Mnemosyne is probably the most “out there” one for me amongst all the anime I’ve watched (which is not that many, I note). This one is dark, lots of blood, disturbing and some naked scenes. I can handle most of the elements except the disturbing part. The story is creative (I’ll elaborate later) but there are parts where I just go “you’re kidding” or “shit”. I would have been happy to stop after watching episode 1 (there are a total of 6 but they’re like 45 minutes long each) but the creativity of the story was rather fresh.

Warning: Some spoilers ahead (but just minor ones)!

The story focuses on Rin Asogi and her assistant Mimi. Together they run a detective agency where their tasks are often far from ordinary and investigating them tends to end up in getting killed or at least close. They both share a secret: they’re immortals. Basically they can’t die but they still endure all the pain. I honestly feel very sorry for Rin for the many times she ended up with gun and knive wounds etc. I liked her character (strong-willed and good at fighting) but thought she just got injured too often and too lethal every time. Mimi is skilled with hacking and anything computer related. She shares a strong bond with Rin and some light level of intimacy (main reason why I watched this – yuri!). Basically, each episode focuses on a case they investigate but they’re not quite standalones. Many years have also passed between each episode. Note that Rin and Mimi doesn’t change cos they’re immortals so they don’t age either.

Other reasons why I watched it – key reasons actually:

  • Rin Asogi is voiced by Mamiko Noto! That was the initial and main reason why I stuck to it. It was quite refreshing to see Mamiko doing such a different role! I was curious as to how she would handle it. I mean compare Rin here and Shimako from Marimite! Her voice was also markedly different from her usual though sometimes I could pick up a slight hint of her usual expression.
  • Mimi is Toko from Marimite! Voice actress is Rie Kugimiya. Hahaha Again the Marimite fan within me is playing up…hahaha Hey! It’s a long wait till January 09 when season 4 is out! Surely I need to satisfy my Marimite fandom is SOME form! haha
  • Hitomi Nabatame guest stars in episode 4 – only a so so episode but we get to hear Hitomi! Yay! Just to remind those who don’t know, she was Shizuma from SP and Erika from Marimite.

One interesting fact that I only found out at the end of the entire series was the familiarity of Apo’s voice (the villian of the story – a complete sadistic psycho – I wanted him dead once I saw him). I was thinking “geez, it sounds like Nagi from Mai-Hime/Otome! I looked it up and what do I see!!? Ta da! It’s no wonder I hated the character so much! (not that there was anything to like in the first place)

So here are my thoughts:

Story 5

As the story involves supernatural kind of ideas, it was initially hard to understand e.g. time spores (what the heck??) etc. Despite some holes in the story, I praise the creativity of it. However, I must say that I would have enjoyed it much more if there was less blood/gore and freakin Apo’s sadistic streak. Some ideas were good but just too disturbing or carried out too far. So on a personal level, I’d say this scores only a 5 or 6 for me. This anime is really for those who can stomach a lot of blood and torture (*shudder*). Must say, it’s not really for me.

Also, to me, given the many years Rin and Mimi have spent together, I would have liked to see a more closer relationship. I think this came out more near the end, particularly when they embrace each other in episode 6, but otherwise there’s not a whole lot. For example, I would have liked Mimi to show more concern about Rin’s injuries during the anime. Maybe just a tad more interaction between Rin and Mimi. This and if everything else was downplayed by a notch or two and there was the removal of the sadistic element, I think I’d rate this 8 or even a 9.

Characters 8

I’m only interested in three characters here – Rin, Mimi and Mishio. All were very cool and pretty to watch but there wasn’t much character development. Fair enough I guess given they did have to solve a case every episode! Like I said above, would have loved to see more Rin x Mimi time. Having Mimi around was good – at least she managed to bring in a few seconds of light-heartedness which this anime desperately needed…(yes she is a bit of an alcoholic…a keen vodka drinker…)

Mishio only came up in the last two episodes but she was very cool! Turns out the voice actress is Kaori Nazuka who played Yun from Simoun.

Music 1

There was some hard rock music that was decent, such as that used for the opening and ending sequences – but were not really my style. Sorry I like my strings and moving pieces…It’s hard to be touched when you see someone slashing up another. (-_-“)

Overall 6

I think this is the lowest score anime I have reviewed so far (ignoring Shattered Angels where it was so bad that I didn’t even bother scoring). It’s only a 6 because it’s not my type of anime – too disturbing for me to handle. The story was also rather complicated. They tried to tie all the ends together in the final episode but they just lost me. But I admit I wasn’t trying very hard to understand…Watch it at your own risk! Not for the faint hearted!