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Thank you Yurikai for this chapter!! Does anyone know whether there is more?! I remember reading that the mangaka is releasing extras?!!

Perfect timing!! Chapter 5 is out! Thank you Yurikai!!

Sorry guys! I’ve been out cold for almost two weeks! I’ve hardly looked at my Twitter (I think there was a bug in my app) and almost no posts! Apologies but my head is now clear and refreshed. Now let’s breathe back life into Yasashii sekai…!!!

I heard of this manga a while ago from Okazu and Yuri no Boke (beware! Her post has spoilers!!! X_X) but just never got around to it. Finally on my short plane trip a few weekends ago, I read the first four chapters which is kindly being scanlated by Yurikai! Thank you guys! Without you I would never had gotten to read this! I’m now going to try and hunt down a Chinese copy (if one exists) or buy the original cos I like it TOO much!!

Blue Friend is not a fluffy read. Sure, its setting is a school but it also has drama and “Beware!” signs all over it. Ayumu (the one with short hair) is a tall and athletic girl (the baseball star, in fact) who is easy going, friendly and a straight down simple person. I love her character! On the otherhand, Misuzu is like an ice maiden. Long flowing hair with perfect looks. She captures the heart of all the boys at school but shows no interest in them and tells them in a blunt fashion too. As a result, she is neither liked by the other girls who are jealous of her prettiness and claims she is stealing their boyfriends (uh, huh! Those girls need a good slap in my opinion!!). Ayumu being her friendly self sees this new student in her class and decides to approach her. They didn’t quite get along at first (Misuzu although attractive has a very blunt character and has no intention to make friends) but eventually the wall between them breaks. Gradually, Ayumu becomes Misuzu’s only and closest friend at school.

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