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cryI am SO disappointed! There have been so few emails, it’s not funny!! I want to cry! haha Just kidding. Well I’m not kidding on the disappointed bit…

Are my questions that hard? If so I could provide some clues…I guess…though I’d rather not. OK, I’ve added a clue to the pixelated picture. You can go back to the original post for the questions.

I’ll delay the the whole thing till Friday this week i.e. 13 March! Come on guys!?! Where are all the Marimite fans?! Given the way things are, as long as you have the right answers, you have a pretty decent chance of getting a free CD. It’s not much, but it’s Marimite! Good luck!


Thank you all!

Guys! My blog is soon to approach 100,000 hits! I find this quite unbelievable and it has only been possible thanks to the every one of you that have dropped by – whether it is by reading my posts or leaving me messages of angst, squealing or encouragement!!

To thank you all (and celebrate the occasion), I have decided to give away a copy of the single くもりガラスの向こう Kumori Garasu no Mukou, sung by Kaori Hikita 引田香織!! It’s not a glamorous gift – just something small as a thank you. Yes, I’m NOT kidding! Today I just popped it into my YesAsia shopping cart so it’s DEFINITELY on its way. 

I haven’t quite decided how the arrangement will work but keep your eyes open! I’ll put something out in the next day or two. I’ll decide on the lucky reader once my blog arrives at the milestone 100,000 hits. Wow…I still find it quite a little unreal. I sincerely thank all the support from you guys!! I have been able to make many friends since starting Yasashii sekai…let’s keep this up!! ^_____^


510igke25l_ss500_I don’t know about you but I really need the full version of the music in Marimite! haha But then, as you can probably see, I’m currently quite addicted to this series. ^_^

The ending theme, くもりガラスの向こう Kumori Garasu no Mukou, sung by Kaori Hikita 引田香織, is out today! But I must admit that US$10 for one song plus two other versions is a bit pricey! *ouch* But then, it has a pretty nice cover…(see left)! D&MN those marketing people!

Next, there’s the opening theme,  地図散歩 Chizu Sanpo, sung by kukui which has already been released.

Just worth noting that the lyrics of both pieces was written Oyuki Konno herself!

Hmm…*thinking thinking*

Conclusion: Online shopping is daaaaangerous!


Hello! Now let's cut to the chase! If you're here to squeal about yuri or update yourself on some Japanese dramas/movies and gossip - then this is the place to be!!! I personally prefer the squealing over yuri amongst other things!! HEHEHE (^_^)V

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