it posted here, just let me know!

Mai-Otome was the first anime where I looked up for fan fiction. ShizNat is one of my favourite pairings! Hmm…I wonder why…I think it was the subtlety of their relationship in the anime AND I seem to have a soft spot for characters with dark blue hair!! (Think Sachiko here…) Plus, who cannot like Shizuru’s playful character? Reminds me of a feminised Sei from Marimite and Shizuma from SP!

Yuribou made some good fanfic recommendations on his post. It’s not a bad spot to start but I’ve sifted through and listed my favourites below!

  • The Little Things by Seravy – this is a series of 12 standalone short stories (and Seravy is still writing!). The reason I like it is because each chapter is a short story and they slip in at different points in time of the anime – like after the stolen underwear incident and the cake baking contest! haha It’s very light reading and captures the essence of the characters. Nothing naughty here!
  • All With Good Intentions by Kieli – this is a multi chapter story so not a short read but it’s good!!! It’s been a while since I last read it so I can’t remember the details but check it out!! Hehe
  • Calendar by Avy – this is another series of standalone short stories but these are all fiction with no reference to story in the anime. Some excerpts are only so so or skippable but some will definitely break a smile on your face! These are short so will take little brain power to digest. The key ones to check out…’Story 4: a shower’ is one of my favourites! haha Does the name give it away?! Other good ones are ‘Story 6: a call’ and ‘Story 10: a promise’. Once you read those, you’ll realise that I like fluff. Anything that’s too poetic and imaginary…my eyes just glazes over…