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mh-ost1You probably don’t recall but I mentioned in an earlier post that there was one music track in the anime that caught my attention – just one. The anime itself? Not interested. AT ALL! If you want a refresher of why then just visit my Maria Holic tag! haha

Anyway, because of this track (which I first heard in episode 2), I have been keeping an eye out on the OST. It was out a few days ago and I found the track!! The track itself is definitely not good enough for me to buy the CD but it’s worth checking out! Particularly for those who are following the anime and likes the music within!!

Have a listen! Enjoy! I think this will be my last post on Maria Holic! Ja-ne!


That’s it. I got to episode 3 and I decided halfway through that it’s not for me. I couldn’t stand:

  • The long solo ramblings by both Mariya and Kanako – give me a break. It generally works but not when you do it like 5 times in one episode… Your ears just tune out… @_@
  • Use of chibi characters to throw in little inserts – OVERKILL!
  • Nose-bleeds – they managed to fit in a few in every episode and toned down to just once in episode 3! Great! We’re getting there!
  • Complete silly storyline…alaria monster?! Ok – you’ve lost me!
  • Not a fan of bullying at ALL!

mh-ep3aThe only thing that caught my attention was when Mariya’s maid asked why s/he gave her such an expensive and sentimental item – why not just lend her the spare rosary? You kind of wonder whether there’s another reason for the move. Also, the note how both their rosaries look very alike…interesting…This bit was followed by a picture of both rosaries…quite nice…

But that’s about it. Yep – basically I’m going to lose this one! Who’s planning to follow it?

mh-look-goodEpisode 2 has been subbed. You can find it uploaded here. I’m a bit hesitant as I watch this one as I have heard disappointing comments and given I was sitting on the fence to start with…that doesn’t help.

Well let’s see how it goes…20 or so minutes later…

Okay, things that I didn’t like:

  • Too many nose bleeds!! I think there were like 3 or 4 bleeds in the first 10 minutes…*sigh* In this episode, Kanako also adds another 3 more cute girls to the list (and obviously almost every meeting meant another ‘nose bleed’ event…)

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mariaholic1Episode TWO of Maria Holic is OUT! Go find it at Tokyo Toshokan now!

The first time I saw this anime, I thought Matsuri (the maid) was the other protaganist in the series and it was only after watching episode 1 that I realised Kanako was the one being “tortured”. Why did they market it like that? Surely, doesn’t it make more sense for Kanako and Mariya to be on the cover shots?

I didn’t put more thought into this but after reading Erica’s review, I must agree that this anime is probably more suited to be marketed as  ‘anti-yuri’ than yuri.

It’ll be interesting to see how this all pans out and whether I end up liking it or not. At the moment, I’m kind of…*BLANK*

Are you guys liking this one? I’ll revert after I watch episode 2…

Warning: Possible spoilers ahead!

The beginning, with the narrator introducing Ame no Kisaki Academy, is very much like Marimite – though we all know that they’re just trying to fool us! The reality is that this will be one strange story!!

mh-ep1dNow this is my first impression based off episode 1 and 4 chapters of the manga (episode 1 basically ends at chapter 1). I wasn’t quite sure what to expect given the weird twist about a cross-dressing guy. 

To start with, I found it annoying how Kanako is SOOOO not subtle with her affection for other girls! For example, the numerous nosebleeds! I think she will turn anaemic very soon at the rate she’s going!! Plus she also seems to like every girl she meets. Ugh…it’s not very flattering for the character particularly when we’re only into episode 1. I’m afraid Kanako is not really to my liking.

mh-ep1cOn the otherhand Maria (though I know she’s really a ‘he’) is relatively more attractive. It might be because she resembles Erika from School Rumble who was one of my favourite characters. I also like Maria’s voice – it has a nasally touch – reminds me of Kaori Shimizu who voiced Noriko in Maria-sama. The seiyuu is Yū Kobayashi. I’m not familiar with her works except for her Shi-chan character in Candy Boy (*thumbs up*).

Anyway, back to Maria, so far, we only get a brief glimpse of his/her real side so can’t really pass judgment but there seems to be a reason behind his cross-dressing. I wonder what it is…hmm…

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Some of you have probably heard about this anime already – Maria†Holic. Hands up if you are going to watch it? hahaha I’m not so sure myself. The story is a bit…let’s just say…weird…LOL

Kanako (the one in the circle) is a new student to the all girls’ school. She has problems dealing with guys – upon touching them, she’ll break out with a skin rash. She’s attending the school in hoping to meet a true love. On the first day, she meets Maria-san (far right) who she falls in love with straight away. She thinks she looks pretty, cute and basically perfect. She is popular amongst the other students too. BUT Kanako soon finds out that she is actually a guy!! Not only does he cross-dresses but unlike his kind facade, his true character is actually much harsher – he has a sadistic streak in him.

This anime is based off the manga which is still ongoing having already gone through 3 volumes. You can check out the manga here.

The first episode was out on 26 December and has ALREADY been subbed!! There are some seriously amazing people out there! When I was first writing this draft, it was still just the raw that was available but by the time I finished, a subbed file was already uploaded!! All thanks to the subbing team!! You can watch Maria Holic Episode 1 here!

I haven’t decided whether I will follow this one. I think I will try out the manga first…anyone know much more about this anime? I don’t really know where the story is going to take us…


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