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I finished! All 26 episodes! It was a pleasant ending finishing the anime with a few heart warming moments. It was touching (and funny in some bits) to seeing the entire Gokujou Seitokai trying to break into the Jinguuji residence to see their President Kanade!



I think one of the funniest parts here was when the gang realised Cindy could speak fluent Japanese! haha The only reason why she doesn’t speak it is because her mum says it’s wrong! LOL Anyway, it was good to see the entire Council in action!


Story: 7

The good thing about Gokujou Seitokai is that it never tried to over achieve. Right from the start, it presented itself as a light-hearted enjoyable anime with a school setting. There’s no fancy bells or whistles – just about a group of girls who runs a girls’ school. With that mindset in mind, it’s hard to be overly disappointed. This anime won’t make it to my top favourites list but was nevertheless thoroughly enjoyable. From the story perspective, there is an even focus across all the characters. It’s not so much a Rino x Kanade story. More about the characters below…

Characters: 9

For me, most of the enjoyment was from the supporting cast! I’m probably biased but not only are they are likeable, but many are played by my favourite seiyu-s!! ahahha Fair enough to say that the voice actresses bumped up my score here! haha I think each was relatively unique and had their own role to play in the story. I particularly liked episode 22 – Gokujou Card Battle – LOL that one cracked me up!! haha It nicely summed up all the characters of each person. Honestly, I can’t even name just one or two favourites! I like almost all of them! Ok, I’ll try to list what I liked:

  • Kuon + Nanaho – a sprinkle of competition/friction between them but at the same time they seemed to understand each other very well…Aaah! Noriko (from Marimite) + Rokujo (from SP)! haha
  • Rein + Sayuri – nice close bond between the two – I think this is probably the only pair expressing any form of yuri…btw, Sayuri is Chikane from Kannazuki no Miko!
  • Kotoha + Izumi + Ayu + Seina – these I liked as standalone characters – I wish there was more of Seina, Kotoha and Ayu! Kotoha is Yumi from Marimite. Izumi was Chiyo from SP (neighbour of Aoi).
  • Kanade – her voice! Very much like the one she used for Shizuma in SP minus the playfulness…^_^

Music: 7

In the second half of the anime, the story did actually make some serious turns – which was good cos you can’t just sit through 26 episodes of random silliness (though some parts were pretty damn funny)!! There were a few pieces that I quite liked (as I mentioned in a previous post). I’ve uploaded another track onto IMEEM. Volume 2 is about to hop onto a plane and come to me!! haha

Overall: 8

If you want something relaxing to watch, this one’s not a bad choice! Oh and Pucchan didn’t annoy me half as much as I thought! Maybe because he’s quite a cheeky character?!

Ginga Kuon

Ooooh! I just discovered another reason to like Gokujou Seitokai!! I was tossing and turning thinking why the voice of Kuon Ginga (the Vice-President and oversees the Covert Squad) sounded familiar so I looked it up and what do I see?!?!?

Kaori Shimizu – notable roles:

Maria-sama ga miteru ~ Noriko Nijo

NO WONDER!! haha I should have noticed earlier! Noriko is one of my favourite characters (well no-one said favourites have to be limited to 1 or 2!! haha)!! She has a very distinctive voice – just slightly nasally. Anyway I like it!! I better have a closer look at all the other seiyuu-s!! There might be more surprises!

Just a quick post! Couldn’t resist when I found this out!! ^_^

Just to show the depth of this anime...^_^

Just to show the depth of this anime...^_^

If you don’t know already, I have a soft spot (let’s just say it’s a big one) for moving and emotional instrumental pieces. Particularly with strings! But then the piano works for me too! I would love to be able to play the violin! Anyway, because of this passion, I am a big fan of buying soundtracks. This is probably one of the key reasons why I like j-dramas and anime. The Japanese seriously put a lot of effort into the background music. Almost every drama is accompanied by a OST release. You might not realise but many HK movies/dramas and commercials actually use Japanese soundtracks. I think OST wise, I have over 50+ singles/albums? Not HEAPS cos bloody Jap CDs are expensive!

Anyway, back to Gokujou Seitokai, this is a light hearted anime so I didn’t have much expectations on the music side. Opening and ending theme songs are likeable enough but not sufficient to warrant a “add to basket” over at Yesasia! haha Well I was surprised! I think around episode 10, something caught my attention! Not the best piece ever but definitely a moving piece of work. Check them out! I’m now struggling to see whether I should buy it off YesAsia….. AAAhh!!

Gokujou Seitokai

Btw, just to let you know, I was mistaken, there’s hardly any yuri in this – just about a whole bunch of girls running a school. Presence of yuri – very weak…but still enjoyable!

My gosh – this anime is quite funny! I’m not rolling around grabbing tummy but I am slapping my thighs as I’m watching this! hahaha And my hands are HURTING!!! LOL (I’m actually up to ep 7) Just to give you a better feel of this anime…Unlike Marimite, where there was only the school newspaper club to dodge, here are there are few more! haha Oh and jealous admirers/stalkers!














This part cracked me up! haha With this anime, I’m actually finding the enjoyment on the supporting characters rather than the main leads – Rino and Kanade. Rino is honestly quite dumb – putting it plainly. 


Also, don’t you think her hair reminds you of the hobbits from Lord of the Rings??? hahaha Well it does to me!





That’s all for now! More funny parts to come!

I’m starting on a new anime today. I chose this one because it is yuri and it sounds similar to Marimite but with more humour (there’s an even bigger reason but I’ll cover that later). hehe I can’t wait for Season 4! In the meantime, I will need to distract myself with other things…Just a quick warning – don’t expect any outstanding storyline…I’m sure that as you read along you will find that it all sounds a bit familiar…

Plot: A new girl, Randou Rino, transfers to the Miyagami Academy where there is a student council body that is more powerful than the teachers. The council is headed by Jinguuji Kanade (long purple hair) who basically owns the school and is successor to the family conglomerate (Sachiko anyone?). The council is made up of three branches: (a) Assault Squad – equivalent to the “police”; (b) Covert Squad – the intelligence team; & (c) Vehicle squad – I think they look after the driving etc. Anyway, each member has their own special abilities, whether this be fighting or intelligence gathering.

 You can check out the opening here.


Another very very good reason to watch this are the voice actors!! OMG!! Guess who stars in this anime!?!? Now how often will you find all the below in ONE anime??

  • Jinguuji Kanade ~ Hitomi Nabatame ~ Shizuma in Strawberry Panic! Her voice is very similar here!! ^_^ Nice!
  • Kinjo Nanaho ~ Junko Noda ~ Miyuuki in Strawberry Panic!
  • Hida Sayuri ~ Ayako Kawasumi ~ Chikane from Kannazuki no Miko – GREAT!!
  • Kutsugi Kotoha ~ Kana Ueda ~ Yumi from Marimite

What I think so far?

I’ve only watched 2 episodes of the 26 so can’t say too much but pretty good so far! Rino is always carrying around a puppet which I thought would really annoy me but not yet! It’s fairly light-hearted and kind of funny! I’m going to continue watching it – will write up another update later! One thing I’m a bit disappointed about is Jinguuji! I wish she was prettier – the face and the hair just lacks the WOW factor for me…on the otherhand, the other characters look pretty good…more to come!


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