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Warning: Spoilers up ahead!!!

I forgot about this anime until Katherine blogged about it. I saw her review – it was BAD!! It got me curious as to why that was the case so I spent 30 minutes of my life (can’t remember how long it is actually) watching it and it went straight down the drain!!!! X_X

Actually, to put it straight – it didn’t start off bad. Ayo and Kiko are classmates and summer break is just around the corner. Kiko is in love with Ayo – so she says – but she thinks her feelings are one sided. Clearly not. Ayo responds to Kiko’s little outbursts of affection and very soon after that, they’re a secret “couple”. *hint hint nudge nudge* You get the idea – the anime is not explicit but it is suggestive enough.

Although the idea wasn’t exactly new it was a tad refreshing to see Ayo’s “naughty” side come onscreen – like teasing Kiko under the desk with her foot and voicing the type of ice cream flavour she would like!!!! LOL!!!!

BUT the ending completely ruined it for me!!! Kiko catches Ayo with her brother!!! What the F?????? Seriously WHacKED!!!! That did it for me…I’ll just move on to something else. For those that are interested, the next episode will be in the summer which means like August next year I think! Someone correct me if I’m wrong.

When SHiN-gx first blogged about Kuttsukiboshi, I was thinking “meh!” – doesn’t look or sound THAT interesting!! I think it is probably the art. It doesn’t quite attract my attention – quite plain looking. Anyway, after I checked out the trailer, boy am I wrong!! This looks pretty darn YURI!! Basically about two school girl’s summer experience. I doubt you really care much for the storyline! hahaha Anyway, it’s going to be a two part OAV with the first one out on DVD on 16 August so keep your eyes open over at SHiN-gx for their subs!!! Thanks SHiN-gx!!! Go check it out guys!!!


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